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By on September 26, 2014
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For most of us, electricity bill is needed just to check the final amount and make the payment. We at Bijli Bachao asked a lot of our acquaintances about how much they understand their electricity bills, and we found hardly a handful who did understand it. And in spite of understanding the bills, not many knew how much they are spending per unit (or 1 kWh) of electricity.


It is very important to know the per-unit cost of electricity as it helps us in understanding how much we are spending per appliance at our home. It is important to understand the monetary impact of any electricity efficiency measure we take. It is also important to understand various components of electricity bills and what is their contribution to the total electricity bill. In a bid to help people understand the same, we have created this online electricity bill calculator that will help people understand how much they spend on various appliances every month and how they can save by doing various activities. Please make sure that you read about the calculator below before using it.


Please note that this tool currently works only for domestic tariffs.


Enter the information below from your electricity bill

Links to check latest per unit electricity rates in various states in India

Click on this link: Domestic Electricity LT Tariff Slabs and Rates for all states in India in 2014

Steps to use the tool:

1) Select Utility: Once you login, the first thing you need to do is select utility. Select your state, district and utility and the system saves your information for the user session automatically.

2) Enter Units: Enter this value as shown on your electricity bill. This shows up as units consumed.

3) Select Phase: Select if you have a three phase connection or single phase connection. This information is also available on the electricity bill.

4) Connected Load: It is decided by the utility based on appliances you have at your home, please see our article on connected load to get more details.. It is also mentioned as sanctioned load, load, connected load, or approved load. If the load mentioned is in Watts (it is a number is 100s or 1000s) then divide it by 1000 and enter it.

This calculator will help you:

1) Understand various components of your electricity bills.

2) Understand how much you are paying per unit (1 kWh) of electricity bill.

3) Understand how much you spend on various appliances like lights , air conditioner , refrigerator ,  tubelight , computer , set top box , fan , etc. Please note that we have taken approximate usage of these appliances based on how it is used normally in houses. Actual amount may vary as per your use. The values are just a representation.

4) Understand savings if you switch from inefficient to efficient appliances. Even these values are approximation based on general usage. We are in process of building tools to help you get to better values as per your consumption in future.

The tool has been built with latest tariff data available from all the state electricity boards in India and has maximum information as available on internet and through our contacts who helped us with sample electricity bills from various states. Certain values have been rounded to have better readability and so it may not match exactly to your electricity bills but will be very close.

The tool covers following bill components:

1) Energy Charge: This is the per unit electricity charge that you pay on your bill. It is mostly defined slab wise and the cost increases as units on electricity bill increases.

2) Fixed Charge: This is mostly dependent on the connected load that the utility provides you. Connected load is typically calculated as sum of wattage of all the appliances that you have at your home. The utility allocates this much amount of electricity for your home and that is why the fixed charge is applicable.

3) Electricity Duty & Tax: This is the government tax for using electricity. Duty is applicable per unit of electricity consumption and tax is applied on the whole bill amount.

4) Meter Rent: Rent that you pay for having meter at your home. Rates are different for single phase and three phase connections.

5) Wheeling Charge: The tool also helps you find out how your bill gets impacted if you move from Reliance Energy to Tata Power in Mumbai. Wheeling charges are applicable for the switchover.

6) Minimum Monthly Charges: In some states if the consumption is less than a certain amount, minimum monthly charges are applicable, which means that the bill amount cannot be less than minimum monthly charges.

The tool does not cover following elements:

1) FAC (Fuel adjustment charge) or FCA (fuel cost adjustment) or FPPCA (Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment): This is the amount which utilities apply on bills based on varying price of fuel or Coal. Every month this value is different and is derived based on the current cost of Coal. Typically this a few paise per unit.

2) Arrears/Interest and Other Charges: If your electricity bill has old payment pending and interest on the same, or any other charges, then those will not match from the output of the tool to your electricity bill.

The tool currently in beta stage works only for:

domestic LT (Low Transmission) connections with a connected load between 0 and 20 kW and has been validated for following states: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi , Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It also contains information for following states but has not been validated: Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Sikkim, Tripura and West Bengal. Please feel free to play around with the tool and provide feedback to [email protected]

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There Are 150 Comments

  1. rahul deshumkh says:

    there is some serious mistake in bill calculator

    because i am from anand gujarat use MGVCL company connection

    we use 189 units and my bill is 1148

    but your website calculator says its 877

    so who is lying your website or company ?

  2. Anjum says:

    Hi Abhishek, I wanted to know about the unit consumption of samsung refrigerator model no. RR21J2415SA/TL/2015 per month. it runs 24*7.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Anjum,
      Samsung refrigerator model no. RR21J2415SA/TL/2015 consumes 208 units/yr. Therefore it consumes 17.33units/month. This data’s are under test condition and typically a standard refrigerator consumes 30% more electricity in regular usage.

      • Anjum says:

        Thank you Abhishek for such a prompt reply!!! I have one more doubt. I have purchased this refrigerator 8 days ago. and the meter reading is 19 unit in this short span only. This refrigerator runs 24*7. other than that i uses one fan- 15hrs, one tubelight-8 hrs, two cfl (25watt)-2hrs. Is my electric meter is running fine? I think there is some serious problem with the reading.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Anjum,
          According to our calculation the units consumed by the appliances you have given is 2.6 units/day. So for 8 days it is 20.8 units. So your meter is working fine.
          You can look at these table to see the units consumed by your appliances per day.

          Appliances Wattage Usage in hours Units/day  
          Fan 90 15 1.35  
          Tubelight 50 8 0.4  
          2 cfls 50 2 0.1  
          Refrigerator   24 0.75  
              Total 2.6
          • Anjum says:

            Thank you Abhishek for your kind reply. You are doing a great job. God bless you

  3. Saurabh says:


    I tried using your calculator but it’s not working for me. Not sure about the javascript.

