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Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India

By on May 11, 2017

For most of us, electricity bill is needed just to check the final amount and make the payment. We at Bijli Bachao asked a lot of our acquaintances about how much they understand their electricity bills, and we found hardly a handful who did understand it. And in spite of understanding the bills, not many knew how much they are spending per unit (or 1 kWh) of electricity.

It is very important to know the per-unit cost of electricity as it helps us in understanding how much we are spending per appliance at our home. It is important to understand the monetary impact of any electricity efficiency measure we take. It is also important to understand various components of electricity bills and what is their contribution to the total electricity bill. In a bid to help people understand the same, we have created this online electricity bill calculator that will help people understand how much they spend on various appliances every month and how they can save by doing various activities. Please make sure that you read about the calculator below before using it.


Please note that this tool currently works only for domestic tariffs.

Enter the information below from your electricity bill

Links to check latest per unit electricity rates in various states in India

Click on this link: Domestic Electricity LT Tariff Slabs and Rates for all states in India in 2014

Steps to use the tool:

1) Select Utility: Once you login, the first thing you need to do is select utility. Select your state, district and utility and the system saves your information for the user session automatically.

2) Enter Units: Enter this value as shown on your electricity bill. This shows up as units consumed.

3) Select Phase: Select if you have a three phase connection or single phase connection. This information is also available on the electricity bill.

4) Connected Load: It is decided by the utility based on appliances you have at your home, please see our article on connected load to get more details.. It is also mentioned as sanctioned load, load, connected load, or approved load. If the load mentioned is in Watts (it is a number is 100s or 1000s) then divide it by 1000 and enter it.

This calculator will help you:

1) Understand various components of your electricity bills.

2) Understand how much you are paying per unit (1 kWh) of electricity bill.

3) Understand how much you spend on various appliances like lights , air conditioner , refrigerator ,  tubelight , computer , set top box , fan , etc. Please note that we have taken approximate usage of these appliances based on how it is used normally in houses. Actual amount may vary as per your use. The values are just a representation.

4) Understand savings if you switch from inefficient to efficient appliances. Even these values are approximation based on general usage. We are in process of building tools to help you get to better values as per your consumption in future.

The tool has been built with latest tariff data available from all the state electricity boards in India and has maximum information as available on internet and through our contacts who helped us with sample electricity bills from various states. Certain values have been rounded to have better readability and so it may not match exactly to your electricity bills but will be very close.

The tool covers following bill components:

1) Energy Charge: This is the per unit electricity charge that you pay on your bill. It is mostly defined slab wise and the cost increases as units on electricity bill increases.

2) Fixed Charge: This is mostly dependent on the connected load that the utility provides you. Connected load is typically calculated as sum of wattage of all the appliances that you have at your home. The utility allocates this much amount of electricity for your home and that is why the fixed charge is applicable.

3) Electricity Duty & Tax: This is the government tax for using electricity. Duty is applicable per unit of electricity consumption and tax is applied on the whole bill amount.

4) Meter Rent: Rent that you pay for having meter at your home. Rates are different for single phase and three phase connections.

5) Wheeling Charge: The tool also helps you find out how your bill gets impacted if you move from Reliance Energy to Tata Power in Mumbai. Wheeling charges are applicable for the switchover.

6) Minimum Monthly Charges: In some states if the consumption is less than a certain amount, minimum monthly charges are applicable, which means that the bill amount cannot be less than minimum monthly charges.

The tool does not cover following elements:

1) FAC (Fuel adjustment charge) or FCA (fuel cost adjustment) or FPPCA (Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment): This is the amount which utilities apply on bills based on varying price of fuel or Coal. Every month this value is different and is derived based on the current cost of Coal. Typically this a few paise per unit.

2) Arrears/Interest and Other Charges: If your electricity bill has old payment pending and interest on the same, or any other charges, then those will not match from the output of the tool to your electricity bill.

Check this video to make it easier to understand basic terms used for Electricity:



Also check this video that can help you understand how many units your appliances are consuming:



The tool currently in beta stage works only for:

domestic LT (Low Transmission) connections with a connected load between 0 and 20 kW and has been validated for following states: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi , Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It also contains information for following states but has not been validated: Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Sikkim, Tripura and West Bengal. Please feel free to play around with the tool and provide feedback to [email protected]

Please use the commenting form below to ask any questions or to make a comment. Please do not put the same comment multiple times. Your comment will appear after sometime. Also please note that we do not reply to emails or comments on social media. So if you have any question, please put it in the form below and we will try to reply to it as soon as possible.

