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Top Ten Air Conditioners in India by electricity consumption and size

By on April 19, 2015

For all the households using air conditioners, a major component of electricity bill is contributed by the air conditioners. If you are someone who is worried about high electricity bills due to air conditioners then buying energy efficient air conditioner makes much more sense to you. There are multiple types and brands of air conditioners available in the market today. Everyone wishes to be informed before making a buying decision of an air conditioner. Most sources on the Internet provide details on features and reviews. Electricity consumption hardly becomes the deciding factor. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten air conditioners in India by electricity consumption and size.

Top Ten AC
  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for the fixed speed air conditioners. For Inverter Technology air conditioners the data is from manufacturers’ websites. BEE data contains cooling capacity, power consumption and their ratio (also called as energy efficiency ratio) and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The values are calculated under test conditions.
  • We have taken the data on electricity consumption (energy efficiency ratio) and categorized it by the capacity or tonnage of the air conditioner. The air conditioner with the highest value of EER is given the highest ranking. Multiple models with the same value are given the same rank.
  • It is important to note that knowing Cooling Capacity of an air conditioner is very important because for same tonnage the cooling capacity of various models vary. The higher the cooling capacity more heat an air conditioner can remove.
  • It is also important to size an air conditioner for a room properly. An oversized air conditioner cannot remove humidity properly and undersized will keep running all the time increasing electricity consumption. So it is important to choose right cooling capacity.
  • The list below contains only the top ten ranked air conditioners. List of all BEE star rated air conditioners are available on the useful links given below.
  • Window and Split air conditioners have been listed as separate categories.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of air conditioners.

We recommend people to go for BEE 3 star split AC if usage is less than 1000 hrs per year and price of electricity less than Rs 5 a unit. If usage is between 1000-1500 hrs per year, then we suggest going for BEE 5 star split and beyond that Inverter Tech split AC. This is for 3 years payback for the extra money you pay to buy the appliance.

Top Ten Fixed Speed Air Conditioners

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1HITACHIRAW511KUD1.00035001030.03.405Rs. 26666
2LGLWA3BP5F1.00037751125.03.365Rs. 27444
2LGLWA3GP5F1.00037751125.03.365Rs. 28444
3WHIRLPOOLMagicool Platinum V (1 T)1.00036001075.03.355Rs. 29000
4VOLTAS1.0T 125 DY1.0003300996.03.315NA
5HITACHIRAW511KTD1.00034501055.03.274Rs. 24850
6LGLWA3BP4F1.00035501110.03.204Rs. 25999
6LGLWA3GP4F1.00035501110.03.204Rs. 26444
7CARRIERESTRELLA PLUS (1.0T)1.00037061197.03.103Rs. 25288
8HITACHIRAW311KUD1.00035001132.03.093Rs. 24477
9MIDEAMarvel MWF11-12CR1-QB81.00035191150.03.063NA
10LLOYDLW12A3N1.00035301157.03.053Rs. 21762

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1HITACHIRAV518HUD1.50053501530.03.505Rs. 33733
2WHIRLPOOLMagicool Platinum V (1.2 T)1.20038701118.03.465Rs. 29500
3HITACHIRAT518HUD1.50053501575.03.405Rs. 35400
4LGLWA5CT5A11.50048501443.03.365Rs. 34490
4LGLWA5CS5A11.50048501443.03.365Rs. 32490
4LGLWA5CP5A11.50048501443.03.365Rs. 32490
4LGLWA5CS5F11.50047501415.03.365Rs. 28977
4LGLWA5CP5F11.50047501415.03.365Rs. 41990
4LGLWA5CP5A1.40047501415.03.365Rs. 32990
4LGLWA5CT5A1.40047501415.03.365Rs. 34990
4LGLWA5CS5A1.40047501415.03.365Rs. 32990
4LGLWA3GT5A1.10037751125.03.365Rs. 29290
4LGLWA3BP5A1.10037751125.03.365Rs. 28290
5HITACHIRAW518KUD1.50052751575.03.355Rs. 31333
5HITACHIRAV513HUD1.10039001165.03.355Rs. 27700
6PANASONICCW-KC1814YA1.50050541520.03.335Rs. 28830
7VOLTAS1.5T 185 MY1.50049501495.03.315Rs. 27000
7VOLTAS1.5T 185 LY1.50049501495.03.315Rs. 26880
7VOLTAS1.5T 185 DY1.50049501495.03.315Rs. 26880
8HITACHIRAV518HTD1.50052001575.03.305Rs. 31440
9HITACHIRAT513HTD1.10040601250.03.254Rs. 27400
10HITACHIRAV513HTD1.10040001250.03.204Rs. 25850

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
2HITACHIRAV222HUD2.00061602200.02.802Rs. 35890
3GENERALAXGT24AATH2.00061002295.02.661Rs. 38744
4LGLWA6CP1A1.70058602250.02.601Rs. 33990
5HITACHIRAW122KUD2.00061602425.02.541Rs. 32155
6ZAMILZW022X1CV12.00061002421.02.521Rs. 35990
7HAIERHW-24L1H2.00063002650.02.381Rs. 27000

