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Domestic Electricity LT Tariff Slabs and Rates for all states in India in 2022

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Electricity Bill constitutes a significant amount of one’s household budget and knowing and understanding the tariff is necessary for working out a strategy to reduce it. The electricity tariff rates keep changing every year and we at Bijli Bachao thought that it will be very useful for our readers to know about the latest fixed and unit rates applicable for their State in in 2022. So we do our research for all the states in India regularly and publish a table that lists all the latest tariff slabs and rates applicable for LT (Low Tension) domestic customers in urban & rural centers in India. As the tariff change, we update them on the list. Please note that these do not apply to commercial and HT connections. Also, note that the slabs are not the only constituent of an electricity bill, and there are several other components such as electricity duty, power purchase cost adjustment, surcharge, fuel surcharge, etc., and go to 10-25 percent of the Bill. This can be seen in your energy bill. You can use our calculator at the link to calculate and evaluate your electricity bill for the LT domestic consumer.

Self-assessment of unit consumption

Most of our readers are always in doubt whether their energy meter is recording correctly or not. For this, one can either install a check-meter in their house and compare the readings recorded by the meters and if there is a significant difference, a complaint can be lodged with the power company. There is also another way of assessing the likely energy (in units). For this, take note of the wattage mentioned for each of the equipment/appliance in ‘watts’ on the nameplate and assess the usage in hours per day during the month you want to make the assessment. With this information available, you can use a calculator from UPPCL website which can give a fair idea of likely consumption.

For understanding the relation between watt, kilowatt, unit and Horsepower click here.

Energy Bill

There are basically two units, one will come across while understanding an Energy Bill i.e. kW called connected/sanction load, and another consumption of energy i.e. kWh (or also called unit). Be careful that if the actual demand exceeds the sanctioned demand, then the fixed charge/kW will increase depending on the state, and sometimes the excess energy bill is painful when it is with arrears of 1-2 years.

Besides this, there are other charges one can find in his bill, namely (i) Electricity Duty (ii) Fuel Surcharge (iii) Power Purchase adjustment cost (iv) surcharge, etc., and this can to a big sum depending on your state/discom.

Tariff Structure of various states

The terms and conditions for new connection or change of connected load, meter complaint, types of connections are either given in the tariff order itself or one should visit the ‘Supply Code’ of his state. The tariff structure of various states in respect of fixed and variable charges varies widely and is detailed as under with a link to the tariff order and the page number to get the tariff of your state:

Andhra Pradesh

  1. Refer to pg. no. 187 of this link for detailed tariff order and click here for general terms and condition for distribution and domestic supply as approved by APERC.;
  2. Tariff applicable for Southern Power Distribution Company and Eastern Power Distribution Company of AP. The link above includes the terms and conditions as applicable for the different classes of schedule;
  3. Monthly meter reading is taken;
  4. Single-phase connection up to 5 kW load and three-phase above it;
  5. A consumer having more than 500 units can opt for a smart meter having a rebate of Re.1/- from 10 AM to 12 Noon;
  6. The tariff is in three groups, namely, Group A (up to 75 units), B (between 225 units), and C (above 225 units);
  7. Monthly fixed charges of Rs 10 per kW of sanctioned load per month

Consumers whose consumption is more than 500 units per month can opt for smart meters and a ToD rebate of Rs 1 per unit is applicable for such consumers for the consumption between 10 AM to 12 Noon.

For Township, colonies, gated communities, and villas availing power at HT, the fixed charges and unit charges applicable are Rs. 75/kVA and Rs. 7/unit respectively.


  1. Surcharge for delayed payment: Surcharge @ 1.5% per month or part thereof at simple interest shall be levied, if payment is not made in full on or before the due date
  2. Payments shall be made by cash/local cheque/DD/Electronic Transfer (where applicable): For all payments made by DD, the commission shall be borne by the
  3. The Tariff does not include any tax or duty, etc., on electrical energy that may be payable at any time in accordance with any law/State Government Rule in force. Such charges, if any, shall be payable by the consumers in addition to the tariff.
  4. Refer page no. 193-194 of this link for detailed tariff order for the domestic, commercial and industrial tariff.
  5. If any unit is consumed for commercial, then the category will change to commercial
  6. Assam gazette notification 2007 provides supply code (along with any amendment issued thereafter) which governs the terms and conditions related to a new connection, disconnection, reconnection, agreement, security deposit, billing, energy meter-defective/burnt/stolen/reading error, etc. Whenever there is an issue with the power supply, one should always refer to the rules so that DISCOM officials or its intermediate do not fleece the consumer.