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I have a single phase domestic meter of BRPL , New Delhi with a sanctioned load of 8 KW. As per tariff structure, Fixed Charge should be Rs.25/ kw/ month. But in actual bill the amount under col. A (Fixed Charge) always shows much higher amount. I also dont understand the "other charges", which is carry forward fraction from previous bill.

tolwala govind das

how can the electricity tariff increased without any consideration for the general public. It should try to save the pilferage

tolwala govind das

How and Why the Discom increase the Electricity Tariff rates and make the people suffer.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Discoms do not increase tariffs, Electricity Regulatory Commissions do. Discoms just submit their proposal. And after the proposal is received, Electricity regulatory commissions call for a meeting with Civil Society Groups, consumers and Discoms to finalize the rates. They publish an AD in newspapers for the meeting. If you have any concerns regarding the rates, then I would suggest that you look for such advertisements or keep following your state's electricity regulator commission website. They give enough time for doing all this, and the process is many months long. So if you have concerns, you can always raise them with regulatory commissions.


sir seams like the calculator doesnt work as i have filled all required details includes units but after i press submit button the result is not displayed what may be problem?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Karani,

The calculator is working now. Thanks for your patience.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

We are having issues with the calculator. We are trying to fix it. Will take couple of days. I will drop a note to you once it is fixed.


I am using chrome n safari
Cant see the bill but only the message your bill is with no data
Is it working?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Mrityunjay,

The calculator is working now. Thanks for your patience.


same thing i am facing i am using opera web browser

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Karani,

Much before your comment I replied to Mrityunjay that we are having issues with the calculator and we are in a process of fixing it. Please wait till we fix it!!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

We are having some issues with the calculator. We are in process of fixing it. Will take a couple of days to do the same. I will drop a note to you once that is done.

Girish purohit

Respected sir,
What is the charge of electricity per unit in city of gujrat
And give me the calculation of fuel charge and vidhyut shulk
Why it is considered.


What are wheeling charges? I can see Rs 400-500 as wheeling charges on my MSEB bill

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Wheeling charges are charges for using the transmission line. Usually it is used when transmission lines are owned by one utility and electricity is distributed by another.

Please note that there is no entity like MSEB now. In 2002 all state electricity boards were split into multiple companies. One for generation, one for transmission and one for distribution. This was done so that privatization can be done for some parts of electricity generation/transmission/distribution process. Like in Mumbai Reliance and Tata Power do the distribution now. Tata is also into generation.

So as I said, wheeling charges are for using the transmission line. It is usually applied as a per unit charge.


Hi Guyz,

How does one get landing cost of electricity through open access. I am trying to get electricity from Northern Grid (my home state) to Mumbai but dont know what will be my landing cost in Mumbai. Would highly appreciate your help. If its a long process you can call me on 7710033063 or alternatively give your number and a convinient time when I can contact you. Thanks.


sorry Sir what's wrong with the website/calculator because it doesn't give options in selecting area like when i need to select my district apart from giving me districts options it gives me the whole list of all districts and utility why?and can it be fixed

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

which district are you from?



Abhishek Jain (Mod)

There were some issues with the calculator that we have tried to fix. Can you try it again and let me know?


whats wrong with the website/calculator because it doesn't give options in selecting area like when i need to select my district apart from giving me options it gives me the whole list of all districts and utility why?


hi Mr.Abhishek,
My name is suresh , working for reputed MNC company for their highway projects, we have one query that we have installed APFC Panels in order to improve power factor up to 0.9 to Unity.
my First question is electricity board tariff calculation is based on KWH OR KVAH? this is for incentives for improvement of Power factor ,how can we proceed with electricity board.
Even my APFC panel showing power factor is unity /0.98, but in electricity board meter /bill reflects only 0.85/0.9,due to this we are unable to discuss about our incentive /reduction in power bills to show the benefit of APFC panel, which we spent lot of money to avoid the penalty and will get reduction bills too.
Please give necessary suggestion
Thanking you

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Suresh Kumar,

Usually commerical connection have tariffs based on kVAh and that is where power factor correction helps in getting discounts from electricity distribution company. kWh is used in residential connection and power factor correction does not help in such connections.

