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Know Your Electricity Bill

By on April 27, 2016

It is very important to understand the electricity bill and it’s components to make plans for energy savings. Our electricity bills have quite a lot of information to give us a good insight to our electricity consumption patterns. A good understanding of various components can help one plan for money saving exercise. In this article, we will discuss various sections/information on electricity bills that are important: 

  • Tariff / Category: Tariff and Category determine the rate structure applicable on the bill. Typical tariff codes start with LT (Low Tension) or HT (High Tension). LT codes are typically used for residential connections and small offices . HT codes are typically used for bigger industries and complexes. Category in the bill determines if the connection is residential, commercial or industrial. Different rates/slabs are applicable for different tariff codes and thus it is important to validate that the right tariff code is applied on the electricity bill. This information is available on bill header as shown below:bill header
  • Type of Supply & Connected Load: Connected Load is the total pool of supply that is given to a meter. This is calculated in kW (or Killo-Watts). This is the total peak kW given to a meter based on the appliances connected to the meter. This is not your actual energy consumption and only impacts fixed charges on your electicity bill. Connected load also determines if the connection will be a single phase or three phase. If load is more then supply is three phase and thus fixed charges are more. Utilities also charge more fixed cost for incremental connected load. Below is a screenshot from Reliance Energy bill in Mumbai:connected load
  • Units Consumed: Units consumed is the number of kWh (Killo-Watt-Hour) consumed in a month. 1 kWh is equivalent to keeping a 100 Watts bulb on for 10 hrs. This information is calculated by finding the difference between meter readings of two consecutive months. This is the total monthly consumption by all the appliances that are connected to the meter. This is the value that needs to come down in order to reduce the electricity bill. An observation of consumption history can give an indictor of the appliances having higher electricity consumption (typically Air Conditioners increase consumption in summers).units consumed
  • Tariff Structure: It is very important to note the tariff structure on your bill, as this is the best indicator of how the bill can be reduced. Typically for residential and SMB commercial connections, the structure is slab based (unlike industrial connections where units are charged at a high flat rate). The intent behind the slab structure is to reward low energy users and charge extra to those who have high consumption. The slabs are based on the “Units Consumed” that we discussed earlier. As the number of units consumed increase, energy charge changes and also the fixed costs associated with the slab increases. Below is a sample of tariff structure from a bill from Mumbai:tariff structure updated
  • Fuel Adjustment Charge (FAC): As you can see in the tariff structure above, there is a FAC rate applicable at each slab. This is the additional cost of power incurred due to fuel price increments during a year. Fuel in most cases is Coal. As per a study, after 2011, the production rates of coal will decline, reaching 1990 levels by the year 2037, and reaching 50% of the peak value in the year 2047. So invariably FAC will increase till alternate sources of electricity are not developed to a state where they can generate electricity that cheap. So electricity costs will surely increase in future.

Understanding the elements of electricity bill mentioned above can help you understand your electricity bill and will also help you to plan your electricty consumption reduction project. Two things that should be targeted are: Units Consumed and Connected Load. Reduce the two and your electricity bill will surely come down.inforgaphic17

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My meter on whose name


how to use 'self bill generation ' and whats fill in demand reading area?


how to use 'self bill generation' and whats fill in Demand reading area??


if without k.no. we see our electric domestic bill


what know my electric bill without k No.


Hello, I am a resident of Pune, Wanawdi, this month Sept, 2017, i recd a bill of 4220/-??? usually i get a bill in 2000/- every month,and though we were out of Pune for 15 days .... plz do send your man to check my meteras to know why we have recd such high bill ..?

tushar Deshpande

hi sir i m from belgaum Karnataka in my home i have appliances like geyser 3fans led tv and some led bulbs but i m still getting bill around not below 800 or not above 1200 is there any electric leakage i have some confusion please help m

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Tushar,

You will have to take help of an electrician to detect any leakage. It is difficult to say anything remotely.


what is Fixed charges in BSES Electricity bill, how it is varryiing permonth.