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1CARRIERSUPERIA (1.0T)1.0003578950.03.765Rs. 36000
1ONIDAS125FLT-LA1.00039501050.03.765Rs. 24500
2MIDEAMidea Magna Plus (1.0T)1.0003636980.03.715Rs. 35500
3GODREJGSC 12 FG 6 BNG1.0003375912.03.705Rs. 34444
3GODREJGSC 12 FG 6 WNG1.0003375912.03.705Rs. 34444
4ONIDAS125TRC1.0003516955.03.685Rs. 25990
4ONIDAS125CUR1.0003516955.03.685Rs. 25500
5SAMSUNGAR12HC5TCNC1.00037001010.03.665Rs. 32400
5SAMSUNGAR12HC5TDUR1.00037001010.03.665Rs. 33400
5SAMSUNGAR12HC5ECLZ1.00037001010.03.665Rs. 33800
5SAMSUNGAR12HC5UCNB1.00054001010.03.665Rs. 31600
6MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-GK10VA0.7502700740.03.655Rs. 26603
7WHIRLPOOL3D Cool Climate Control(1 T)1.0003450984.03.645Rs. 39200
8PANASONICCS-XC12QKY/CU-XC12QKY1.00037001020.03.635Rs. 40888
9ONIDAS125DFL1.0003516975.03.615Rs. 27911
9ONIDAS125FLT-N1.0003516975.03.615Rs. 26970
10DAIKINFTF35PRV16+RF35PRV161.0003350930.03.605Rs. 33307
10LGLSA3GT5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 37990
10LGLSA3ST5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 37990
10LGLSA3TM5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 37490
10LGLSA3VF5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 35490
10LGLSA3SP5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 35990
10LGLSA3VP5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 34990
10LGLSA3MP5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 35490
10LGLSA3NP5A1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 33990
10LGLSA3WT5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 37990
10LGLSA3AT5D1.0003525980.03.605Rs. 36490
10LGLSA3EG5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 33833
10LGLSA3AP5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 31833
10LGLSA3ES5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 33833
10LGLSA3EW5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 33833
10LGLSA3MP5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 31933
10LGLSA3NP5F1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 29833
10LGLSA3SP5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 32433
10LGLSA3TM5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 35333
10LGLSA3VP5M1.0003516976.03.605Rs. 33333
10MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-GK13VA1.00036001000.03.605Rs. 31825
10WHIRLPOOL3D COOL XTREME PLT V (1 T)1.0003420950.03.605Rs. 40000

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1HITACHIRAU514IUD1.20041001065.03.805Rs. 41388
1HITACHIRAU518EUDA1.50057001500.03.805Rs. 44450
1HITACHIRAU518HUD1.50055001448.03.805Rs. 42144
1HITACHIRAU514HUD1.20040501065.03.805Rs. 36740
1HITACHIRAU514EUDA1.20040501065.03.805Rs. 38900
1HITACHIRAU514IVD1.20040501065.03.805Rs. 45190
1HITACHIRAU514AVD1.20040501065.03.805Rs. 42190
2HITACHIRAU518IUD1.50053001414.03.755Rs. 46999
3CARRIERSUPERIA (1.5T)1.50054411471.03.705Rs. 44000
3GODREJGSC 18 FG 6 BNG1.50050001350.03.705Rs. 38888
3GODREJGSC 18 FG 6 WNG1.50050001350.03.705Rs. 37777
3HITACHIRAU518IVD1.50055001485.03.705Rs. 50190
3HITACHIRAU518AVD1.50055001485.03.705Rs. 47190
3WHIRLPOOL3D Cool Series Platinum1.20040501092.03.705Rs. 37444
4MIDEAMidea Magna Plus (1.5T)1.50053671456.03.695Rs. 43400
5HITACHIRAU518KUDB1.50054401495.03.645Rs. 42555
5HITACHIRAU514HUDDZ1.20040001100.03.645Rs. 35805
5HITACHIRAU518HUDD1.50054401495.03.645Rs. 38600
5ONIDAS185FLT-N1.50052751450.03.645Rs. 36177
5ONIDAS185DFL1.50052751450.03.645Rs. 32990
5ONIDAS185TRD-LA1.50052001430.03.645Rs. 31500
5WHIRLPOOL3D Cool Climate Control(1.5 ton)1.50052501442.03.645Rs. 44600
5WHIRLPOOL3D COOL PLT V (1.2 T)1.20039701088.03.645Rs. 38500
6HITACHIRAU514HUDD1.20040001100.03.635Rs. 33300
7WHIRLPOOL3D COOL XTREME PLT V (1.2 T)1.20040001102.03.625Rs. 40500
8ONIDAS185TRC1.50053501480.03.615Rs. 35111
9DAIKINFTF50PRV16+RF50PRV161.50052001445.03.605Rs. 39555
9HITACHIRAU514ITDA1.20040501125.03.605Rs. 38600
9LGLSA5MP5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 39733
9LGLSA5GT5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 44990
9LGLSA5ST5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 44990
9LGLSA5PW5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 33999
9LGLSA5NP5F1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 37833
9LGLSA5SP5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 37833
9LGLSA5AP5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 39133
9LGLSA5AT5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 39633
9LGLSA5ES5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 39933
9LGLSA5WT5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 44990
9LGLSA5AT5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 43490
9LGLSA5MP5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 42490
9LGLSA5NP5A1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 40990
9LGLSA5EW5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 40833
9LGLSA5TM5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 42833
9LGLSA5VP5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 40933
9LGLSA5EG5M1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 40833
9LGLSA5TM5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 44490
9LGLSA5SP5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 42990
9LGLSA5VF5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 42490
9LGLSA5VP5D1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 41990
9MITSUBISHI ELECTRICSRK13CLV-61.10036001000.03.605Rs. 40490
9ONIDAS185FLT-LA1.50052751465.03.605Rs. 27281
9ONIDAS185CUR1.50054001500.03.605Rs. 31500
9WHIRLPOOL3D COOL XTREME PLT V (1.5 T)1.50052001444.03.605Rs. 44500
9WHIRLPOOLMagicool Series Platinum1.20040501122.03.605Rs. 38100
10MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-GK18VA1.50052001450.03.595Rs. 40261