I just hope your APFC panel is installed correctly as the bill should reflect the right quantity. I would suggest that you put a complaint with your electricity distribution company for the same and ask them to send an engineer to check the two numbers. Either your APFC panel is not installed correctly or your electricity distribution company is not taking note of the new value and is billing you on old one.


thank you very much Mr.Abhishek for your suggestion, accordingly ill check with my ground levels.. thank u

Ravinder Pal Singh Dhillon

Hey, quick question. I live in Bangalore and my meter Capacity is 3KW, I consumed about 2000 units last month. I am being told by the meter reader that you can only consume only about 100 units per KW sanctioned load, so total 300units per month and anything above that would have to pay a hefty penalty. I find this notion absurd and feel i'm being cheated/extorted. It doesn't make sense to have a meter capacity if I cant use it to the full ... a #KW meter should mean I can use 3 X 24 X 28 (for feb) maximum which comes to 2016 units. Have you ever heard of such a thing as a per KW limit to number of units you can consume?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ravinder,

The argument does sound absurd. 3 kW load means that the sum total of wattage of appliances running at any given time in your house should not exceed 3 kW. So suppose you have 1 AC of 1 ton which is about 1 kW, you have 1 refrigerator which is about 400 watts, etc etc... and when you sum the wattage of appliances running at any time, it should not exceed 3 kW.

There is no limit on total units consumed and there should be no penalty for that. Although for such high usage, the electricity cost for last many units would be really high. But that is not penalty.

Ravinder Pal Singh Dhillon

Thank you for the quick response Abhishek. I have a couple of AC's and multiple desktop computers that run 24/7 so I may be consuming the 2000 units and do not mind paying for them. What worries me is the Meter Reader trying to fool me/extort money out of me with such an absurd pretext. I have written to several people in BESCOM, and will also go visit their nearest office tomorrow to see how much truth there is in this situation. Will post an update here regardless.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Sure. Do let us know as well. Thanks.


Hi Abhishek, It was only recently that I noticed that the sanctioned load for my 2BHK apartment is 15kW. We have the usual appliances nothing which is a major energy guzzler. I don't understand why our landlord opted for such a high connected load. I live in Bangalore (BESCOM area), is there anyway to reduce the sanctioned load? we are paying 1500 rupees a month for consuming 150 units!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Fixed Cost per kW of connected load in BESCOM is about Rs 35/kW. Typically electricity connections in residential complexes are applied by the builders. If it is a high end residential complex then they assume that people will put ACs in all room, water heaters in all bathrooms, etc. So it is likely that your landlord may not have opted for it and the builder may have given it in such a way.

Now the way to reduce is by giving an application to BESCOM. This has to be done by the owner of the house. BESCOM may then send an engineer to look at the connected appliances in your house and accordingly figure out the right connected load based on that. You will have to contact BESCOM customer support to get more details on the procedure.


Dear Abhishek, we are a small Fintech company based in Europe. Due to the high electricity prices here, we consider to move some of our operations to India. Our computing machines use approx 30kW and consume 50,000 units (kWh) per month. Which States/regions and energy companies would you consider given following simple pre-conditions? (i) relatively stable climate (avoid high outside temperatures); (ii) good infrastructure and accessibility; (iii) low electricity prices and stable supply. Thanks for your advice.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Mark,

Low electricity prices and stable supply do not go hand in hand in India, unfortunately! But I think Bengaluru/Karnataka would be quite reasonable for you. The climate is decent (slightly on the cooler side) and electricity distribution is stable. Prices are not too high, but I would not say that they are low. Electricity is stable in most Tier 1 cities: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai ... and then in some places in Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Vadodara). Out of these Bengaluru would have the best climate.

