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Even Wall Paint can help you Save Electricity

By on April 26, 2018 with 5 Comments  

Walls of your room which are directly facing the sun can bring in a lot of heat in the room and can significantly impact air conditioning load. Even a hot ceiling with a ceiling fan on can throw a lot of hot air in the room that is being air conditioned. This can increase air conditioning load by up to 20% and can thereby increase your monthly units consumed on your electricity bill.

Heat naturally flows from warm areas to cold areas, so in winters it flows from inside of the room to outside and in summers from outside to inside. It cannot be stopped completely but the rate of the flow can be reduced by putting material in between which provides enough resistance to the flow. The best way to do that is to add insulating additives to the paint before painting the walls and ceilings. These additives which are available commercially these days were used very successfully for insulating space shuttles in the past. These additives work with all kinds of paints and coatings and easily get mixed with them.

Even if you do not use air conditioner or heater at your home these thermal insulating additives will keep your house cool in summers and will protect it from extreme cold in winters. Not just with air conditioners but these additives also work well with air coolers. They can be used for all sorts of insulation needs like painting pipes for water heaters, painting air conditioner ducts and split ac hose. These additives mixed with paints can be applied on various surfaces to provide thermal insulation. These additives are safe, inexpensive, non-toxic and can be easily cleaned up with soap water. They can also be applied on all sorts of surfaces like bricks, metals or plaster.

So if you want to paint your house or office “green” then make use of the thermal insulating additive and get benefits on your electricity bills.

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