    I recently shifted to a new place in gurgaon my current month usage is 36 units. I have 3 phase connection with 6 KW sanction load. How much do you expect the bill to be?

  4. Rajendra Panikar says:

    The online electricity calculator with rates is not working….please help

  5. rohit says:

    awsome app

  6. anand says:

    is electric sub meter legal to install in house built to provide 9 rooms to students on rent,

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      It is legal to put submeters if you are giving rooms on rent. The electricity distribution company will collect bill only for one main meter. You will have to divide it and collect bill from your renters yourself.

  7. sivaramaprasad says:

    calculation is not happening in this site.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Sivaram,

      What are the values that you are selecting in the calculator? If you can let me know then I can calculate and send the calculation to you. The calculator uses Javascript and if javascript is blocked on your browser, the calculator will not work.

  8. Digambar says:

    Hello i am staying pune at kondhawa i have one LED Light bulb in my room for that now i am paying Rs 400 per month is it right ?????& also i want Know how much rupee charge for per unit let me know about this also please

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Rs 400 for LED sounds high. How many units consumption does your electricity bill shows? Price of electricity can be found on: https://www.bijlibachao.com/news/domestic-electricity-lt-tariff-slabs-and-rates-for-all-states-in-india-in-2014.html

  9. R.C.SHARMA says:

    sir, bijli bill online dekhkar jama karta aaya hun,phir bhi august se bill bahut jyada aaya hai,iske liye awedan bhi diya office me, receiving kawke do bar awedan ko rakha hai ,yahan ka JEE sunta hi nahi hai. kya karu?
    mera consumer no. SPL/DS/5908. addess- jayprakash nagar w.n. 26,supaul,bihar 852131. Hoping a reply from you.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      ????? ??, ?? ?? ????? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ????? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ????

  10. Alka agarwal says:

    1)What are the duties of a meter Reader while reading,???
    2) what is the time period of checking meter by power suppliers??

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Ms Agarwal,

      Reliance Energy has monthly billing, so they should check meter every month. As for other things I would suggest to read this report (if it can be helpful): http://www.prayaspune.org/peg/2013-02-21-09-18-33/item/download/118_341560a5872ca7743a629e31b524576f.html

  11. kuldeep says:

    if i have more than one meter in my house than regulatory surcharge and energy tax will be charged separately for all or combined for all

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      That is right, it will be charged on every meter. Every meter will have its own bill and regulatory surcharge and energy tax is on the bill.

  12. ravindra patidar says:

    1 unit(1kwh) = how much cost (in Rs)

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Ravindra,

      It will depend on your location (city/state) and your usage. Electricity rates are slabbed, i.e. if your usage is less the cost per unit will be less, if your usage is more, cost per unit will be more.

  13. narendra says:

    How many units are consumed per hour by 32 and 42 inch lcd tv of LG

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      32 inch LCD should be about 100 watts and 42 inch about 130-140 watts. So a 32 inch would consume 0.1 units in an hour and 42 inch would consume 0.13 units.

  14. Rushabh says:

    I rented a single room with submeter and total units are 65 only… so its not above 100 so i have to pay only 297 but ower said that you should pay 7 Rs. per unit. but i only use on tube light , one fan, 1 laptoip…plz help me sir

  15. Aastha says:

    Hi. Very useful information. is there some data that you guys have compiled on monthly all India avg retail electricity tariff?
    Look forward to your response

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can check the tariffs on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/news/domestic-electricity-lt-tariff-slabs-and-rates-for-all-states-in-india-in-2014.html

  16. swapan kar says:

    Recently the CESC(my electricity service provider in Kolkata) has replaced our street transformer.After this,my house electricity meter shows a line voltage of about 253v to sometimes 257v.
    Can it increase my electric bill?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Kar,

      High voltage will certainly increase your electricity consumption and thus your electricity bills. You should complain to CESC about the high voltage.

  17. rajiva says:

    how much an average indian house with one air conditioner, one fridge 270 lt, four fans, two geysers, eight cfl and one exhaust fan consume per day or per year – how many such houses can be supported by 1 MW solar power

  18. Anil Kumar Mohanty says:

    sir i want to know if i charge a ups for about 10 hr and a refrigerator how much it will show in meters.

  19. sujit says:

    My wifi havin two charger and both are 12v but it on total day time for 12hr .I want to know how many unit they are consming per month and cost ?

  20. krishan says:

    total units conyert in kw exmple. 111 units = ? ndpl use MDI meaning.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can check this link for more details on MDI: https://www.bijlibachao.com/general-tips/what-is-power-factor-correction-and-how-mdi-maximum-demand-indicator-penalty-can-be-avoided.html

  21. M K LAKSHMI says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I cant thank you enough for your patience, time spent and for your efforts in doing such a detailed analysis of my power consumption and giving me valuable suggestions to check any increase in my power consumption. Really nice of you and keep up the good work you are doing for general public like us.

    Just one doubt Abhishek. Can the variation between the old meter and the new readings be so vast like 400 units becoming 900 units for the same power load. Does it mean that all the past readings recorded in my EB book over the past 13 years are questionable. Is it likely that EB will charge me separately for any arrears payable due to this correction. Isnt it a sudden burden on the consumers for no fault of theirs. What is the system followed generally by EBs when they change meters to the consumers. Does such high variation in meter readings happen to all or on stray cases like ours .. i dont know if my questions are pertinent to your scope of study but i thought i will get them clarified. thanks

    What is your opinion on Energy Audit. Will it help to find out the genuineness of our past EB bill .and to identify areas where we can reduce our daily consumption of energy . I read about Energy Audit in this website but couldnt understand the benefits of doing this exercise. thanks

    M K Lakshmi

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      I know that electromagnetic energy meters get slow with time. How slow can they get, I am not sure about it. Ideally it is joint responsibility of owner and electricity company to manage the meter. Electricity company should do regular checks. And in many states if there is any discrepancy found in the meter, only the last 3-4 months’ billing is fixed. So certainly they cannot charge you for 13 years.