on what factor it is measured.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Fixed charges depend on your connected load (or the size of connection that you have). You can check BSES tariff on this link: http://www.bsesdelhi.com/docs/pdf/Tariff_Schedule_23.07.2014.pdf to see how fixed charges are calculated.


in your link maximum Fixed charge is mentioned as 150 INR, but in my BSES Rajdhani Bill it is as almost 1300 & 1400 inr per month.

please share BSES Rajdhani link if you have.

still my Qyuiery not clear, please help.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Tariffs are same for all the electricity distribution companies in Delhi. You need to reach out to customer support of BSES in case you are having issues. The link is from BSES only and the tariffs are all same across Delhi (even for Tata Power).




Hello. I am a resident of Dispur, Guwahati. I have not recieved my electricity bill (of APDCL) for my residence for the past 2 months. On enquiry, they informed me that the consumption was too high and hence I need to install a transformer in my campus. Can you please let me know what is the maximum power consumption unit beyond wich a resident campus needs to install a transformer?


Hie , I wanted to know what is the category of rent backed houses in Ghaziabad Uttar pradesh and if the owner was paying the domestic bill than what could be the penalty imposed. also please let me know if there is any role of police collecting the penalty. please reply asap .

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

In case of a rented apartment, the deal is between owner and the tenant. Electricity distribution company is not involved in it. There is no clear definition on how police will get involved in it.


where is meter no written on the bill on reliance energy bill


how to know our account no. in electricity bill. frist page was missing. only I have electricity bill. reply me fast


I have a single phase metre which sanctioned load 4 kw . But now tpddl want to reduced the load of metre by 2kw as per average monthly consumption of last 4 bills . I just wanted to know if I reduced the load of my metre , what is impact on my electricity bill. please reply

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Your electricity bill will reduce. Your fixed charges would be about Rs 100 per month now which will reduce to Rs 40 a month.


I have 10kg residential meter can i use 6 to 7 ac.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I hope you meant 10 kW. Also depends on the tonnage and power consumption of the ACs. If they are all 0.75 ton then most probably there won't be a problem. If they are all 2 ton then they will not run for sure.


Hi i have 2, 1.5 ton acs and other standard electrical equipments like tv, fridge,washing machine, microwave, etc.
Could you please guide me what should be approved electrical load for my flat.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

About 5-6 kW would be needed.


Am from hyderabad. I received a bill of 523 for May-2017 for total of 100 units. In the bill, i see "diff in rarif" component and i am confused what it means and i dont see this in my previous bills. Can you please explain what is for and why?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

HI Prathap,

We are not aware of this component. You will have to contact the customer care of your electricity distribution company for the same.


I received the last months bill from TSSPDCL on 11-Apr-17, and found that the bill amount is double the average amount of last few months. The bill amount for last month is Rs. 1,200, while it used to be about Rs600. After analyzing the bill I noticed that the difference of previous (2226) and present(2338) bill units is only 112 units, but on the bill, total units are reflected as "215". I approced the concerned person in TSSPDCL office and the guy failed to explain the reason. He conveyed that there is a code called "STS 12", which means (as per TSSPDCL guy) that the energy meter is faulty and asked me to quietly pay the bill else he'll make the case and will impose huge penalties.
I tried searching for this code "STS 12" on TSSPDCL website, but couldn't find any.
Can anyone please help me understand this, I don't want to pay additional charges unnecessarily and will definitely fight back with the electricity department for their irresponsible and reckless behavior.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Misbha,

If the meter is faulty then why don't they test it and change it. If they do not do it, you can yourself lodge a request to test the meter saying that you found it faulty. Once you have the request filed, they will have to test the meter. And they cannot impose penalties till the result of the same is out. And if it is faulty then why is the penalty on you? It does not sound reasonable to me. You should put a request to test the meter.


