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Crompton Greaves Geysers in India – Review 2018

By on January 2, 2018

Crompton Greaves, or simply Crompton, is one of oldest and trusted names in consumer appliances segment. Founded by a British engineer but was later acquired by the Thapar group post-independence. So technically, Crompton Greaves is an Indian company. With 130+ years of overall experience in electrical appliances segment, Crompton has been setting the standard for product quality, durability, and performance. In fact, Crompton was one of the first large-scale manufacturers of household electrical appliances maker. Crompton Greaves is one of the known brands in the water heating segment. It manufactures a variety of water heaters like instant and storage, horizontal and vertical and so on. Apart from water heating solutions, Crompton Greaves manufactures room heaters too.

Key Technologies in Crompton Greaves Water Heaters

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters, as the name suggests are designed to deliver warm water instantly. Having a minimal storage capacity (around 1 to 3 litres in case of Crompton), they can heat up the water really fast. Instant water heaters from Crompton usually comes with around 2 years of warranty.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

New series of Crompton instant water heaters like Solarium comes with a sleek design which makes a great addition to the bathroom’s aesthetics. It comes with a patented design for the inner tank made up of stainless steel. A high-quality copper heating element is used for heating the water.

Triple Protection from Current, Heat, and Pressure

New Crompton heater comes with all necessary protection to safeguard users from any unwanted hazard. It comes with a fusible plug which would protect the geyser from overcurrent. To protect from burns due to extremely hot water, geysers are armed with an option of a thermal cutout which completely shuts the operation of heating when water temperature exceeds the permissible threshold. New instant heaters can withstand up to 6.5 bar pressure making it suitable for high rise building. There is a safety valve which flushes the water out if the pressure overshoots. Thus, this way instant water heaters are triply protected from vagaries of electricity, temperature, and pressure.

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are meant for big families; needing a larger volume of warm water for bathing. Crompton comes with a decent variety of water heaters. New storage heaters come with a capacity starting from 6 litres and extending up to 25 litres. Storage heaters come with 2 years of general warranty with around 5 years of warranty on the inner tank.

Nano Coating with Single Weld Line

Modern storage heaters come with the patented nano coated inner tank to safeguard geyser from rusting. Though the process of making nano coated tank is quite an elaborate one but once done, it proves to be a boon in combatting the corrosion. Another good thing about Crompton geyser’s tank is that it is designed with single weld line. This helps in minimizing the leakage by up to 66% compared to ordinary geysers.,

ISI Certified Incoloy Heating Element with Rust-free ABS Body

Crompton uses high-quality Incoloy heating element in storage geyser which helps in delivering better heating performance. Incoloy is a special type of alloy which provides tremendous resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and carbonization, a phenomenon which frequently occurs at higher temperatures at which the geysers often operate. This heating element is certified by ISI and offers a good resistance to corrosive salts and minerals present in the hard water When it comes to the outer body, it is made up of the sturdy and shockproof acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. Owing to its amorphous chemical composition, ABS does not catch fire upon heavy heating but rather melts, making it possible to remould and reinject. This makes ABS plastic recyclable.Being a good insulator, users need not worry about getting electrical shocks when using Crompton heaters.


Crompton is one of the most trusted names when it comes to consumer appliances in general. But it has a long way to go before establishing itself as a market leader in the geyser business, just like its fans segment. There are a couple of areas where Crompton lags. Most important one being the dearth of smart features like remote controlled heaters or app controlled geysers offered by its competitors like Feroli and Venus. So, Crompton is presently missing out on the “smart functionality” trend, which has been fast adopted by electronic and electrical appliance makers, following the increasing demand from tech-savvy consumers. Similarly, there is lack of variety too with Crompton. You will not find any gas heaters and solar heaters from Crompton. Also, none of the horizontal heaters from Crompton come with a 5-star rating. This would be a setback for the buyers looking for an energy-efficient geyser which they plan to mount horizontally in their bathroom. On the design front, it isn’t as attractive as the one offered by Racold (i.e Andris). Finally, another important area where Crompton falls short of its competitor is the warranty. Crompton offers a maximum of 5 years of warranty on an inner tank of the premium geysers. But its competitors like Racold and Venus are offering up to 7 years for the same.

But despite this shortcomings and misses, Crompton as a brand still holds a strong value amongst the mind of the Indian consumers given its vast experience in this field. Also, it has one of the strongest networks in India with 1.5 lakh retail outlets and a robust network of 3000+ distributors. So, you’ll find the sinewy presence of Crompton even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. On the quality front, Crompton geysers have one of the best heat retention capabilities. Their pressure handling capacity too is unmatched with models like Magna coming with enormous 10 bar pressure handling capacity. So, in short, if you are someone who doesn’t mind missing out on smart features like remote/app control, but looking for a robust heater with good heat retention rate, you can surely consider Crompton Greaves.

Some handpicked Crompton Greaves Geyser models:

Best Series: 6lts/10lts/15lts/25lts Solarium Deluxe

Solarium Deluxe is the best water heater series from Crompton Greaves. With Rust Proof ABS Body, Nano Polymer Coated Tank and Incoloy Heating Element, this water heater is highly durable (protected against corrosion). This is a BEE 5 star rated water heater and it can handle up to 8 bar water pressure. So it is good for high rise buildings.

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Best Instant Geyser: -3lts Solarium Dlx

Instant water heaters are the best when it comes to saving electricity. This water heater is available in 3kW variant only. It has rust proof ABS outer body, Nano Polymer coated tank and special type copper element and glass coated heating element which makes it durable. It can handle 6.5 bar water pressure, so it is good for high rise buildings as well. If you want to buy a Crompton Greaves instant geyser, then this is a good buy.

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