      Many people complain about high bills with change of meter. One of the point in Arvind Kejriwal’s agitation in Delhi was to check effectiveness of the new meters as many consumers faced high bills when private discoms changed old meters with new digital meters. One of the common complaints in our country against digital meters is that they are faster. But these issues are more common that what all of us think.

      Taking services of energy auditor will be a bit expensive for you. Easier thing would be to buy a kill a watt meter like this one: http://www.ebay.in/itm/like/meco-energy-meter-pg07-killawatt-energy-metering-power-guard-kill-watt-/171170339641?pt=lh_defaultdomain_203 and measure the consumption of your appliances on your own (or do self audit). These devices are very easy to use and understand. You can measure any appliance that goes in a plug point using this device. This can help you validate your bill for sure.

      However let me tell you, that there can be only 3-4 pain points in any house:

      1) AC (the biggest energy consumer in any house, consumes anywhere between 1 to 2 units in an hour). Moving to efficient ones with inverter technology helps a lot. But inverter tech helps when the usage is high (which is not the case with you).
      2) Ceiling Fans. Most underestimated appliance. If AC not used, combined usage of all ceiling fans will be highest in any house. Moving to super efficient fan like superfan (www.superfan.in) can help a lot. Superfan saves 60-70% electricity depending on your old fan.
      3) Refrigerators. In many cases old refrigerators start leaking electricity. This results in heating up of refrigerators. Best is to replace the refrigerator with new efficient one in case refrigerator is heating up. If the refrigerator does not heat up then it may not cause problems.
      4) Water Heaters. Consumption of water heater depends on number of people using hot water and how long you keep the water heater on. Lesser the usage of hot water and the amount of time water heater is kept on, the better it is.

      Rest all appliances are low in power consumption. However it is always better to switch them off from the power plug as soon as they are used.

  22. Brijesh Sharma says:

    Hi Everyone…..please help me on my query….We are a middle class family using the foll appliances :-

    # 1.5 ton A.C (3 Star) (16 hour per day)
    # Fridge 4 star(165 LTR)
    # Exide inverter 850 Waat with Exide battery
    # 2 Fan
    # 1 RO (1 hour per day)
    # Automatic Machine (7kg)

    Please tell me how electricity bil should be there for one month.I am in Patiala state.

  23. Abhishek Shukla says:

    Hi Abhishek, First of all, I would like to thank you for such an informative site. I came to know about so many previously not known facts (to me). I have a question regarding AC electricity consumption. I live in Chennai, TN. I have a 1 ton window AC (3 star) in one of my room and the consumption is about 6 to 7 hours a day. How much electricity bill should come on bimontly basis? Please let me know if any other info required.

  24. M K LAKSHMI says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thank you so much for your immediate response. I am sending my query again hereunder :

    We are a middle class family using the foll appliances :

    1. 1 1/2 ton AC units of Voltas brand and 3 star rating – 2 nos. ( at any time we use only 1 AC for approx 3 hours usage per day)

    2. 1 Usha Lexus geyser lowest capacity . we have automatic cut off in 15 mins we use it only once a day. My geyser switch will be kept off always

    3. 5 tube lights of which only 2 are used say for 8 hours max per day

    4, 5 ceiling fans of crompton greaves of which 1 is used for 18 hours and 2 are used for 12 hours remaining 2 very sparingly used

    5. 1 whirlpool fridge 165 litres single door used round the clock

    6. 1 tv 24″ color used for 3 hours a day

    7. 1 desktop HP computer (All-in-One model) used for 8 hours a day

    8. 1 RO unit for water filter used for 1 hour a day

    9. 2 mobile chargers used for 1 hour per day

    10. 1 samsung front load washing machine used for 45 minutes (only 1 load) on alternate days as we dont have required volume

    We are using the above appliances for the past 13 years and our bi-monthly EB bill used to be ranging from 300 to 400 units and amounts between Rs.700 and Rs. 1000.00 only so far ie until June this year.

    On 8th July 2014, the EB officials changed our old meter into new digital meter after which our bill suddenly shot up to 1185 units and Rs.5779.00 that too for just month ie july / Aug 2014. When we reported this to the local EB officials, a team landed in our house to test the new meter and simply walked out saying meter is working well. They asked me to sign a report which was greek and latin but I had to sign it to avoid consequences.

    We are perplexed as to how 150 to 200 units per month of consumption suddenly became 1185 units and bill amount rose upto Rs. 5779.00 We cant understand the logic behind this demand. There is no change in our power load nor its usage hours . It has been the same over 13 years. We had to pay the above bill to avoid disconnection.

    We sent a mail to the consumer grievance officer attached to our EB ward explaining the above, but he has just turned a deaf ear to our mail.

    After seeing the exhorbitant bill we cut down our AC usage and have minimised our other loads to a great extent but life has become miserable. Still our units consumed is reading as 585 units today (for about 30 days only) which means on bi-monthly, it would again touch 1200 and odd units costing us around Rs.6000.00 . This is totally absurd and these EB guys are very arrogant to our plea over such huge bills.

    Abhishek can you help us understand whether the EB claim is genuine and how such big numbers could be possible suddenly. Is it due to the meter change. We are both senior citizens and certainly cannot afford such huge EB bills on an ongoing basis . How to resolve our issue pls advise. thanks for your time Abhishek.

    M.K. Lakshmi from Chennai

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      Here is my calculation based on the appliances and usage you have mentioned. I have put assumptions next to the calculation.