Thank you Abhishek.
Will seek suggestions from local TSSPDCL team and will raise a request to check the meter.


hi ..Am from Bangalore & very happy to read about enery savings in your website.
I live in 3 bedroom house & my average electricity bill runs upto Rs.1600 every month or Rs.2000 in summer only ( for 3 months with 1.5 tom Ac in one room).
We currently have the following - 3 geysers ( but we mostly use Solar)+ one 265 lt refrigerator+one 40 inch plasma tv + 5 feet fish tank+5 ceiling fans +1.5 kva UPS ..

We are planning to repalce our fridge & buy 591litre- side by side door Samsung refrigerator . How much do you thing my bill will go up every month.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Preethi,

It depends on how old your old refrigerator was. The newer models are quite energy efficient, especially the ones with inverter technology. Old 265 lts model may be consuming about 2 units a day. The newer energy efficient models consume anywhere between 1-1.5 units a day. The efficiency has improved significantly over last few years.

You could save some electricity by changing 1) Plasma TV which is inefficient technology 2) Ceiling Fans (there are fans that are 60-70% more efficient available in market). These 2 changes can show quite a lot of improvement in your electricity bills.


Thankyou Abhishek.
My old refrigerator was 11 year old but it is 265lt. What we are planning to buy is 591 lts side by side which does not have any star rating.
Yes we will be changing the plasma TV soon to an LED .

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

As long as your new side by side refrigerator has inverter technology, it should be good in energy efficiency.


dear sir
i need to set up a frymes manufacturing unit in my village in haryana.
total load requiment of all machines is 30kw approx.i need to run maximum 15kw load for around 6 hours a day.
kindly suggest me i should take connection of what load for nds connection and what would be the approx bill amount for 1 month

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Singh,

We do not collect commercial/industrial tariffs, so I cannot suggest you on bill amount. But as far as connected load is concerned, you should evaluate and find the peak load that is possible at any given point and you should take a connection accordingly.


This is pure Bulls***

"Fuel in most cases is Coal. As per a study, after 2011, the production rates of coal will decline, reaching 1990 levels by the year 2037, and reaching 50% of the peak value in the year 2047. So invariably FAC will increase till alternate sources of electricity are not developed to a state where they can generate electricity that cheap. So electricity costs will surely increase in future" ???


My No.A4002307 The Cat is 1 B2 what does this mean. Suddenly it has been upgraded from B1. What does it mean




how can i get my last few month back bill details

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

you will have to contact customer care of your electricity distribution company.


Sir i am planning to buy 1.5 ton ac my elecrtricity provider is dvvnl i live in up mathura i hv existing 2kw sactioned load .pls tell if i inc to 4kw only fix rate will increase or
Per unit rate will simultaneously increase.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you increase your load, only fixed charges will increase. Per unit rate will not increase.


Thnk u sir 4 the reply .Sir I want to know what is the one time payment needed to be done to upgrade the load frm 2kw to 4kw.electricity board is dvvnl (dakshinanchal vidyut vitran nigam ltd)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Praval,

I would suggest you to contact DVVNL SDO office closest to your home for the same. They can give you a better idea on charges.


Sir i hv one more q . Sir I have attach the screenshot of the outdoor unit,and i hv measured the spacing to the left is not as per booklet ,the cooling is normal sir pls tell it is ok or i hv to do sm other thing.it is 1.5 ton

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I think this installation should be fine. It will throw heat from the fan and there should be space around for heat flow (which looks sufficient in this case).


sir I have purchased a 1.5 ton ac (1700w) my sanctioned load as stated on my electricity bill is 3.00 kw if I run the AC for 10 hours per night will I exceed my sanctioned load.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

1700 Watts is 1.7 kW. So if you have more appliances running along with this AC and if the total wattages for them exceeds 1.3 kW then it will be better if you get your sanctioned load increased.


sir thank you for answering my previous question. I would like to elaborate that during the day and through the evening we use only 2 fans, 2 tube lights a CRT TV and a fridge continuously. we use the AC only during night for a maximum of 10 hours (usually 8 hrs) and when the AC is on it's only the fridge which runs along with it all other appliance are turned off. so in the above case will I exceed my sanctioned load?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

With a fridge and may be a fan, you would NOT exceed your sanctioned load.