Birendra Choudhary

Hi ! Have gone through your detailed article... well written. which one is cheaper in Mumbai for residential use ? Tata Power or Reliance Energy ? I have on an average about 230 - 260 units consumption per month. People saying to change over from Reliance energy to Tata Power..How much average saving can I expect per month by doing so ? your analysis expected...many may have same question. I have 3 phase power supply currently from Reliance Energy LF1 on residential premises..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If your consumption is high (above 500) then switch over to Tata does not make sense. It has value only when your consumption is less than 300. However, we don't know how long with that benefit remain because when you switch over to Tata, you pay Tata tariffs + wheeling charges (for using Reliance infrastructure as the lines laid are by reliance) .... currently Tata Tariffs are low for less consumption, but we never know when they will become equal to Reliance (because the tariffs for higher consumption are already equal to Reliance). And when they become equal to reliance, then you will be paying more than reliance because you will pay tariffs to Tata + charges for using reliance infrastructure.

But currently, switchover makes sense only for consumers with electricity consumption less than 300 units. It is "bad" for consumers with consumption over 500 units.


Hi,my utility is SSPDCL , single phase and the contracted load is 2KW . So according to the calculator , for 91 units my bill is coming for 214 whereas in the bill it is 360 (total) , with energy charges(304.30) , cust charges( 50) and electricity duty (5.46) and other charges (0.00) . And also RMD (2.28) ( i dont know what it is )
If it is like that , well then i am paying for more .
Can someone explain me ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Behera,

RMD is recorded maximum demand. Which means you have a contracted load of 2 kW, but the peak recorded load in your house has been 2.28 kW which is 0.28 kW more than the contracted load. You may refer to page 6 (section iv) of this tariff schedule in Telangana: https://www.tssouthernpower.com/ShowProperty/CP_CM_REPO/Pages/Tariffs%20and%20Regulations/Tariffs/Tariff%20Schedule%20for%20FY%202016-17

Now the load exceeded probably because you have used extra appliances in your house. So for example if you have 2 kW load then at any given time the sum total of wattage of all your appliances should not exceed 2000 Watts. If it does exceed for some time, then the recorded demand has exceeded.

You will have to look at the appliances in your house and reduce the usage to manage the load within 2 kW or get contracted load increased to 3 kW.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Also the extra charges that you have incurred are penalty for exceeding the load.


utility is TSSPDL


Hello Sir,

I want to calculate my Bill but some calculation mistake is there as in Bill the Amount of Energy Charges is 2313.2 but as per your Calculation it is coming as 2548, similarly other details are not matching. I am using Torrent Power Ltd. service in Ahmedabad.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Is this an old bill? Because the latest tariffs are as mentioned on Torrent's website: https://connect.torrentpower.com/tplcp/index.php/searchTariff/Index

It is Rs 3.2 for first 50 units, Rs 3.9 for next 150 units and Rs 4.9 for the rest. Using this it totals up to Rs 2548.

Also the fixed charges on your bill are Rs 50 while the current charges are Rs 65. Looks like you are looking at an old bill which was generated before the tariffs changed for this year.


HI Abhishek,

No it's the current Bill of Dec-16

Actually I am able to find the mistake in calculation myself. The torrent power generates bill on 2 month basis hence all subsidized unit and fixed charges have to be doubled to get the correct figure.

I suggest you to give a additional parameter for Bill cycle period in this calculator to get the exact amount.



edited as above


Is this calculator upto date and according to the concerned department of each states?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Yes it is. We just updated the data last week.


my used unit of Nov 2016 is 340 and as per this calculator Payment should Rs.1726/- instead of I got bill of Rs. 2340/-. Then I referred all past bills and got to know that I am paying much more than what I should.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

On an electricity bill there are lot of different amount heads like: Energy Costs, Fixed Costs, Fuel Surcharge, Electricity Duty, Electricity Taxes, Arrears, Adjustments.

This calculator can only calculate Energy Costs, Fixed Costs (and taxes associated with energy and fixed costs). It cannot calculate Fuel Surcharge as it is determined every month and FS amount is not available in public domain for us to incorporate it. Fixed costs and Energy Costs are determined once in a year and the tariffs are available to us through regulatory commissions' sites. So every year when the new tariffs are determined, we update the same in this calculator. But we do not get information on Fuel Surcharge.

So you bill will not match exactly but it will give you some numbers to match the fixed and energy costs.




SIR , if u provide the electricity calculator app also for android,it would be so nice of you .thank you.


Submit button is not working. Please resolve.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Can you try again?

Amlan Ranjan Dutta

Sir, Can you please let me know the Formula to calculate the Average Unit Cost?