      Appliance Wattage Hourly Units Usage Hours Total Units Assumption
      AC 1 1660 1.328 3 3.984 Only 1 AC used
      Geyser       0.75  
      Tubelight 1 55 0.055 8 0.44  
      Tubelight 2 55 0.055 8 0.44  
      Fan 1 90 0.09 18 1.62  
      Fan 2 90 0.09 12 1.08  
      Fan 3 90 0.09 12 1.08  
      Fan 4 & 5 180 0.18 2 0.36  
      Fridge       1.5  
      TV 140 0.14 3 0.42 Assumed CRT TV
      Computer 150 0.15 8 1.2  
      Washing Machine       0.25 Per cycle is 0.5 but the washing machine is used on alternate days
      RO & Mobile Chargers       0.05  
        Daily Total 13.174  
        Monthly Total 395.22  
        Bi Monthly Total 790.44 Margin of error 10%

      As per above calculation (assuming appliance usage and inventory is right), up to 900 units bimonthly looks right to me. However I have assumed that none of the appliances: lights/fans etc are energy efficient. 1200 bimonthly looks on a higher side. But we may be missing some usage (even slight increase in AC consumption can have significant impact, at times refrigerators also cause leakage and get heated up and consume a lot of electricity). But bi monthly usage of 400 units with AC looks highly unlikely to me.

      Now many people feel the difference during meter change. The old electromagnetic meters were a little inefficient and used to get slower with time. Digital meters are generally more accurate. Here are the things I would suggest:

      1) Check the usage of AC: My assumptions are based on usage at temperature setting of about 22-23 degrees. If you keep it cooler then it’s consumption will be more. Also if your room remains open or is not well insulated, or if the room is bigger and the AC is undersized, the electricity consumption will be more.

      2) Check if the refrigerator is getting hot on the sides. Heat released by any appliance means that there is a leakage of electricity.

      4) Check usage of your fans. If you look at the total above, 3 fans in your house may consume more units in a day than what an AC uses in 3 hours.

      As for the complaint, you can reach out to the Consumer Grievance Cell in TamilNadu Electricity Governance Initiative: more details on: http://tegi.org.in/cgrf

      If they are also not able to help you, then you can also reach out to the ombudsman: http://tegi.org.in/ombudsman

      This link explains the complete process: http://tegi.org.in/lodging-complaint

  25. M K LAKSHMI says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I am M.K. Lakshmi messaging from Chennai. On Aug.28 I sent a long message on this website raising some queries about my huge EB bill. So far my message has not appeared online even after 8 days. Whether my message will appear on this site and whether i will get your reply. I am waiting for your comments to take up the matter with the local EB guys. Pls reply my queries at the earliest. thanks and sorry for bothering you Abhishek. M.K. Lakshmi

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Lakshmi,

      My apologies. Your messages were getting filtered by the spam filter. Can you please resend your message?

  26. Shiva says:

    Hello Sir,

    Actually i see there are only 4 units burnt for a month. As per the slab rates, energy charges should be 2.6 * 4 = 10 appx. But i see its Rs 50 in my power bill. kindly let me know why not 10 instead of 50?

  27. anubha says:

    hello sir, my name is anubha from patna ,bihar in my home we are using 2 laptops fr almost 12 hr., 6 cfl one cfl of 35watt one 18 watt and rest 3 of 7 watt and one medium size single door freeze of 185 litre , and one desktop with tft monitor and three fans ,and washing machine of 7 kg wt. (not regularly use )& two mobiles. sir my landlord takes 5rs.per unit and 212 units came can u plz tell me…sir plz calculate the unit….and show me how you have calculated..sir plz

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Anubha,

      How many hours do you use each of the appliances?

      • anubha says:

        2 laptops 12 hr. , 35 watt cfl-4 hrs,18 watt cfl-7 hrs,nd all 3 ( 7 watt cfl -25 hrs.) freeze 24 hrs desktop 3 hrs (4to 5 days used) washing machine used one day for 7 hrs.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Here is the calculation for you. The calculation can be off by +- 10% as efficiencies and usage may vary.

          Appliance Calculation Unit Per day Days used in a month Monthly units
          2 laptops 12 hrs (60×12)/1000 0.72 30 21.6
          35 watt bulb for 4 hours (35×4)/1000 0.14 30 4.2
          18 watts CFL for 7 hours (18×7)/1000 0.126 30 3.78
          Three 7 Watt bulb for 24 hours (3x7x24)/1000 0.504 30 15.12
          Refrigerator of 185 ltd typically consumes 1.5 units a day   1.5 30 45
          Roughly 6 cycles of washing in 7 hours. Each cycle about 0.5 units (0.5×6) 3 4 12
          Desktop about 250 watts (250×3)/1000 0.75 20 15
          3 Fans of 80 watts each used for 10 hours each per day (3x80x10)/1000 2.4 30 72
            Total 188.7
  28. thesandeepgoyal says:

    Dear Mr. Jain,

    First of all, YES – you are doing a fantastic job.
    My question is simple, I think

    I have a rented office in Mohali, Phase 7 Ind Area. The 1st Electricity bill which I have received is as under. Please help me understanding the details:

    Units Consumed: 5074

    SOP: 33374 INR
    Rentals: 76 INR
    ED: 4339 INR (Not sure what is this for)
    Octrol: 507 (Not sure what is this for)

    Thanks again

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Goyal,

      Can you please upload a sample copy of your electricity bill on this link http://bit.ly/1ovHIiS ? Do drop a note once you have uploaded.

      SOP is supply of power or energy charges for the 5074 units.
      Rentals will be for meter.
      ED is electricity duty which is mostly a state tax.
      Octroi — need to check what is this for as no other state applies octroi.

      Are you under PSPCL or Chandigarh electricity dept?