Tariff Effective from April 1, 2021


Tariff Order applicable for the year 2021-22 effective from 1st April 2021

  1. Refer page no. 375 of this link for detailed tariff order.
  2. Single-phase up to 7 kW and three-phase above 5 kW, an option to the consumer to choose between 5 to 7 kW
  3. Kutir Jyoti/BPL Rural & Urban Load up to 250 W and units up to 50 units/month – if violated DS-I or II will be applicable. An unmetered scheme is discontinued.
  4. In the case of DS-I and II, any portion used for commercial than a separate connection of NDS-1 shall be taken
  5. Group housing society desires to avail single point metering, can avail DS-III (optional) connection. This may not be economical for the consumer since the advantage of slab not available.
  6. For DS-II, the billing demand shall be the max. demand recorded during the month or 75% of the contract demand whichever is higher. If in any month the recorded maximum demand exceeds 110% of contract demand, the excess demand shall be billed at twice the normal charges. One should be careful to get the contract demand revised as early as possible as the penalty may turn up to lakhs after a few months.
  7. For the terms and condition of supply, one should refer to the Bihar supply code


  1. Refer page. No. 247 of this link for detailed tariff order
  2. Single-phase up to 3 kW and three-phase up to 112.5 kW
  3. Fixed Charges and Energy Charges are telescopic. For example, if consumption in any month is 150 units, then for the first 100 units, rate of slab 0-100 shall be applicable and for the remaining 50 units, rate of slab 101-200 shall be applicable
  4. Fixed Charges is a monthly minimum charge, whether any energy is consumed during the month or not;
  5. Fixed Charges are telescopic. For example, if Connected Load is 7 kW, then the rate of Rs. 20/- per kW/month shall be applicable for the first 5 kW and the rate of Rs. 30/- per kW/month shall be applicable for the balance 2 kW;
  6.  If the Recorded Demand exceeds the Connected Load for any three consecutive months, then the Connected Load shall automatically be restated to the highest demand recorded in these three months. In such cases of upward restatement of Connected Load, the load enhancement charges shall be applicable; however, the Security Deposit shall not be required to be increased correspondingly;
  7. The domestic consumer is eligible for State Govt. Subsidy and their consumption shall be billed as per tariff LV-1
  8. If LV-1 Domestic uses part of the dwelling unit other than the specified, then the entire consumption will be treated in LV-2 Non-Domestic
  9. For other terms and conditions of supply, one should refer to the Chattisgarh Supply Code

Tariff order passed by CSERC on 04.07.2020 and applicable for Fy 2020-21


  1. Refer page no. 363 for this link for detailed domestic tariff
  2. Power Purchase Cost Adjustment (PPAC) is levied to adjust the power purchase cost from NTPC, Delhi Genco, Delhi Transco, etc. It is levied on fixed and energy charges. Read FAQ. The PPAC varies for each of the distribution companies. As per the commission directive, this information is to provide to the customer on its website. BRPL TATA Power DDL,
  3. A surcharge of 8% to recover the past deficit of the company and levied on the total bill.
  4. The 3.8% surcharge towards the funding of Pension trust is charged as per the directions of the Government of NCT of Delhi so as to meet the pension requirements of retired employees of erstwhile DVB. The Commission is providing funding to Pension on the specific requests received from GoNCT Delhi to fund the Pension Trust.
  5. Electricity duty of 5%
  6. Approximately 30% additional amount is charged towards these charges.
  7. Delhi State has announced a subsidy of Nil energy charge up to 200 units and a half from 200-400 units subject to consumption only up to 400 units. Check discom webpage for “How to calculate the saving in energy bill due to subsidy”
  8. For other terms and conditions of supply, one should refer to the Delhi Supply Code

Tariff applicable for TPDDL, BYPL, BRPL, and NMDC. This tariff is applicable for FY 2021-22 as well from Oct 2021 as per the tariff order of 2021-22