I rented my house in Hyderabad for TV serial shootings and the lineman is asking me to take the commercial power connection to replace with domestic power connection. Even though they(my tenants) bring there own electricity generator for there use, still if they don't use the electricity,Is it necessary for me to take commercial connection, I worry about this because the line man is demanding very large amount of money(40,000/- approx.) for conversion of this connection. So I request you to help me what are the terms and conditions which are established for this type of case. Hope you reply soon with some positive response. Thank you

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nishanth,

As per the process any premise doing commercial activity should have commercial connection. But 40K for that does not sound reasonable and it seems that the lineman is trying to extract money from you. You can either apply for a commercial connection if the TV unit needs electricity from your house, or you can apply for temporary disconnection (which can be restored with another application). I would suggest that you talk to the customer care at TSSPDCL or may be someone higher up who handles customer relations. I think that a temporary disconnection request would be better.


really frustrated with high electricity bills..every month units consumed is upwards of 400 units and 2700 or 4000 sometimes.. recently got a bill of 4500.. which i am yet to pay. extremely high bill for a family of 3 who are mostly working in weekdays during day time and still dont use much electricity when we are home on off days. 3bhk flat and 5kw sanctioned load.. there is no such heavy appliance in house.. no washing machine, no AC and no geyser or microwave oven either !
5-6 tubelights 5 fans 1 LED TV and couple of desktop PC's is what i have in my home. i have my frnds who reside in other parts of locality and they get monthly bills of around 500 or max of 1600 or so.. even though they have all those major heavy appliances at home. i have registered a complaint with bses for meter testing but i am least hopeful about it.. as i am expecting a usual all is well sort of answer from them. residing in a rented flat and sanctioned load is 5 kw from start by owner. does this affect bills ?
there are some commercial setups in other flats of my building.. could this also be an issue ?
in summers we use water coolers and in winters couple of heaters.. but i don't think using couple of them would skyrocket bills this high ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Hitesh,

Heating and Cooling appliances take a whole lot of electricity along with ceiling fans. ACs, Refrigerators, Geysers, Fans were the first appliances that BEE started to rate on STAR rating as these are the biggest contributors to electricity bills in any house. It is very important to understand what all heating and cooling appliances that you use and what are their power consumption. Also do check if you are not leaving any fans switched on throughout the day (and even lights).


hi sir,
i have a domestic connection of 1KW load. i plan to install an air conditioner of 1.5 ton. do i need to increase the load in my connection? does a 3KW load connection with the meter affect the performance of appliances connected to a single phase supply line?
please advice

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A 1.5 ton AC would be about 1.5-2 kW. Add other appliances running along with it, the load will be more (depending on the power consumption of other appliances).

There will be no impact on performance of appliances if you take a 3 kW load. The only impact is on electricity bills.

In many states in India, utilities have started applying huge penalty for exceeding the sanctioned load. If you increase the sanctioned load, then your fixed costs on electricity bills will increase, however they will still be less than the penalty one has to pay for exceeding the sanctioned load.


we are two family staying in 3storey building house and each floor has separate meter. the problem is ,family staying on ground floor do the practice of load dividing when they do that our light(staying on 1st floor) blink and our light stop working.
one more incident happen, today their invator start creating some sound don't know what they did except three lights only two lights are working and there in no light in room light board(i stay in delhi).

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Can you check the voltage that you are getting? If voltage is low then it is likely that the wiring in the house is not up to the mark. Or even the voltage that you are getting in the building is not good. You may put a mainline stabilizer (if voltage is low) to fix the problem. But please note that a mainline stabilizer will have its own electricity consumption.