  29. gurpreet singh says:

    please let me know if i reduces my sanction load from 240 to 102 can it reduces my electricity bill because i only use load 50

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Sir,

      Sanctioned load of 240 is too high, is it for residential or industrial connection? Typically for residential connections the load is less than 20 kW. Also the benefit will depend on the tariff structure in your state. Which state/city is this for?

  30. usha says:

    i live in first floor of a rented house which has sub and main meter.ground floor member and i have a singke electric bill.how to tally the bill monthly with the help of main and submeter reading.how to calculate the amount for us individually.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      I think the best thing would be to divide the bill in the ratio of consumption. So suppose bill is Rs 1800 and one person used 100 units the other 200 units, then the one with 100 units gives one third or Rs 600 and the other two third or Rs 1200. This will be the best way to do it without any differences.

  31. Akhilesh Kasera says:

    ?????? ???? ???
    ???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? kwh ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ???
    ????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ????

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      ???? ??? ????? ??

      ????? bulb ?? ???? Watts ??? ????? ???? ??? ? Watts ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? kWh ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ?? km /hr ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? km ????? ? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??? watts ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ???? ??? ??? wh ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???? wh ?? ? kwh ????? ????

      ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? wattage ?? ???????? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ????? kwh ???? ????? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???

  32. narmadha says:

    Hi abishek, greetings… your explanation are too good… I have a doubt , I ve purchased 1.5 tonn onida 3 star ac and planed to use 8 hours daily, how much units it ll consume bimonthly ,,, thanks in advance

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      It would be roughly (approximation) 1.4 units per hour. So about 11.2 units in 8 hrs. So about 672 units in 2 months.

  33. Umang says:

    What is “arrears credits” in electric bill?
    Arrears credit is = 6710.91 and sub-total = – 6710.91 (minus 6710.91)
    Current Bill = Sub Total 610.83
    Gross total = – 6100.08 , Rebate = 16.30

    Amount payable –
    Upto(4/9/14) = -6116.00
    By(14/9/14) = -6100.00
    After (14/9/14) = -6116.00

    July month bill was 1072.00 that i paid online on 31july.

    In the current bill..it says Last.Paid Amount = 6710 on 6th Aug 2014 ( I am not sure who paid it )

    Whats happening with the bill, I am tenant and have been staying here onwards 1 july 2014. Thanks.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Umang,

      Arrears Credit means that extra amount has been paid on your connection which is being adjusted. It may be possible that someone’s amount got wrongly adjusted to your account (human error). You should check with your owner as well as the electricity distribution company to check the details.

  34. Ramsharan Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have the following appliances in my house and have estimated the kWh consumptions in a month as:

    Appliance No. Watt Hour / Day kWh / Day kWh / Month
    Celling Fan 1 60 10 0.60 18.00
    Cooler with Remote 1 190 12 2.28 68.40
    Clothes Iron 1 1000 0.5 0.50 15.00
    Desktop Computer with
    TFT 22″ Monitor 1 100 3 0.30 9.00
    Fridge 1 200 1 0.20 6.00
    Mobile1 1 0.1 0.5 0.00 0.00
    Mobile1 1 0.1 0.5 0.00 0.00
    CFL1 1 20 5 0.10 3.00
    CFL2 1 15 4 0.06 1.80
    CFL3 1 10 1 0.01 0.30
    CFL4 1 10 1 0.01 0.30

    Total 4.06 122

    But, I am getting more than 200 kWh monthly. I guess the sub meter is running fast. In this regard, you are requested to please correct above calculations and advice me what to do to get correct bill.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Ramsharan,

      Ceiling Fan would be 75-90 watts. Desktop Computer would be 120 watts. Cooler may be a little more. And Fridge would certainly be much more. What type (single door/double door), size (volume in lts), BEE star rating, Year (of purchase) is the fridge? Cloth iron will be less as it is on only for 30% time (in an hour of operation it is on only for 20 mins).

      • Ramsharan Kumar says:

        Dear Sir,

        Thank you so much for your kind reply.

        Now, I have one more query that could you please suggest Cheap and best brand for an power sub-meter as I can guess the existing sub-meter is running fast which causes me around 150 kWh per month that should be 110 kWh if all appliances are used in scheduled manner mentioned in my previous post.

        Kindly advise please.


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Ramsharan,

          Currently we do not have any research on Electricity Meters to suggest you something. Typically most of these meters are approved by local electricity distribution companies. Your electrician should be able to help you find one.

  35. soumya says:

    Hi . I am using 2 cfl bulb for 15 hours per day .. 1 fan for 12 hrs per day and 1 laptop for approx 4 hours per day .. what should be my electric bill for 1 month . As my owner is charging Rs. 500 for 1 month .

  36. disha says:

    PF penalty for my bill is around 49*4=196 (49units & 4rs/unit hence 196rs) i do not understand how we can have so much pf penalty when during this rainy season we hardly used fan. How do i know correction of this?

  37. Narendra says:

    Ele Calc is broken and there is no response for Gujarat – Surat – either of Torrent or DGVCL. Please find it and help.

    Details I entered:
    DGVCL – Surat (Gujarat)
    Billed Units – 316
    1 Phase
    Load : 1.80

    then submitted it but nothing happened even I tried it for Torrent too but nothing happened again. So please do the best and help.

    Thank You

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Narendra,

      You can check your ebill calculation using these links:


      Also can you please check if execution of javascripts is enabled on your browser? Please do let me know. Thanks!

  38. Harshat Jain says:

    Hi Jain Saab,

    First of all, I appreciate Your Efforts Regarding Energy Saving Guide.
    This Website Has Proved To Be A Lot Helpful In Understanding What My Appliances Really Are.
    Next Thing To Notify You, Is That The EBC (Elec Bill Cal-C) Is Not Working For The State Of Punjab, After you Click “SUBMIT”.