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1HITACHIRAU520IUD1.70057001425.04.005Rs. 44300
1HITACHIRAU520HUD1.70057001425.04.005Rs. 54000
2HITACHIRAU520ITD1.70057001499.03.805Rs. 48000
3CARRIERSUPERIA (2.0T)2.00062171710.03.645Rs. 50500
4HITACHIRAU524HUD2.00070301950.03.615Rs. 59555
4HITACHIRAU524IUD2.00070301950.03.615Rs. 52400
5MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-GK24VA2.00066001850.03.575Rs. 51150
6HITACHIRAU524ITD2.00072002028.03.555Rs. 57000
6VOLTAS2.0T 245 DY2.00063001774.03.555Rs. 42988
7BLUESTAR5HW24MA2.00064001820.03.525Rs. 44133
8GENERALASGA24FTTA2.00065001850.03.515Rs. 54533
9MIDEAMidea Magna Plus (2T)2.00062011813.03.424Rs. 50088
9MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-G24VC2.00066001930.03.424Rs. 61740
10DAIKINFTF60PRV16+RF60PRV161.80064001880.03.404Rs. 50630
10DAIKINFT60MV16+R60MV161.80066001940.03.404Rs. 49000

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingApprox Price
1MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-E36VC3.000100003460.02.891Rs. 103370
2MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-H30VA2.50078002800.02.791Rs. 79080

Top Ten Fixed Speed Air Conditioners BEE 3 star and less

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1CARRIERESTRELLA PLUS (1.0T)1.00037061197.03.103Rs. 25288
2HITACHIRAW311KUD1.00035001132.03.093Rs. 24477
3MIDEAMarvel MWF11-12CR1-QB81.00035191150.03.063NA
4LLOYDLW12A3N1.00035301157.03.053Rs. 21762
5LGLWA3BP3F1.00035001160.03.023Rs. 21533
6ONIDAW123TRD1.00035161170.03.013Rs. 21841
7LGLWA3BP3A0.90031701055.03.003Rs. 24790
7LGLWA3GP3A0.90031701055.03.003Rs. 24790
8HITACHIRAW312KUDI1.00035161190.02.953Rs. 24433
8VOLTAS1.0T 123 LY1.00031701074.02.953Rs. 19500
10ONIDAW122TRD1.00035161215.02.892Rs. 22890

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAV318HUD1.50051001650.03.093Rs. 27430
1HITACHIRAW318KUD1.50051001650.03.093Rs. 28777
2CARRIERESTRELLA PLUS (1.5T)1.50055291800.03.073Rs. 29488
2MIDEAMarvel MWF11-18CR2-QB81.50053081729.03.073NA
3ONIDAW183FLT1.50052001700.03.063Rs. 23157
4INTECTWAC-18K1.50050881690.03.013Rs. 22000
4LGLWA5CT3A1.40048501610.03.013Rs. 29990
4LGLWA5CP3A1.40048501610.03.013Rs. 28490
4LGLWA5BP3A1.40048501610.03.013Rs. 28490
4LGLWA5CP3F1.50048501610.03.013Rs. 25444
4LGLWA5CS3F1.50048501610.03.013Rs. 24988
4LGLWA5BP3F1.50048501610.03.013Rs. 24444
4LGLWA5PS3F1.50048501610.03.013Rs. 24000
5VIDEOCONVWF53.WE1-QL1.50051001750.03.003Rs. 24633
6PANASONICCW-YC1814YA1.50050541700.02.973Rs. 25565
7LGLWA5CS3F11.50050501705.02.963Rs. 34645
7LGLWA5CP3F11.50050501705.02.963Rs. 32540
8GODREJGWC 18 GQ 3 WNC1.50051251737.02.953Rs. 24869
8VOLTAS1.5T 183 DY1.50049001661.02.953Rs. 23666
8VOLTAS1.5T 183 EY1.50049001661.02.953Rs. 24833
8VOLTAS1.5T 183 Myi1.50049001661.02.953Rs. 24833
8VOLTAS1.5T 183 My1.50049001661.02.953Rs. 24733
9ZAMILZW018X3CV11.50051001735.02.943Rs. 31990

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
2HITACHIRAV222HUD2.00061602200.02.802Rs. 35890
3GENERALAXGT24AATH2.00061002295.02.661Rs. 38744
4LGLWA6CP1A1.70058602250.02.601Rs. 33990
5HITACHIRAW122KUD2.00061602425.02.541Rs. 32155
6ZAMILZW022X1CV12.00061002421.02.521Rs. 35990
7HAIERHW-24L1H2.00063002650.02.381Rs. 27000