Jagat Narain Gupta

What is FC for not in use request in TPDDL electricity bill and how it is calculated. Whether it is in addition to monthly fixed charges
or in lieu of monthly fixed charges .Please clarify and reply on mail I'd [email protected]

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

From what we know, FC or fixed charged are applied to a bill irrespective of the fact that connection is being used or not. We are not sure if there are any additional monthly fixed charges for TPDDL. At least from what we know, nothing is mentioned in the tariff order.

Jagat Narain Gupta

I had made not in use request to TPDDL as premises are lying vacant and connection is not in use. In recent bill received from TPDDL has charged Rs 933/- as FC for not in use request in addition to monthly fixed charges. I have lodged a
complaint with TPDDL and yet to receive the reply.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Jagat,

Fixed Charges are for the connection and not for the usage. As long as you have live connection fixed charges will be applied (irrespective of your usage of electricity). But Rs 933 looks quite high for FC. They are either Rs 40 per month, Rs 100 per month or Rs 25 per kW depending on your connection type (check TPDDL Tariff: http://www.tatapower-ddl.com/UploadedFiles/Tariff%20Schedule%20FY%202015-16.pdf ) ..... and on top of the FC there will be electricity duty and other taxes as well. But still Rs 933 sounds quite high. Is the bill for 1 month or multiple months?


We had 2 three phase meters for society. One bill comes around 20,000 and other 500 Rs. Will load balancing reduce electricity bill

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It will reduce you bill by Rs 200-300 max. Tariffs are slab based, so initial 100-200 units cost less but then the tariff increases and remains same after a level. You can check the tariff slabs in your state on this page: https://www.bijlibachao.com/news/domestic-electricity-lt-tariff-slabs-and-rates-for-all-states-in-india-in-2016.html


I am staying in Pune Wadgaon Budruk area and one of my friend staying in Aundh. We have almost same units of consumption (mine is 222 and his 237) but the bill amount difference is huge (I got 1750 and he just 650).. How is this possible? We both have single phase connection.. The only differences I see in bills are name, address and connection load (I have 4 KW and his is 3 KW).. Appreciate any help.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Will have to look at your bill. Did you have any arrears payment (past payment)? Or did he pay any advance (extra payment previous month)? Because of 222 units 1750 sound more reasonable while 650 for 237 units does not sound reasonable. So it is quite likely that he might have made some extra payment in previous months.


Yes..Finally I figured out the difference. The bill I received was for 1 month and the one my friend received was for 2 months..


Hello Sir,

My house in pune is vacant since last 6 months which falls in Hadapsar sub division (4745) Maharashtra. Even then I am getting an average monthly bill of 350. The MDF box is OFF and so as all the appliances in the house. I have been paying the bills all these months But this is some thing which should not happen. The consumption units show up as 51 units. Please reply. Thank You.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Anup,

There are two main components of an electric bill: 1) Energy Charge that depends on your actual units consumption 2) Fixed Charge which depends on you connection type and size. Now Fixed Charge will be applied even if you do not use appliances (it is just to maintain the connection). If you have a 3 phase connection then it is Rs 150 for MSEDCL. And Energy Charges are about Rs 4 per unit so it comes to Rs 200 for you for 50 units.

Now it is difficult for me to guess where those 50 units are coming from. May be a fridge is left on, or something else is consuming electricity. It is difficult to tell what it is. You will have to check the setup in the house to find out if it is consuming 50 units or not. There is no rule that if there is no consumption 50 units will be applied to your bill.


Electricity office Lohamandi Indore, M.P. changed new meter also however we are economically and mentally suffering because bill (service no. 3424909-IN40-24-6956344000, bill no.695630966840 dtd. 22.9.2016) increased 8 times this month Rs.1807/- while we are using l.e.d. bulbs of 8 watts in my 500 sqft small house from last 5 months as per advice of our Great Prime Minister. Mr.Narendra Modiji.