The avg. Unit cost formula is (consumption of correspondence month of last year divided by days of that bill) and multiply by current bill days.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It is quite simple. Total Energy Cost / Total units consumed. The challenge is in calculating Total Energy Cost which is based on slabs.


Can you Please Recommend which is the BEST Ac Stabilizer Company for 1.5 Ton 5 Star Ac & which is the Best Model
Plz Note Power Cut Off happens frequently & Voltage High-Low happens Sometimes Location Thane-Mumbai (Recommend 2-3 on Basis of Ratings)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You may check the VGuard's rage of stabilizers for ACs: http://www.vguard.in/uploads/product_brochures/AC_Stabilizer.pdf


how to calculate units of meter to submeter

'Prathamesh Metkari'

Submit button itself is not working..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You have to select utility and enter number of units to make the calculator work.


Hello! I entered the utility too but the submit button is still inactive.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


Can you try again?

Sundarprasad Rajamohan

Can you give some tips to monitor the electricity meter? I live in Bangalore and I suspect that my meter is not working normal or some other houses in my building also sharing my power source. This thot has arised since 4 units of power consumed (displayed in meter) when I was out of town for 3 days leaving only 5star inventor model refrigerator running. Your advice might help.


What is d meaning of DL adj ------ in Kerala electricity bill


Submit button is not working :(


Its great sir.. always freq. Reply and sharing knkwledge in a better way.
Sir,help me to calculate actual bill and arrears . I have not due earlier ,arrears confusing

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Mr Naveen,

Arrears is something that cannot be calculated using any standard calculator. The calculator does not know what were your past bills and what was not paid. I cannot comment on this and you will have to get clarifications from your electricity distribution company.


Always nice articles sir..how to calculate dhbvn electricity bill ?i was trying but not find how to calculate complete bill.
Total units consumed 37 tariff type DS ,1 phase ,Conn. Load 0.500.
Total bill=708(SOP-380.11; FSA-301.86; ED-26.15).
much confused in arrears details and bill details.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Naveen,

Arrears is the pending payment from your past bills. The calculator will not know what has been pending in your account and thus cannot tell arrears. It can also not tell FSA because FSA amount is determined each month (and the value directly shows up on the bill and FSA is not something that is put up online by utility before generating the bills). This calculator just takes in Annual tariff set by state electricity regulatory commissions.


HI, I am from Thane.Maharashtra. my last month electricity bill was 100 Rs and this month i got a bill of 3220 Rs. I contacted the MSEB official, they checked the meter and told me that the meter is ok. I am using 2 led bulbs 7 watts + 1 Fan + 1 LED Tv + 1 Samsung (4-1/2 star) Fridge.

Can any one help me by solving my problem.
How much should i Expect my monthly bill to be?

Please :- [email protected]


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Rs 100 is too less and Rs 3200 sounds too high. I guess they would not have taken meter reading last month and this month they would have adjusted it. You should get the bill checked. Here is something that you can read to get more idea: http://www.bijlibachao.com/electricity-bill/understand-energy-charges-in-electricity-bill-and-how-average-monthly-bill-is-disadvantageous.html


Agree with you.... check the difference of last to last bill new reading and current bill last reading and then multiply by 6 or 7 (rough idea) and compare the output with 3320 (100+3220).... if there is large diff. then meet the official and lodge a complaint.


I am from hyderabad. I have consumed 194 units /3 phase/ contracted load- 3kw. The calculator shows my charges as Rs 645. The current bill shows the energy charges as 985.4. Can anyone explain this particular discrepancy. I am a domestic consumer.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

The calculator just shows fixed and energy charges. Typically bills also have fuel surcharges (which are not known till the bill is generated), arrears or any other charges that could be there. You will have to check various sections of your bill to validate. From this calculator you will only get fixed and energy charges.


wanted to ask that my electricity bill in west delhi for past 4 minths are whooping high.2 ac cones around 13 k 11k 9k 8 k though we do not use much.
Ac are no star rating and average use is 7 hours per day.can u help.
Is there any way to calculate. Separate reading of each ac?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Two ACs unstarred used for 7 hours a day each can certainly significantly increase your electricity bills. Your ACs must be consuming 1.5 to 2 units of electricity in an hour each. You can measure your AC using a kill a watt meter, something like this: http://amzn.to/2bEiH71


what is the charges of comercial per unit in Rajasthan Bikaner?