  1. Refer to Chapter 11.1 page no. 124 of tariff Schedule of Gazette Order

Domestic is having two categories, namely LT-D and LT-LIG(Low Income Group)

Domestic LT-D Fixed Charges Energy Charge
0-100 units Single Phase: Rs.25/con/month

Three Phase: Rs.65/con/month

101-200 units 2.25
201-300 units 2.85
301-400 units 3.65
Above 400 units 4.25
Domestic LT-LIG Rs. 50/con/month

Low Income Group (LIG) applies to a consumer having sanctioned load of 0.1 kW (2 points with 2×40 watts) and consumes up to 30 units per month

Caution: The premises or a flat which is closed or locked for a continuous period of more than three months and having sanctioned load more than 10 kW, the monthly minimum charges would be Rs. 1000/-


  1. Refer page no. 193 of this link for detailed tariff
  2. Tariff applicable for all the Distribution Company viz. DGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, and UGVCL. As regards Torrent Power having a license for the distribution of power in Gnadhinagar, Ahemdabad and Surat are also given below.
  3. The power supply code may be referred to for checking the terms and conditions of supply as approved by the regulatory commission.
  4. The charges specified are on a monthly basis. Distribution Licensee may decide the period of billing and adjust the tariff rate accordingly
  5. Except in cases where the supply is used for purposes for which a lower tariff is provided in the tariff schedule, the power supplied to any consumer shall be utilized only for the purpose for which supply is taken and as provided for in the tariff
  6. The tariff does not include Fuel Power Purchase Price Adjustment (FPPPA) of Rs 1.90/unit and Electricity Duty of 15% , which is having a significant effect on the energy bill.
  7. The terms and conditions are provided in the supply code and Torrent power link may be referred to.
RGP: 1-phase 6 kW 3-phase above 6kW
Load Fixed Charge Units Slab Energy Charge
2 kW 15/month 0-50 Rs. 3.05
2-4 kW 25/month 51-100 Rs. 3.5
4-6 kW 45/month 101-250 Rs. 4.15
>6 kW 70/month >250 Rs. 5.2
BPL (incl.Rural) 5/month 0-30 Rs. 1.5
balance As RGP
RGP: (Rural) 1-phase up to 6 kW & 3- phase above 6kW
Load Fixed Charge Units Energy Charge
2kW 15/month 0-50 Rs. 2.65
2-4 kW 25/month 51-100 Rs. 3.1
4-6 kW 45/month 101-250 Rs. 3.75
>6 kW 70/month >350 Rs. 4.9

Torrent Power: For power supply to Ahmedabad, Surat and Dahej

The tariff does not include Fuel Power Purchase Price Adjustment (FPPPA) of Rs 2.11/unit and Electricity Duty of 15%, which is having a significant effect on the energy bill.

RGP – Residential General Purpose
Energy Charges: Rate in Rs./unit
Ahmedabad Surat Dahej
Slab Rate Slab Rate Slab Rate
First 50 3.20 First 50 3.20 First 50 2.05
Next 150 3.95 Next 50 3.65 Next 50 2.35
Remaining 5.00 Next 150 4.25 Next 150 3.00
Remaining 5.05 Above 250 3.90
Fixed Charges: in Rs per month/connection
Single Phase 25 Single Phase 25 ≤2kW-Rs.15 2-4kW-Rs.25
Three Phase 65 Three Phase 65 4-6kW-Rs.45 > 6kW-Rs70
Below Poverty Line: Rs. 5/month/installation
First 30 1.5 First 30 1.5 No separate
Next 20 As Per RGP Balance As per RGP
Next 150 As Per RGP
Remaining As Per RGP


  1. Click here on this link for a detailed Domestic tariff
  2. Energy charges in the case of Domestic consumers are telescopic in nature up to the consumption of 800 Units/month. In case of consumption of more than 800 units/month, no slab benefit shall be admissible and the tariff applicable will be Rs.7.10 /kWh for total consumption during the period
  3. Fixed charges for Bulk Supply Domestic are in Rs./kW of the recorded demand.
  4. For terms and conditions of power supply, one should visit Haryana Power Supply Code
  5. Transaction charges (MDR) for payment through payment gateway on the website of the discoms by credit/debit card, net banking shall be borne by the discoms, as per earlier Order