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAU312HUD1.00035171070.03.293Rs. 31644
1HITACHIRAU412HTD1.00035171070.03.293Rs. 29100
1HITACHIRAU412KTDP1.00035171070.03.293Rs. 33640
1HITACHIRAU312HVD1.00035171070.03.293Rs. 34990
1HITACHIRAU312EVD1.00035171070.03.293Rs. 36290
1ONIDAS123FLT-N1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 23500
1ONIDAS123DFL1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 25490
1ONIDAS123TRDN1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 23990
1ONIDAS123CHR1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 23990
1ONIDAS123CHR-R1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 29590
1ONIDAS123SMH1.00034501050.03.293Rs. 27332
1ONIDAS123FLT-L1.00034501050.03.293Rs. 23819
1ONIDAS123TRD1.00035161070.03.293Rs. 23990
1SAMSUNGAR12HC3USNB1.00035001065.03.293Rs. 28000
1SAMSUNGAR12HC3TFUR1.00035001065.03.293Rs. 28400
1SAMSUNGAR12HC3ESLW1.00035001065.03.293Rs. 29433
1SAMSUNGAR12HC3USUQ1.00035001065.03.293Rs. 25944
2HITACHIRAU412HTDD1.00033801030.03.283Rs. 28600
2HITACHIRAU312KUDB1.00033801030.03.283Rs. 29177
2HITACHIRAU312HUDD1.00033801030.03.283Rs. 29800
3CARRIERDURAEDGE PLUS K+ (1.0T)1.00035291078.03.273Rs. 33000
3ONIDAS123CUR1.00035161075.03.273Rs. 23819
4DAIKINFTC35PRV16+RC35PRV161.00033501030.03.253Rs. 28390
4MIDEAFlair X MS12F3-12CR1-QC21.00033501030.03.253NA
4MIDEAFlair MS12F3-12CR-QC21.00033501047.03.253NA
4MIDEAFlorista MS11D1-12CR-QC21.00033501030.03.253NA
4ONIDAS093FLT-L0.8002600800.03.253Rs. 21101
4ONIDAS093SMH0.8002600800.03.253Rs. 21894
4ONIDAS093FLT-L30.8002810800.03.253Rs. 25090
5MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-HK13VA1.00034001050.03.243Rs. 27200
5VIDEOCONVSD33.GV1-MDA1.00034001050.03.243Rs. 29690
6IFBIACS12KA3TC1.00035851110.03.233Rs. 30133
6MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-HK10VA0.7502600805.03.233Rs. 22670
6TCLTNAC-12CS/3BV41.00035851111.03.233Rs. 21990
7LLOYDLS9A3L0.8002639897.03.223Rs. 19333
7LLOYDLS9A3LN0.8002850884.03.223Rs. 21203
8CRUISECRC 331.00035001092.03.213Rs. 27000
8KORYOKF14KSIAO123S1.00032861023.03.213Rs. 24290
9IFBIACS12KA3TP1.00035171100.03.203Rs. 29233
9LGLSA3MP3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 32990
9LGLSA3VP3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 32490
9LGLSA3SP3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 33490
9LGLSA3VF3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 32990
9LGLSA3AT3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 33990
9LGLSA3WT3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 35490
9LGLSA3GT3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 35490
9LGLSA3ST3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 35490
9LGLSA3TM3D1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 34990
9LGLSA3NP3A1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 31490
9LGLSA3AT3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 29233
9LGLSA3NP3F1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 26433
9LGLSA3AP3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 27433
9LGLSA3MP3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 28833
9LGLSA3SP3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 27990
9LGLSA3VP3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 29188
9LGLSA3TM3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 30833
9LGLSA3EW3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 29233
9LGLSA3ES3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 29233
9LGLSA3EG3M1.00034201070.03.203Rs. 29333
9LLOYDLS9A3P0.8002582807.03.203Rs. 20925
9LLOYDLS13A3PN1.00034931092.03.203Rs. 22785
9WHIRLPOOL3D COOL DLX III (1 T)1.00033701053.03.203Rs. 34000
9WHIRLPOOL3D COOL DLX PLUS III (1 T)1.00033701053.03.203Rs. 34700
10BLUESTAR3HW12FA1.00034401080.03.193Rs. 27333
10BLUESTAR3HW12FB1.00037001160.03.193Rs. 26542
10ELECTROLUXSN33N1.00033501050.03.193Rs. 21948
10LLOYDLS13A3HR1.00035311107.03.193Rs. 25000

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RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAU318HVD1.50053621630.03.293Rs. 39990
1HITACHIRAU318EVD1.50053621630.03.293Rs. 41290
1HITACHIRAU318HUD1.50053621630.03.293Rs. 35444
1MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-H18VA1.50049001480.03.293Rs. 43630
1ONIDAS183DFL1.50052751605.03.293Rs. 30522
1ONIDAS183SMH1.50052001580.03.293Rs. 27990
1ONIDAS183FLT-N1.50052751605.03.293Rs. 28830
1ONIDAS183FLT-LA1.50052001580.03.293Rs. 25990
1ONIDAS183CHR-R1.50052751605.03.293Rs. 34890
1ONIDAS183CHR1.50052751605.03.293Rs. 27990
1ONIDAS183FLT-L1.50052001580.03.293Rs. 27500
2CARRIERDURAEDGE PLUS K+ (1.5T)1.50050001530.03.273Rs. 38000
2CRUISECRC 531.50051001560.03.273Rs. 30000
2ONIDAS183TRD-LA1.50052001590.03.273Rs. 27990
2RECONNECTRHSAG15021.50051001560.03.273Rs. 31490
3DAIKINFTC50PRV161.50052201605.03.253Rs. 32490
3ONIDAS183TRDN1.50052751625.03.253Rs. 26990
3ONIDAS183TRD1.50052751625.03.253Rs. 27990
3ONIDAS183CUR1.50052751625.03.253Rs. 29688
4BLUESTAR3HW18HAF1.50049501530.03.243Rs. 33333
4KORYOKF14KSIAO183S1.50052681628.03.243Rs. 29290
4WHIRLPOOL3D Cool Series Delux Plus1.50052501620.03.243Rs. 37444
4WHIRLPOOL3D Cool Series Delux 1.5 ton1.50053501651.03.243Rs. 38888
5CARRIERNOVELLO PLUS (1.5T)1.50050501570.03.223Rs. 39400
5MIDEAFlorista MS11D1-18CR-QC21.50050501570.03.223NA
5TCLTNAC-18CS/3BV41.50050881579.03.223Rs. 26960
6HITACHIRAU318HUDG1.50052331630.03.213Rs. 33975
6VOLTAS1.5T 183 DY1.50049001526.03.213Rs. 28888
6VOLTAS1.5T 183 MYi1.50032001526.03.213Rs. 29999
7HITACHIRAU318HUDD1.50052001625.03.203Rs. 33833
7HITACHIRAU318HUDZ1.50052001625.03.203Rs. 33975
7HITACHIRAU318KUDB1.50052001625.03.203Rs. 34500
7IFBIACS18KA3TP1.50050651585.03.203Rs. 32833
7LGLSA5EG3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 30833
7LGLSA5VP3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 34133
7LGLSA5EW3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 34733
7LGLSA5ES3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 34733
7LGLSA5TM3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 35433
7LGLSA5AT3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 33233
7LGLSA5NP3F1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 30633
7LGLSA5AP3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 30333
7LGLSA5SP3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 32433
7LGLSA5MP3M1.50051751615.03.203Rs. 33333
7VOLTAS1.2T 153 CY1.20038501203.03.203Rs. 27000
7WHIRLPOOL3D COOL DLX PLUS III (1.5 T)1.50051801619.03.203Rs. 39800
7WHIRLPOOLMAGICOOL DLX III (1.5 T)1.50050501578.03.203Rs. 36300
8LGLSA5MP3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 36990
8LGLSA5NP3A11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 35490
8LGLSA5VP3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 36490
8LGLSA5SP3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 37490
8LGLSA5VF3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 36990
8LGLSA5AT3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 37990
8LGLSA5TM3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 38990
8LGLSA5GT3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 39490
8LGLSA5ST3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 39490
8LGLSA5WT3D11.50051501615.03.193Rs. 39490
8LLOYDLS19A3FX1.50051001600.03.193Rs. 28737
9IFBIACS18KA3TC1.50051051605.03.183Rs. 33933
9VIDEOCONVSD531.50052501650.03.183Rs. 28933
9VIDEOCONVSD53.WV1-MDA1.50052501650.03.183Rs. 26833
9WHIRLPOOL3D COOL DLX III (1.5 T)1.50052501651.03.183Rs. 39800
10LLOYDLS19A3PN1.50051921639.03.173Rs. 26562
10LLOYDLS19A3HR1.50049601566.03.173Rs. 28830