Hi Abhishek

I'm Padma from Hyderabad,my recent elec.bill dated 05-08-2016 showed the no.of units consumed as 191 nd the bill amount is Rs.1139/-
may i know how the bill amount is calculated.


If I take the highest slab of electricity cost, what is the $/KW? I live in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Last slab in Gurgaon is about Rs 7 / kWh.


I think 7 is cheap. Isn't it 8?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Base price is Rs 7. On top of it there can be fuel adjustments and other surcharges that can make it 8.


Hi Abhishek,

I am Bharat from Delhi , I have a query regarding my bses billing.
this month I received a bill for the period 19-06-16 to 16-07-16 of 450 units. using single phase and 3 (kw ) load.as we are getting subsidy upto 400 units but my bill is rs 2895.00 I dont know how they calculated. pls help and suggest.


Hi Abhishek,

I am Lakshmi from Chennai
I posted a query in this site on 5th July regarding solar energy accounted for in my EB bill. Please help in clarifying my queries. thanks


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Lakshmi,

Currently I do not have much idea on TN's net metering policy and tariff calculations. So it will be difficult for me to respond on your query.


Hi Abhishek This is Lakshmi from Chennai

I have installed a 2 KVA solar PV panel in my home to save my EB bill. Since then
I am noting my daily units recorded in the net meter provided by my local EB office
My units recorded are as under for the bimonthly cycle April - June 2016:

on 18/4/2016 O3 : 2662.9 O4 : 1135.8 Net : 1527.1 Solar Meter reading : 1769
on 18/6/2016 O3 : 4332.6 O4 : 1545.7 Net : 2786.9 Solar Meter reading : 2277

My EB office has billed me CC charges for 06/2016 bi-month as 1680 units for an amount of Rs. 9820.00 which I paid on due date.

Please could you tell me how they calculated my Units consumed and how much credit they have allowed me for
solar energy output for this billing cycle. I understand from the solar unit supplier that a 2 KVA solar panel should give a
saving of average 8 to 10 units per day for me

If you need any more inputs from me I shall provide you. But I am puzzled at this high billing even after solar installation

Please clarify the above billing thanks



Hi Abhishek This is Lakshmi from Chennai

I have installed a 2 KVA solar PV panel in my home to save my EB bill. Since then
I am noting my daily units recorded in the net meter provided by my local EB office
My units recorded are as under for the bimonthly cycle April - June 2016:

on 18/4/2016 O3 : 2662.9 O4 : 1135.8 Net : 1527.1 Solar Meter reading : 1769
on 18/6/2016 O3 : 4332.6 O4 : 1545.7 Net : 2786.9 Solar Meter reading : 2277

My EB office has billed me CC charges for 06/2016 bi-month as 1680 units for an amount of Rs. 9820.00 which I paid on due date.

Please could you tell me how they calculated my Units consumed and how much credit they have allowed me for
solar energy output for this billing cycle. I understand from the solar unit supplier that a 2 KVA solar panel should give a
saving of average 8 to 10 units per day for me

If you need any more inputs from me I shall provide you. But I am puzzled at this high billing even after solar installation

Please clarify the above billing thanks



M K Lakshmi


Kindly tell me my consumption
1) fan (5hrs)
2)a c (8 hrs)
3) led * 5 ( 5 hrs)
4) refrigerator 24 hrs (always defrost n minimun temp)
5)washing machine twice weekly
6)32 inchs tv (5hrs max)
PS : All the appliances are new .
Please calculate my electricity consumption .I am from Kolkata (s 24 pgs).


Submit button not working across any browser, though earlier it was working. JS is enabled. Please help

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ashish,

We were able to fix it over the weekend. Can you try it again?


Thanks Abhishek. It's working as expected now :)

Raja Bhattacharya

Submit Button still not working for me. Please tell me what I need to update Javascript etc.


hi there, Am from Delhi..thanks for the calculator but the Submit button is not clickable...can you fix it?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Can you check if Javascript is enabled in your browser? It is working fine at my end.


thank you..its working now

Sandipan Mallick

WBSEDCL Urban connection 333 units consumed for the quarter of Feb-April 2016. I am unable to calculate. Can you please help me. Its urgent.


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