    Kindly Look Into It,


  39. Harish Sharma says:

    how much penalty if using electricity in home as office per unit, 6325 period 19.9.12 to 26.6.14 and rs100354.74.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      We do not have information for the same. You should contact your electricity distribution company for it.

  40. Prabhakar Edala says:

    Hello Abhishek,
    I appreciate all the great job that you are doing in this context. Power saved is power generated, so India needs these kind of initiatives that would help in realizing our dreams of futuristic green India.

    Towards this, I would like to help you in developing a smart phone app (to start with on android) that produces the same result as the energy saver calculator that you have. Please let me know and I would be glad to work on this for the great cause.

    Cheers, Prabhakar

  41. SANKALP says:


    Your Electricity Bill

    Element? Value (in Rs)?
    Fixed Charge 75
    Energy Charge 3625
    Regulatory Surcharge 137
    Energy Tax 185
    Total Bill 4022

    Your Electricity Bill

    Element? Value (in Rs)?
    Fixed Charge 300
    Energy Charge 3625
    Regulatory Surcharge 0 (NO SUR CHARGE BUT THERE IS MD PENALTY=300)
    Energy Tax 196
    Total Bill 4422

    MAY READINGS : 37147-37640 (493 UNITS)
    FROM 37603-38398)

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Which city is this for? What type of connection is it? How many units are there on the bill? What is the connected load?

  42. J S Prakasam says:

    bescom bill paymen from chennai kindly send me procedure.where to get account code

  43. Lakshay Agarwal says:

    What are FSA charges ?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Lakshay,

      You can read more about it on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/electricity-bill/fuel-adjustment-charges-on-electricity-bills-explained.html

  44. sumeeta says:

    hi Abhishek, need to buy a new AC for my bedroom of 300 sq.ft Mumbai (sion). could u help me with most efficient energy saving model/brand of AC which i should install.

  45. trinadh says:

    hai I entered all data and tried to press submit its not working!!!!!whts the problem I tried in different browsers also

  46. Poulami says:

    what is the billing period of various states like Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc in India?

  47. abhinav agrawal says:

    Hi Abhishek,
    I am looking for the fuel power adjustment price and cross subsidy on electricity in Tamilnadu , can you please help me in that and mention the links of the document from where I can download the same.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Abhinav,

      Sorry I do not have that information. You will have to search it on TNERC website.

  48. anand rajan says:

    thank you..fantastic stuff

  49. neelam rathi says:

    tried using the online bill caculator but even after submitting the full data nothing shows.

  50. Rupesh says:

    Hi Abhisek,
    Thanks for your efforts, it is helping larger section of consumers.
    I am using 1.5 ton AC Hitachi for 4-5 hours daily ,2 Tube lights for 6 hours,2 fans for avg 8 hours,1 Fridge for 22 hours and I TV for 6 hours. What should be ideal units in a month ? I am surprised to see my society has raised 700 units after some repair done in electrical meters. What I estimate it should not more than 12-15 units for day.

  51. jai krishna jha says:


  52. Moonmoon says:

    Hi Abhishek
    I have recently shifted to gurgaon and haven’t bought my appliances yet.i have the following thing running.
    1 fan – 12 hours
    2 CFL’s- max of 4 hours daily
    1 cooler – max of 3-4 hour daily
    1 exhaust fan- 15 mins daily

    i’m confuse because my landlord recently gave me a bill where in my unit consumption is around 164 units in a month,and he is calculating it @ around 7Rs per unit which comes to around 1148. and i’ve yet not connected my appliances like TV, fridge,washing machine,AC or any heavy appliances….
    Is the pricing correct for Gurgaon sector 54)

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Firstly 164 units looks too high, because here is my calculation:

      Appliance Wattage Unit per hour hourly usage total units per day
      Fan 75 0.075 12 0.90
      CFL 46 0.046 4 0.18
      Cooler 200 0.2 4 0.80
      Exhaust 75 0.075 0.25 0.02

      With 2 units per day your monthly consumption should be around 60 units. 164 is too high. Are you using anything else as well?

    • Moonmoon Mukherjee says:

      No…i do not use any other products occasionally an hair dryer for 1-2 min once a week and a phillips iron 5 days a week for 2-4 minutes…but nothing else…i missed it the last time because its usage is so rare…i use absolutely nothing else….most of the time (from morning 9 to evening 9) no-one is at home and we switch off the main MCB from outside so that even by mistake nothing remains switched on…
      i spoke to my landlord to clarify..he says its the latest digital meter that he has installed and its tamperproof…also the motor is also connected to separate line..i’m unable to find any discrepancy and hence i don’t know what to do…he also got an electrician to check the connectivity….

      Now i’m scared to connect an AC or a TV or a fridge :(

  53. G.Aravindh. says:

    i have more iformation in TNEB for TANGEDCO,TANTRANSCO, and TNEB Limted. then latest informations for our TNEB corpration. i am study in EEE in B.E. So i want lot of details. then job vacancy for TNEB in details.i want rating for genration , transmision and distributions system.

  54. Uday says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    I’ve been using a whirlpool refrigerator and Daewoo washing machine at my home in Kerala, India. I’ve bought this from Dubai. It’s 230V, 50 hz rated appliances. Unfortunately, to advise you the model numbers is not possible at this point of time. My question is will the fact of ‘being imported equipment’ affect the power consumption? Will it increase or decrease the power consumption or remains the same compared with similar appliances bought from India. Home is connected with three phase power.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Uday,

      I am not sure about energy standards in Dubai but it will truly depend on the model. Energy efficiency standards are different in different countries, however everywhere there is a range. Japan has very high energy efficiency standards for ACs and refrigerators, but it again is a range that overlaps with efficiency standards in India. India’s most efficient ACs are equivalent mid range ACs in Japan. India’s lowest range ACs will not be sold in Japan. So it truly depends.