Click To Expand: Split (1.5 Ton to 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAU324IVD2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 58290
1HITACHIRAU324AVD2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 55290
1HITACHIRAU424ETD2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 47300
1HITACHIRAU424HTD2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 46400
1HITACHIRAU424HTDW2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 50850
1HITACHIRAU324EUDA2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 50850
1HITACHIRAU324HUD2.00070202134.03.293Rs. 48544
2ONIDAS243FLT-N2.00066002010.03.283Rs. 36500
2ONIDAS243FLT-LA2.00065001980.03.283Rs. 39933
3DAIKINFTC60PRV161.80064001970.03.253Rs. 42024
3MIDEAFlair MS12F3-22CR-QC22.00059301830.03.253NA
3MIDEAFlair X MS12F3-22CR1-QC22.00059301830.03.253NA
4WHIRLPOOL3D COOL DLX III(2 T)2.00036501960.03.243Rs. 46000
5HITACHIRAU324HUDG2.00069772160.03.233Rs. 48825
5SAMSUNGAR24HC3TFUR2.00063001950.03.233Rs. 41000
6HITACHIRAU323HUDD2.00067502100.03.213Rs. 44900
6HITACHIRAU323HUDDZ2.00067502100.03.213Rs. 46500
7GENERALASGA24ACT2.00065002030.03.203Rs. 52000
7GODREJGSC 24FW3 WNU2.00061001900.03.203NA
7HITACHIRAU423KTDB2.00067502110.03.203Rs. 46190
7HITACHIRAU323KUDB2.00067502110.03.203Rs. 49555
7VOLTAS2.0T 243 CYa2.00061001906.03.203Rs. 38999
8BLUESTAR3HW24FA2.00063652000.03.183Rs. 39133
8LGLSA6VP3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 46990
8LGLSA6SP3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 47990
8LGLSA6VF3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 47490
8LGLSA6AT3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 48490
8LGLSA6WT3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 49990
8LGLSA6GT3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 49990
8LGLSA6ST3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 49990
8LGLSA6TM3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 49490
8LGLSA6NP3A1.80062001950.03.183Rs. 38595
8LGLSA6NP3A11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 45990
8LGLSA6MP3D11.80063502000.03.183Rs. 47490
8LGLSA6NP3F2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 38833
8LGLSA6AP3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 41533
8LGLSA6MP3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 42833
8LGLSA6SP3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 43133
8LGLSA6VP3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 43933
8LGLSA6TM3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 45233
8LGLSA6EW3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 43833
8LGLSA6ES3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 43433
8LGLSA6EG3M2.00063502000.03.183Rs. 43833
8PANASONICCS-XC24PKY2.00066282080.03.183Rs. 45800
9BLUESTAR3HW24VC2.00060501910.03.173Rs. 40734
9MIDEAFlorista MS11D1-22CR-QC22.00059001860.03.173NA
9MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-HK24VA2.00064002020.03.173Rs. 44444
9PANASONICCS-TC24PKY2.00065982080.03.173Rs. 42700
9ZAMILZS022X3CV22.00065002050.03.173Rs. 42315
10LLOYDLS24A3FX2.00062501980.03.163Rs. 41385
10PANASONICCS-UC24QKY3/CU-UC24QKY32.00065002060.03.163Rs. 41571
10PANASONICCS-YC24QKY3/CU-YC24QKY32.00065002060.03.163Rs. 43710

Click To Expand: Split (> 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-E36VC3.000100003460.02.891Rs. 103370
2MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMS-H30VA2.50078002800.02.791Rs. 79080

Top Ten Inverter Air Conditioners

 Click on a category button below to choose category.

Click To Expand: Split (<= 1 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAU012HVEA1.0003560890.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 48690
1HITACHIRAU013IUEA1.0003780945.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 51111
1HITACHIRAU013EUEA1.0003780945.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 41980
2MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK13YL-S1.0003500900.03.88Inverter Cooling OnlyNA
3DAIKINFTKM25PRV160.7502500650.03.85Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 35490
4CARRIEROctra Inverter (1.0T)1.00040181048.03.83Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 44800
5SHARPAH-XP10LV0.8002810735.03.82Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 27711
6HITACHIRAU012HUEA1.0003590945.03.80Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 40900
7DAIKINFTKM35PRV161.0003500964.03.63Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 43450
7HITACHIRAU012KVEA1.0003560980.03.63Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 43190
8GENERALASGA09JGCA0.7502500700.03.57Inverter Cooling OnlyNA
9HAIERHSU-12HQAB (R2DB)1.0003500990.03.54Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 39888
10SAMSUNGAR12HV5DAWK1.0003200910.03.52Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 38640
10SAMSUNGAR12HV5NBWK1.0003200910.03.52Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 35800