Sir I get bill of Rs. 1863 (354 units) this month but fixed charges are 475 and electricity charges 212 I want to know that with 1863 amount why fixed charges are so high I am from Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) kindly reply.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Fixed charges are calculated based on your connected load/type of connection. You will have to check your connected load. Were fixed charges low last month? If yes then either you load increased or your connection type (residential/commercial,singlephase/threephase etc) changed


Hello Sir,
This is about my closed house in Jaipur using JVVNL. The house is been closed since 4 months now in that period there is no electricity usage but I have been served with 2 bills Rs.1970.00 & 3328.00 (with meter status "L") what r these bills r about?
I have paid the bills of 1970.00. and now do i have to pay the bill of 3328.00 as well?

I am wondering why i have to pay these bills and if i pay i will lose all the money or it will be used when i resume the consumption.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Typically electricity distribution companies give average billing (based on your past consumption) when they are not able to take meter reading (or have not taken meter reading). It is better that you contact the customer support of your electricity distribution company to get a better answer on how they have come up with this bill.


sir please can u tell me when the electricity being cut off by govt. of rajasthan of residential houses. my father was not able to pay..so the govt. cut off the power....so can u tell me how many my father pended the bill.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


Aapne kya bola mujhe samajh mein nahin aaya. Aap hindi mein bhi sawaal pooch sakte ho.


I have received a bill of Rs 2 lac in a suburb of Palwal district. It is inflated by 500 times. What course of action can I take?


Sir,we sifted to Rajasthan one month back.two days before we received our electric bill amount 9006 .how it possible,because we use one cooler,one fan ,TV n two bulb.


Dear sir,
I have NDS connection with 4kw load in my showroom. The following instruments are available in it.
Fans - 05
cooler- 01
Freeze- 01
2 HP motor- 01
1 HP motor- 03
T.V. - 01
Switch- 45
Socet simple -09

Please tell me total load of above. i should be load increase or not?


i am rampal dhiman from haryana state. i have a NDS electricity connection of 4 kw. I want to know about MMC in elctitcity bill. when i have consumed 153 units then mmc is Rs 1107 and when i consumed 300 it is near about Rs 500. please tell me the rate list of MMC. When i want to save electricity then no change in my electricity bill.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


MMC depends on your connected load. You can check page no 190 of the haryana tariff order: https://herc.gov.in/writereaddata/orders/o20150507.pdf

It says this: Rs. 120 up to 2 kW and Rs.70 above 2 kW

It is independent of number of units consumed. It depends on your connection load. Also I guess the bill with MMC of 1107 must be of 2 months and the one with MMC of Rs 500 would be of one month. Just check the time period on the two bills.


thanks sir

Sushil Kumar Jha

Sir, I am a consumer of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam and consumed just 186 unit for the period from 1/2/2016 to 25/4/2016 (84 days). I have received a bill for Rs.2235/-. Energy Charges are just Rs.504/- but other charges, like Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (Rs.212.80), Amount to Cover MMC (Rs.924.00) and Sundry Charges (Rs.562.90), make my bill to Rs.2235/-. I could not understand these additional charges. Despite my low consumption, I got a heavy bill. May I request you kindly let me understand my bill and also advice whether I should prefer any complaint for the inflated bill, if any discrepancy is there.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Jha,

Fuel Adjustment Charges are for variation in cost of coal (or any other fuel). The concept is explained on this link: http://www.bijlibachao.com/electricity-bill/fuel-adjustment-charges-on-electricity-bills-explained.html

MMC or Minium Monthly Charges are charges for the connection. These charges will be applicable even if your consumption is 0 units. The electricity department does not know if you will use electricity or not, but they still have to plan for distribution of electricity to your house. They have to make sure that the infrastructure is up and running (just in case you use electricity). For this there are minimum monthly charges.

I am not aware of Sundry Charges. You will have to call up the customer support center of DHBVN to get clarity on that.

Sushil Kumar Jha

Thanks. Abhishek.