  55. pintoo says:


  56. RAVI says:

    Your site is not at all working. I reside in Tiruvannamalai TAMILNADU and I put my usage units but never got the bill amount even after trying 10 times. In a way you are misleading the public. It is such a waste site.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      The calculator uses a javascript. Can you please check if javascript is blocked on your browser? Also if you are unable to use the calculator, can you please send me number of units and connected load and I can generate the bill for you.

  57. RAM WABLE says:


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      FSA or Fuel Surcharge Adjustment changes more frequently than the tariff. Tariffs change once in a year whereas FSA changes anytime when the utility feels that they are paying more for buying electricity. MERC (Maharashtra Electricity Regulator Commission) determines the maximum limit for FSA but most of the time this value is determined while billing and is not available in public domain. And that is the reason we have not been able to include FSA in the calculator. Thanks for the appreciation, it really motivates us to do better.

  58. Niru Singh says:

    Hi Abhishek, I had asked if I could use my Samsung Frig without a voltage stabiliser in Delhi.You had kindly responded and asked the model no. I dont have a booklet or and printed material for the fridge. This is a double door model no:SR-S20DTD and is at least ten years old. I got it from my brother as a gift as he shifted overseas..but has been troubling me with low cooling, and erratic performance since. Appreciate any advice, thanks and regards, Niru Singh

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      I doubt that a refrigerator which is more than 10 years old would have higher voltage tolerance. So if you are experiencing voltage fluctuations in your area then you should go for a stabilizer. Else if you are not facing fluctuations, then it may not be necessary.

  59. Piyush Tandon says:

    Hi ABhishek…

    I have two connections 5 KW each.. residential & commercial.
    Residential has 5 A/c connected ( only 2 or 3 are used), fridge, 1.5 HP pump, geyser,2 flat TV ,1 computer,lights and fan 5 rooms…tenant having 2 A/c and fridge (they put both A/c this month)

    Commercial has my consultancy office with 3 A/c, 6 computers,an inverter 3.5 KVA, fridge(2 usually run) and an expansion of one more A/c in future….
    Till date both connection bills showed up MD lesser than 5KW ( surprisingly between 1 to 2) but charged 5KW obviously but this month the bills showed a Demand of 11 and 12 KW (1800 units & 650 units) thus higher fixed charges and penalty…An increase of usage was certainly there..

    Is it possible that such a steep increase possible in KW in MD???

    I am planning to increase my residential load from 5KW to 8KW and get an additional connection of 5KW for my rented portion..

    Am i planning corrected or need to do something else..?? DO i need to give any other information??

    Thanks in advance

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      That’s a lot of load on each connection.

      If the ACs are 1.5 ton ACs, then each of them would be about 1800-1900 watts or roughly 2 kW each. So 5 ACs can be 10 kW. Fridge would be another 500 watts. 1.5 HP is another 1200 or 1.2 kW. Geyser would be another 2 kW. 2 Flat TVs would be 120 watts each. 1 computer would be another 200 watts. 5 fans and 5 lights would be 5×75 + 5×55 (tubelights) = 650 watts. So total would be about 10 + 0.5 + 1.2 + 2 + 0.24 + 0.2 + 0.65 = ~ 14-15 kW (if everything is running together). But as not everything will run together, it may come down to 11-12 kW.

      In office 3 ACs would be about 6 kW. 6 Computers about 1.2 kW. 2 Fridge another 1 kW. So total of about 8-9 kW.

      It is possible that they were not measuring it earlier and started measuring it recently. Because it is not possible for such steep increase. But your load looks really high.

  60. Piyush Tandon says:

    If one month suffers from MD penalty.. Is the increased demand of load carried to the next months also even if I consume lesser ??

  61. Saji says:


    Sorry to say that there is something seriously wrong with your calculator.
    I am from Mumbai using reliance energy. When you put the “Billed unit” it
    gives you a wrong amount (much higher than what is charged in the actual bill)
    I think you are adding wheeling charges twice.
    Please try it with an actual E bill so that you can get a clear picture and rectify the mistake.
    Good luck and appreciate your work.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Can you try it now? It should work. And you guessed it right, wheeling charges were getting added twice.

  62. Raj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am using following things….
    1 Cooler 17 hrs
    1 fan 17 hrs
    2 tubelight 6 hrs per day
    1 refrigerator 165 L full day
    press 20 min per day
    washing machine 2 hr per week
    TV 8 hrs per day
    The last bill shows a consumption of 471 units. is it correct

  63. Mithun Paul says:

    My name is Mithun Paul. I purchased a second hand refrigerator of kelvinator ( New sterling supreme) and a CRT telivision of Sunsui K2K21. Can u please tell me how many these two consume electricity in one month. And also let me know how much i can save monthly replacing refrigerator with a new 5star and also TV with a LED .. Hoping a reply from you.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Mithun,

      Savings on refrigerator will depend on the size and BEE star rating of your old refrigerator. But for TV I can say that CRT TV of 21inch is of about 120 watts and LED of similar size would consume 25 watts. So you save roughly 1 unit of electricity in 10 hours of usage.

  64. prabu says:

    Hi Abhishek, thank you for your knowledgeable information sharing. This post definitely helps to who blindly using power in their home. In my home I am in-charge for Power EB , so far i have paid only around 500 for every two month period. Two months before I bought a New split ac, Onida 1.5 ton 5 star rated, after using this 8 hours everyday now EB charged Rs 2415 (600 units). It was big hit for me, What i thought was 2014 year 5 star rated AC will take very less amount of energy than previous year models. My previous units are 240,260,300 like that. Even I am using 29 degree constantly, It gives good output (chill) otherwise remote is for just switch on and switch off.

    Is there any way to reduce power consumed, I mean is there any method for split ac usage. I am in very hottest place in Tamil Nadu. Please let me know if there is any idea. And anyway simply super what you have done here. Good job !