Click To Expand: Split (1 Ton to 1.5 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1HITACHIRAU014CVEA1.20041801045.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 54690
1HITACHIRAU014IVEA1.20041801045.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 51690
1HITACHIRAU014AVEA1.20041801045.04.00Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 49690
2SHARPAH-XP13LV1.10038681010.03.83Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 31700
2SHARPAH-XP13PMT1.10038681010.03.83Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 37896
2SHARPAH-XP13PHT1.10038681010.03.83Inverter Cooling OnlyNA
2SHARPAH-X13PET1.10038681010.03.83Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 32346
3SAMSUNGAR18HV5DAWK1.50050001310.03.82Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 53500
4HITACHIRAU019CVEA1.50055101448.03.81Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 56090
4HITACHIRAU019AVEA1.50055101448.03.81Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 51390
4HITACHIRAU019IVEA1.50055101448.03.81Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 53290
5DAIKINFTKM50PRV161.50050001315.03.80Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 49590
5HITACHIRAU019EUEA1.50055001448.03.80Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 50450
6HITACHIRAU018IUEA1.50054001448.03.73Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 57777
7LGBS-Q186C8R61.50054002300.03.67Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 50333
8SHARPAH-XP18PHT1.50052701440.03.66Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 43690
8SHARPAH-XP18PMT1.50052701440.03.66Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 49990
8SHARPAH-X18PET1.50052701440.03.66Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 41700
8SHARPAH-XP18MV1.50052751440.03.66Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 45500
9HITACHIRAU018HVEA1.50055001525.03.61Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 53960
10CARRIERKurve Inverter (1.5T)1.50052791478.03.57Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 43900

Click To Expand: Split (1.5 Ton to 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMSY-GE24VA2.00066001830.03.61Inverter Cooling OnlyNA
2DAIKINFTKM60PRV161.80060001666.03.60Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 64790
2LLOYDLS24GRI2.00070331950.03.60Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 58990
2LLOYDLS24GRIX2.00070331950.03.60Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 58990
3HITACHIRAU023EUEA2.00067591900.03.56Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 58950
4HITACHIRAU024CVEA2.00068601930.03.55Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 67790
4HITACHIRAU024AVEA2.00068601930.03.55Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 62790
4HITACHIRAU024IVEA2.00068601930.03.55Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 64790
5LGBS-Q246C8A22.00062002400.03.52Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 59988
5LGBSA24IMA2.00070341760.03.52Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 66990
5LGBS-Q246C8R32.00062002400.03.52Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 61588
6SAMSUNGAR24HV5NBWK2.00060001710.03.51Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 50500
7HITACHIRAU023HVEA2.00067601930.03.50Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 61790
8CARRIEROctra Inverter (2.0T)2.00068041947.03.49Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 61750
9CARRIERSuperia Plus K+ (2.0T)2.00070381947.03.46Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 60750
10DAIKINFTKV60NRV161.80060001765.03.40Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 52990
10DAIKINFTKP60PRV161.80060001765.03.40Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 57690

Click To Expand: Split (> 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageCooling Capacity (in Watts)Power Consumption (in Watts)EER RatioStar RatingPrice
1DAIKINFTKM71PRV162.20071002220.03.20Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 75500
2GENERALASGA30JCC2.50080002650.03.01Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 77444
3DAIKINFTKD71FVM2.20071002550.02.78Inverter Cooling OnlyRs. 55090

Top Ten Hot and Cold Air Conditioners

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Click To Expand: Hot and Cold (<= 1 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageEER Ratio CoolingEER Ratio HeatingStar RatingPrice
1DAIKINFTXR28KVMA0.7504.865.03Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 105490
2MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMSZ-EF25VEW0.7504.594.57Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 84000
3DAIKINFTXG25JV1BS0.7504.464.36Inverter Hot and ColdNA
3DAIKINFTXG25JV1BA0.7504.464.36Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 85990
4DAIKINFTXS25EVMA0.7504.174.10Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 38990
5MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK35ZMX-S1.0004.144.48Inverter Hot and ColdNA
6LGAS-W126B1U11.0004.084.08Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 44988
7CARRIERSuperia 365 (1.0T)1.0003.964.65Hot and ColdRs. 43500
8DAIKINFTXG35JV1BS1.0003.934.04Inverter Hot and ColdNA
8DAIKINFTXG35JV1BA1.0003.934.04Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 103590
9MITSUBISHI ELECTRICMSZ-EF35VEW1.0003.854.19Inverter Hot and ColdNA
10CARRIERElektra 365 Inverter (1.0T)1.0003.503.50Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 41488

Click To Expand: Hot and Cold (1 Ton to 1.5 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageEER Ratio CoolingEER Ratio HeatingStar RatingPrice
1CARRIERSuperia 365 (1.5T)1.5004.164.62Hot and ColdRs. 52000
2DAIKINFTXR42KVMA1.2003.934.34Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 127090
3MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK50ZMX-S1.5003.854.44Inverter Hot and ColdNA
4CARRIERPrimo 3D Inverter (1.5T)1.5003.753.71Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 90000
5ONIDAAll Season Smart Inverter AC1.5003.610.00Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 52990
6LGAS-W186C2U11.5003.473.82Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 59388
7HITACHIRAU518HTH1.5003.453.52Hot and ColdRs. 44450
8GENERALASGA18LFCA1.5003.423.68Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 39500
9CARRIERElektra 365 Inverter (1.5T)1.5003.403.60Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 47488
10HAIERHSU-18HXAR(R2DB)1.5003.383.86Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 52990

Click To Expand: Hot and Cold (1.5 Ton to 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageEER Ratio CoolingEER Ratio HeatingStar RatingPrice
1CARRIERSuperia 365 (2.0T)2.0003.824.19Hot and ColdRs. 62000
2CARRIERElektra 365 Inverter (2.0T)2.0003.673.72Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 58488
3MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK60ZMX-S1.8003.654.07Inverter Hot and ColdNA
4MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK71HE-22.0003.313.83Inverter Hot and ColdNA
5PANASONICCS-YE24PKY2.0003.243.54Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 64888
6GENERALASGA24LFCA2.0003.233.61Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 53555
7DAIKINFTYN60JXV11.8003.213.42Hot and ColdRs. 58924
7LGAS-W246C2U12.0003.213.62Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 62900
7MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIESSRK71ZM-S2.0003.213.62Inverter Hot and ColdNA
8VOLTAS24V DY2.0003.153.25Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 43000
9CARRIERPrimo Inverter (2.0T)2.0003.073.52Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 65588
10DAIKINFTXS60FVMA1.8003.033.43Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 69990