Sir , what is Arrears in electricity bill ? I was charged 233 /- in my last bill

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Arrears are pending amount from previous bills. Part which should have been paid earlier but is pending.


i has consumed only 43 unit in 2 months. but my fixed charge is 360 .how it is ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Fixed charges do not depend on unit consumption. It depends on the size of the connection or the connected load. Just like if you take a house on rent, you stay there or not, you have to pay the rent. You pay more for a bigger house, less for a smaller house. Similarly based on the size of your connection, you have to pay fixed charges (you use electricity or not). That is the expense the electricity distribution company has to incur to provide a supply to your house (you use it or not).


Thank you Mr.Abhishek.. but since you seem to know enough about the subject, I would urge & appreciate if you could give me point wise reply based on your understanding so that when I take it up with Gre. red comm. , i am stronger...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr CPS,

A lot depends on the kind of arrangement you have with your builder. Typically this kind of arrangement is mostly seen in Gurgaon/NCR. I have not seen similar arrangement in any other city where builder takes a High Voltage connection and distributes low voltage connection on his own.

In most place people get:

1) Fixed Charges: which is based on the connected load. So if you have 7.5 kVA, you will only pay for 7.5 kVA. But I guess in your case there are several apartments that are empty and that is why builder is trying to pass on the extra cost for all other unoccupied apartments to you all. Which I think is not right, but then it depends on the arrangement between you and your builder (should be part of the agreement if the builder is providing electricity).

2) Energy Charges: This is based on actual consumption and if the flats are empty, then those will probably not have any consumption. But again this number should exactly be what is shown in the meter. I hope the builder has installed a meter in each house and there is monthly reading done to check monthly consumption.

3) Fuel Adjustment Charges: The price of electricity generation varies through out the year and thus the variations are applied to tariffs in form of fuel adjustment charges. This should be proportional to the Energy Charges. So if your unit consumption is more, then your FAC is more. So builder would be getting this on their bills and would be passing on to you.

4) Meter Rent: Different states have different standards for meter rent. Some include it in fixed charges, some charge it separately. But wherever it is charged separately, it gets applied all throughout the time when the connection is there (essentially life long).

Now in typical setups which involve Hight Voltage connection being distributed to several low voltage connections, the electricity distribution company does not own the distribution to each connection. Their responsibility is just to provide a HV connection to a point. From there on, it is the responsibility of the builder to set up the infrastructure for distribution. They have to set up the transformer and lay the lines for distribution. I am not sure about the costs, but I guess the initial money that he took was to set up the infra. But I believe that the infra should include meter. But all depends on the kind of agreement you have with the builder.

Logically speaking the builder should bear the cost of 60% vacant flats. But then builders are builders!

The rate varies because of FAC (Fuel Charges). The base rate is decided every year while the FAC is calculated every month.


I am in Gurgaoin. In a residential multistoried complex the builder has obtained a load sanction of 2000KVA.. The load given in one apartment is 7.5 KVA. Occupancy in the complex is only 40% as more than 100 flats are not even ready for possessio and construction is going on. The DHBVN gives a bill to the Builder and he in turn issue seperate bill to the residents., Now the DHBVN bill to the builder includes FIXED CHARGES, energy charges, fuel charges,meter rent, MCD and HUDA charges. The builder is distributing these charges among the 40% occupants. Now my question are as under:

1. As a resident, am I liable to pay all the above mentioned components?
2. If yes, should these charges be applicable to us on prorate basis based on our apartment load of 7.5 KVA. OR the total charges based on 2000 sanctioned load be distributed among 40% occupants.
3. The builder has charged electrical connection charges( Approx 2.5 lac per apartment), are we still supposed to pay for "Meter rent" because meter rent is applicable when the meter is not purchased by the builder and it belongs to DHBVN. (since we have paid for electricity connection charges, the builder is supposed to buy his own meter"

4. in the bill issued by the builder to the residents, rate per unit consumed varies every month. Is it all right or our rate per unit should remain same and only the amount based on our consumption should increase.

5. Is there a legal body where we can take up this issue.

Please advise

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


I would suggest that you take this up with Grievance Redressal Cell at DHBVN or Electricity Ombudsman at Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission. First step should be with Grievance Redressal Cell at DHBVN.