  65. Shams Ali says:

    Abhishek you deserve a lot of kudos for the information and knowledge expertise you shared on this site with such a simple language, great effort indeed.

    I just want to know how PF ( I believe its power factor) in electronic meter can effect our billing, after going through you site I started electric audit for my home and found our PF is 92 and all other meters in our building in between 71 to 78. Please advice whats going wrong here.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Ali,

      I am glad that you found the website useful. Well yes PF stands for power factor and higher the power factor better it is. 92 means 92% or 0.92. Power factor of unity or 1 is ideal. You can read more about Power Factor on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/general-tips/what-is-power-factor-correction-and-how-mdi-maximum-demand-indicator-penalty-can-be-avoided.html

      Formula is like this:

      Watts = Power Factor x Voltage x Current

      Watts consumed by appliance remains almost the same. What varies is power factor, voltage and current. But in residential connection we are billed for watt-hour consumed. In commercial and industrial connections, the billing happens on Volt-Ampere (or VA). So if power factor is low, for the same watts the VA value will be high. Improving power factor will decrease the VA value. So you need not worry about PF in your house which however is good as it is 0.92 (although it can reach up to unity).

  66. Abrar says:

    Hi Abhishek
    I purchased Voltas 1.5 tnr Split AC with Model 185 CYA with Power consumption of 1438w , but i have measured its taking more kw according to electricity meter than voltas rating . I run AC on 27 degree for only night time for around 7-9 hrs. Also chkd with voltas engineer they told me its taking normal watts around 6amp or 1500 – 1550w .
    My room is at top floor , exposed to direct sun light .
    Kindly suggest .

  67. sachchidananda says:

    Hi Abhishek,
    I purchased a new( Voltas Split 1Ton AC Model No- 125CYa 5 star, 1011w) for my room, that room size is 14/12 also one wall getting sunlight which is east side Ground floor . My location is Bishnupur Bankura near to Kolkata . I am using 5 to 6 hrs per day ?.so suggest me which mode is best for power consume also … how much unit/pm I can aspect?!!! That ac is good or bad ??

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      1 ton AC for your room sounds less. Are you getting good cooling from the AC during peak summer day time?

      • sachchidananda says:

        yes …But it’s take time 30mins on 21o temp but 1 thing I notice that outside unit connected with 2 pipes …from one pipe cotinues comming drop of water that is not draing pipe!!!so is it any problem ?

  68. drsanthoshgoud says:

    I have single phase 1kv connection. I used 229 units in the last month.Instead of getting Rs1004 I got Rs1749 as utility charges. Apart from that Fuel surcharge 350 and misc. 100 ..My total bill was 2200..Is it possible a domestic meter will get this much bill for 229 units? And for my shock when I checked the bill twice I noticed that the in the bill it was charged as category 2b which means its a commercial meter.When I called my house owner he was blindly arguing it is a domestic meter and the bill is correct one and I should pay it..Whom should I consult now?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      can you send your bill to [email protected]?

  69. Giridhar says:

    I’m using immersion water heater. It is 230v 50hz single phase coil. How much time it required to use one unit of electricity???

  70. balaji says:

    Sir my main query is is 10kw 3 phase load enough for 3 Ac s ,4 freezers, 22 cfl s,water motor and 8 fans.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Sounds less. However to tell exact number I need to know tonnage of ACs (if possible star rating), wattage of freezers and size of water motor.

  71. balaji says:

    I have 3 a/c’ s , 3double door freezer, 22 cfl bulbs ,and one water motor for
    borewell in our restaurent.
    We have one 3 phase meter and 2 single phase meter total 10kw.
    There were lot of burnt wires near meter junction box .We rewired all the connections in the junction box with local electrician and distributed power equally.
    But thick fuse is burning off every 7 to 10 days .
    Please give suggestion what to do.
    Thank you.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      I think you have gone for re-wirable fuse and if it is burning very frequently means quality is bad. Don’t select the fuse size arbitrarily but as per the maximum load current. Electricians sometime have tendency of providing fuse wire arbitrarily. Better go for HRC fuse or MCB. Never play with the protection and better hire a qualified electrician and provide the protection correctly.

      • bhavesh says:

        Mera bill 26700 aya hai kya kru ac cooler much use nai krta

        • Abhishek Jain says:


          Aap apna electricity bill ka soft copy [email protected] par bhejenge?

  72. abhi says:

    very nice jain saab awsome calculator hats off Senor :)

  73. Ashish says:

    I recently purchased a resale (unused) flat in SAS Nagar, Punjab. There was no electricity connection provided by the seller. When I went to apply for new electricity connection, I was told that Builder has not obtained NOC from Pollution Board. I felt cheated. However when speaking to Society/Neighbors i came to know that i can get a subconnection by installing a sub-meter. Rent is 600/- per month + Rs. 7 per unit. Please suggest what shall i do? Where can i get a good Sub-Meter?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Ashish,

      Ideally you should have legal connection for you house. By putting a submeter you are getting costly electricity. Someone is basically trying to sell you electricity on their connection and making money out of it (which I think is not legal). Firstly in punjab there is no fixed charges for meter and it is mostly energy charges. Secondly the tariffs are slabbed so if you consume less you pay less per unit and for higher consumption you pay more. In this connection you are getting flat rate which is higher. But you do not have any option as well.

  74. Karthik says:

    Hi – I am setting up a restaurant in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The landlord has obtained 20 KW load from EB (Commercial). My electrician says the appliances will use a minimum of 25 KW. Should I ask my landlord to apply for more load? He says I can use up to 40 KW without any problem and it is normal (although approved in 20KW).

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      If the assigned load is 25 kW, practically you may exceed the load without having any problems as such. But being on commercial connection, you may get penalty for exceeding the load (depending on commercial tariff plan in Chennai). So it is better to get the load increased.