Click To Expand: Hot and Cold (> 2 Ton)

RankBrandModelTonnageEER Ratio CoolingEER Ratio HeatingStar RatingPrice
1GENERALASGA30LFCA2.5003.213.61Inverter Hot and ColdNA
2DAIKINFTXS71FVMA2.2003.013.25Inverter Hot and ColdRs. 78990
3GENERALASG30RBAJ2.5002.662.73Hot and ColdRs. 77777

Link to list of Inverter Air Conditioners and BEE Star Rated Fixed Speed Air conditioners: http://bit.ly/OpE1JR

Here is a short video for tips to buy the best air conditioner in India


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There Are 994 Comments

  1. Amarjeet Anand says:

    Dear BB Team,

    I am from Patna, Bihar. I am looking to buy a 5 star AC from Hitachi for my Living room sized 16 ft x 12 ft x 11 ft, ground floor, no floors on top. Two Windows, One 4 ft x 4ft and the other 6 ft x 4 ft facing South. I don’t want to go for Inverter ACs due to poor voltage conditions in my area. Also, the dealers have warned me that such fluctuations are causing frequent PCB issues in Inverter ACs.

    I wish to seek your advise about a 1.7 T model from Hitachi called ‘Star Connect’. The Model No. is RAU520HUD. The most astonishing thing about this model is its EER (W/W) which is 4.00 with a running current rating of only 6.30 AMP. Precisely it provides 5700 Watts of cooling for just 1425 W, which is quite commendable and far beyond any other brand.

    1. I know you will say Hitachi is a very good brand which of course is. But, I am curious to know how an AC of such higher tonnage could accommodate such EER while other brands cannot. Also, it has hell lot of advanced features like Auto Climate control and Humidity Control etc.

    2. I want latest info about the current build and quality of Hitachi ACs whether they are manufactured in India or Imported. I have heard they have a factory in Gujarat. Is it a manufacturing unit or just an assembling one?

    Awaiting a quick response.


  2. Niketa says:

    Hello guys,
    This sure seems like an awesome guide to people like me, who practically don’t have any knowledge of electrical items. Kudos!

    I would like your advice on split ac options for 11*9*9 feet bed-room with a small entry passage of about 4*3 (inside the door). It would also be good if the same AC on occassions could also cool the hall which is 18*10.5 feet (if that is a possibility, that is!). I live in Mumbai. Apartment is on 1st floor of a 7-storeyed building and there isn’t much direct sunlight exposure.

    My father used to say O-general is the best brand in ACs. I don’t see u recommending that to anyone. Is that not a good brand or not worth the hype?!

    • Niketa says:

      Usage would be around 5-8 hours a day depending on climate.

  3. Kumar Gaurav Sharma says:

    hi could you please suggest the most energy efficient voltas inverter ac model , also kindly suggest whether i should go for a voltas inverter ac or a lg inverter ac ,my criterion are energy efficiency ,longevity ,spare part support for the period of ownership (atleast a decade).Kindly also let me know that whether lg uses copper for condenser coils or not in their inverter ac’s.

  4. Deepak gupta says:

    I want to buy Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star LS19A5SN Split Air Conditioner. Is it good to buy. Please guide me

  5. Amit says:

    hello, i want to buy a ton a/c and i have considered SAMSUNG AR24HV5NBWK & AR24JV5NBWKNNA….but unfortunately both these models of 2 ton are not having LED display on ac panel for displaying temperature. Instead they have 3 notification led which is a big problem. I have considered other models from hitachi RAU023EUEA RAU024CVEA RAU024IVEA. All these are 2 ton models which i saw in top 10 in 2 ton model list. I dont know if they have LED display on ac pane, so please suggest a good model that is 2 ton and also has good efficiency.My room is 216 sqft on top floor and in direct sunlight.

  6. sanjiv says:


    i am sanjiv from faridabad i am planning to buy window ac for my bedroom size 12 x 12. i am living on on second floor and no floor above my floor. window is on west side of my room total usage will be around 2 hrs in day and 6-8 hrs in night plenty of sunshine come to room pls suggest me for best window ac. thanks

  7. Pravin says:

    Hi Abhishek ,

    I live in Pune. 3rd floor of 7 story building. my room size is 11* 9.5. out of which 2.5*6 area occupied with wooden cupboard.
    There is a glass window of 5*5 on north direction. No direct sunlight comes in the room.
    Yearly usage would be 1000-1200 hrs. ( predominantly during night).

    Please suggest a cost effective,reliable and long lasting AC brand with good after sales service in Pune.

  8. sorabh gupta says:

    Im planning to buy 5 star window ac1.5 ton & had shortlisted 2 ac
    1 . bluestar 5w18ga.,cfm 430,price 28000.

    2. Carrier estrella premium ,cfm 540,price 33500.
    I want to know whether its advisable to spend 5500 rs extra for large cfm.
    Does extra airflow with same efficient ac saves money ,by giving more air.


  9. Nitin says:


    I live in Pune 2nd floor of 4 story building and my room size is 12×12, out of which 2.5 x 10 is covered with wooden cupboard. When I visited shops they suggeted me to go for 1 T LG inverter AC and other provider after sales service had an issue. Please provide which is good fit for me.

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Nitin,
      Your calculation is correct. Your room requires a cooling of 1 ton So a 1ton inverter would be ideal for you. Daikin and Hitachi are good brands. After sale services depend from city to city. Lg is also good AC so if you want you can go for it.
      Sharp is another good brand. We have got good user feedback about Sharp and its after sale service is good in Pune.