This is the link to DHBVN Grievance Redressal Cell:

Contacts of Ombudsman are given on this link: http://herc.gov.in/writereaddata/pdf/2013023.pdf

praveen mutthavarapu

I want to know the address of resident using Electricity bill number in Telangana.If yes Please Let me know the Process.


Hello Sir

I am from Pune (Maharashtra).
My bill is really not matching with my consumption. I am getting around 160 units bill. I have 4 tube lights , TV , 2 ceiling fans , Boiler (Capacity around 6 ltrs) which is switched on for around 15 minutes MAX.

I did call electrician to check the earthing and he indicated it is fine. I asked electricians if they can detect leakage but electricians honestly do not know much about how to detect that.

Can you please guide me on how to go about it ?
also I see that meter indicates connection load as around 2.50 KW but my neighbors who have similar usage but get very less bill it indicates 0.40 KW. Does this indicates load of appliances which are switched On ?




Hello sir,
i am trying to pay electricity bill online, but i dont know my K no., what should i do?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


Which state/city are you trying to pay bill for?


Dear Sir,

I am living in a rented house in Gurgaon (Haryana) since last 6 months, In my last bill from DHBVN for 2 month only 73 units were consumed so my enegy charges are coming as only Rs 197 but the electricity dept has slapped a bill of Rs 1999 mentioning some additional charges as MMC of Rs 877 and Sundry chargesv of Rs 826. Please help me understand what are these charges. Are these charges legal and if not what should I do to get it removed from my bill. My avg monthly consumtion is around 350 units/per month.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

HI Manu,

MMC is Minimum Monthly Charges. In some states there is minimum monthly charge as per the connected load and connection type. So even if there is no consumption, MMC will be applied as they still have to provide connection to you. However I am not sure of Sundry Charges as to what they are.


Thanks Abhishek for your prompt reply. However In previous two bills there were no MMC charges, is it because in previous bills my eclectricity consumption was high (appox 350 units/month) and already giving the electricity dept some minimum threesold amount which they might have set according to the load/connection type or MMC will be there every billing cycle irrespective of load consumption.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Manu,

Your understanding is right. MMC comes in only when your consumption is low and there is a minimum bill commitment as per the connection type and size. If your consumption is higher than the minimum consumption, then you will not get MMC on your bill.


Dear Sir,

Could you please provide me a sample of billing procedure of Delhi Discom for residential category? I guess they are not following the slab wise bill computation as by Mumbai as shown in the bill above.
For example, If my unit consumed during a month is 938 units. How do I verify if the computation is right or not? For your convenience, the tariff structure of Delhi Discoms for residential is as follows:
0-200 - Rs. 4 per unit
201-400 Rs. 5.95/unit
401-800 Rs. 7.3/unit
801-1200 Rs. 8.1/unit
Above 1200 units Rs. 8.75/unit

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ankur,

There are several components of an electricity bill. The first one is fixed charge. Fixed Charges depend on the type of connection that you have. A connection of 0-2 kW will get a fixed charge of Rs 25 a month. 2-5 kW will get Rs 100 a month and above 5 KW it is Rs 25 per kW/month. Then if you have consumed 938 units then first 200 units will be charged at Rs 4, the next 200 units will be charged at Rs 5.95, next 400 units will be charged at Rs 7.3 and last 138 units (938-800) would be charged at Rs 8.1 per unit. Along with this there will be other charges like electricity duty, tax and fuel surcharge.


Thank you very much for the reply. Ideally the calculation must follow the same procedure as has been mentioned by you. However on the bill, first and second slab mentions 187 units consumed i.e 187 units charged at Rs. 4 for first slab and 187 units for Rs. 5.95. I forgot to mention that the billing period was of 29 days in that bill.

So is it because that the month was of 31 days and so for the first slab it was computed as follows:

(200/31)*29= 187

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ankur,

Your understanding is right. The slabs are adjusted as per number of days.

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