      You can look at these 1/1.1 ton inverter AC.

      brand model eer_ratio tonnage price
      HITACHI RAU013EUEA 4 1 41980
      HITACHI RAU013IUEA 4 1 51111
      HITACHI RAU012HVEA 4 1 48690
      CARRIER Octra Inverter (1.0T) 3.83 1 44800
      SHARP AH-XP13PHT 3.83 1.1 NA
      SHARP AH-XP13PMT 3.83 1.1 37896
      SHARP AH-X13PET 3.83 1.1 32346
      SHARP AH-XP13LV 3.83 1.1 31700
      HITACHI RAU012HUEA 3.8 1 40900
      DAIKIN FTKM35PRV16 3.63 1 43450
      HITACHI RAU012KVEA 3.63 1 43190
      HAIER HSU-12HQAB (R2DB) 3.54 1 39888
      SAMSUNG AR12HV5NBWK 3.52 1 35800
      SAMSUNG AR12HV5DAWK 3.52 1 38640
      LG BS-Q126B8R8 3.47 1 38900
      LG BS-Q126B8A4 3.47 1 37000
      LG BSA12IMA 3.47 1 45990
      LG BSA12IBE 3.47 1 42990
      DAIKIN FTKP35PRV16 3.46 1 37690
  10. mohit says:

    I live in Pune and I need Ac for only 3 months during the summer season that too 6hours a day… so total 540 hours a year. I need a 1.5 Ton AC and have chose 2 models online. Both are almost at the same price. Plz suggest me an AC from the below 2 models

    Daikin FTC50PRV16 1.5 ton 3 star
    Hitachi RAU318HUUD 1.5 ton 3 star

  11. anand says:

    my room is 11.5*9*10.
    at first floor city new Delhi.
    my choice is LG LSA3NP3A or
    which one is best for me????

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Anand,
      ONIDA S125FLT-LA has better EER and its price is also lower compared to LG LSA3NP3A. So if you want you can go for ONIDA S125FLT-LA.

  12. Sachin says:

    We are planning to buy split 1.5 ton AC, for our 15×10 ground floor room in Delhi. We have zeroed on mitsubishi electic or ogeneral brands.

    Our daily running would around 12-15hrs, and basis the advice in other artists Le, it seems an inverter AC model would be best.

    But unable to decide due to cost, after sales and electricity consumption basis.

    Can someone share their pov on the same.

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Sachin,
      According to our calculation you require 1.5 ton AC. Your usage is very high so we strongly recommend you to go for 1.5 ton inverter ACs. Inverter ACs are about 30% more energy efficient compared to a normal BEE 5star AC.
      Mitsubishi and O general are good brands.

      You can also look at these 1.5 ton inverter ACs:

      Brand Model EER Ratio (Cooling) Price
      Samsung AR18HV5DAWK 3.82 53500
      Hitachi RAU019IVEA 3.81 53290
      Hitachi RAU019AVEA 3.81 51390
      Daikin FTKM50PRV16 3.8 49590
      Hitachi RAU019EUEA 3.8 50450
      Sharp AH-XP18PHT 3.66 43690
      Sharp AH-XP18PMT 3.66 49990
      Sharp AH-X18PET 3.66 41700
      SHARP AH-XP18MV 3.66 45500
      Hitachi RAU018HVEA 3.61 53960
      Carrier Kurve Inverter (1.5T) 3.57 43900
      Samsung AR18HV5NFWK 3.55 43500
      O General ASGA18JCC 3.51 54500
      Hitachi RAU018HUEA 3.5 48900
      Daikin FTKP50PRV16 3.46 42850
  13. bhavin says:

    my room size is 12 x 12 x 10 ft..2nd fllor…city vadodara…
    i want to by inverter ac…and i found whirlpool 1 ton-fantasia very cheap…
    can you please suggest this option is good or not??

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Bhavin,
      If your room is on lower floor with no sunlight falling on the ceiling, then your room will require 1.1 tons of cooling. So a 1 ton inverter will be sufficient for you.
      SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is very different to EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) which is mentioned on most other air conditioners. You can read more about SEER on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_seasonal_energy_efficiency_ratio … Now we are not sure how whirlpool has calculated SEER value so it is very difficult to compare it with other ACs.

  14. Subin says:


    I live in Bangalore. My room dimension is 12ft * 14 ft * 9ft. My room is in the 4th floor,which is the top most. None of the walls are directly facing east-west direction. I may use AC only in summer (4-6 months) ,that too, 7 hrs per day max. Please suggest tonnage required.

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Subin,
      According to our calculation your room requires a cooling of 1.3 tons. Since your usage is high we recommend you to go for 1.2 ton inverter AC.

      You can look at these 1.2 ton inverter ACs :

      brand model eer_ratio price
      HITACHI RAU014CVEA 4 54690
      HITACHI RAU014IVEA 4 51690
      HITACHI RAU014AVEA 4 49690
  15. KHALID QURESHI says:


    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      For geysers it is changing after july 2015. In fact till now star rating was voluntary for geysers but now it will become mandatory. For Air conditioners the changes will happen at the end of this year.

  16. Mahesh says:


    I bought LG Inverter V a/c (BS-Q186C8R6) just a week ago. It has higher EER rating and thought it is energy efficient but it seems otherwise. It is 1.5 ton a/c for a living room of 187 sq.feet. It adequately cools the room but consumes 1 unit per every half hour I.e in a trial run of 4 hours every day (at night) for 4 days it consumed uniformly 8 units in 4 hours, all four days.

    I even tried running it in Artificial Intelligence mode to make the variable tonnage to work and save energy. Also tested in Energy effificiency mode too. But the result remains the same. Under what scenario it saves electricity by 66% as it was promised.

    P.S – I keep my bed room doors open and it is adequately cooled too with this a/c but the rest of the rooms are sealed.

    Now, is it because of my bed room being open, causing the a/c to run at the same speed or as some say it has to be run 8 hours minimum to see verifiable results?


    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Mahesh,
      Ideally for an AC to work the room must be sealed. So we recommend you to close your bedroom door and turn on the AC. Since your room is open the inverter AC must be working at its maximum capacity.

  17. pravin trimbake says:

    sorry i require a copper condensor ac