Himachal Pradesh

  1. Refer to this link for detailed tariff, and terms and conditions are also given in the link.
  2. For all terms and conditions relating to electric connection regarding new, change of name, disconnection, billing, defective meter, etc., one should go through the supply code and find the relevant information there.
  3. Lifeline consumers max. limit of 60 units applicable and if the consumption exceeds than normal tariff applicable
  4. The subsidy given by GoHP for the second slab i.e. 126-300 kWh shall apply to prepaid meter consumers also
  5. Prepaid meter consumers shall be charged energy charges only with no fixed charges, meter rent and service charges


  1. Refer page no. 113 of this link for detailed tariff order
  2. Tariff applicable for Rural and Urban
  3. Fixed Charges Rs. 75/connection/month and unit charge of Rs. 6.25/unit for urban and Rs. 20/- and RS. 5.75 for rural respectively.  
  4. Domestic Service – HT: This Schedule shall apply for domestic connection in Housing Colonies /Housing Complex / Houses of multi-storied buildings purely for residential use for single point metered supply, with power supply at 33 kV or 11 kV voltage level. DS- HT consumers, who supply power to individual households, the average per-unit charges billed to an individual consumer shall not exceed 105% of the average per-unit cost paid to the Petitioner. This additional 5% allowed reflects the internal distribution losses in the housing complex and administrative and distribution costs.


    1. Refer to page no.  354 of Electricity Tariff 2021 issued on 9th June 2021 and applicable from 01.04.2021 applies to the state of Karnataka. Refer to this link for detailed tariff and also providing terms and conditions of supply.
    2. There are five distribution companies, namely BESCOM, GESCOM, MESCOM, HESCOM and CESC, and the tariff order for all the companies is the same.
    3. The tariff for BJ/KJ consumers is completely subsidized by the GOK. In case, the subsidy is not released by the GOK, then the applicable tariff is Rs. 7.02/unit subject to a monthly minimum charge of Rs. 45 per month. If the consumption exceeds 40 units per month or any BJK installation is found to have more than one outlet, it shall be billed as per Tariff Schedule LT 2(a)


  1. Refer page no. 274-75 of this link and extended up to 31.3.2022 as per order
  2. The tariff order also includes the tariff, which will apply in 2020-21 and 2021-22
  3. When unit consumption exceeds 250 units the slab structure changes
  4. Up to 1 kW load and 40 units are BPL and the rate is Rs. 1.50/unit with nil fixed charge
  5. Fixed charges are different for single and three-phase and indicated in the col. with (-) in between
  6. Telescopic Tariff for consumers up to 250 units and non-telescopic above 250 units
Slab Unit Charges
Fixed Charges (1-3 phase)
0-50 Rs. 3.15 Rs. 35-90/Con/month
51-100 Rs. 3.70 Rs. 45-90/Con/month
101-150 Rs. 4.80 Rs. 55-100/Con/month
151-200 Rs. 6.40 Rs. 70-130/Con/month
201-250 Rs. 7.60 Rs. 80-100/Con/month
0-300 Rs. 5.80 for all units Rs. 100-110/Con/month
0-350 Rs. 6.60 for all units Rs. 110-110/Con/month
0-400 Rs. 6.90 for all units Rs. 120-120/Con/month
0-500 Rs. 7.10 for all units Rs. 130-130/Con/month
>500 Rs. 7.90 for all units Rs. 150-150/Con/month

Madhya Pradesh

  1. Refer the link and one should read the supply code wherein all the directives for the terms and conditions are defined.
  2. For BPL, sanctioned load, not more than 100 watts and consumption not more than 30 units/month: Fixed Charge Nil and unit charge Rs. 3.25/unit, but with a minimum charge of Rs. 45 per connection per month.
  3. Fixed Charges are calculated based on the unit consumed during the month i.e. 0.1 kW for every 15 units or part consumed. For consumption of 125 units, the assessed load will be 0.9 kW and fixed charges for the urban area will be Rs. 9×23=207
  4. A minimum charge of Rs. 70 per connection as minimum charge towards energy charge is applicable for the below category.


From 1st April 2020 onwards, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission cut electricity tariffs by an average of 8 percent for the next five years. The tariff of various licensees based on the tariff approved by MERC is given in the table below and the order from which the tariff is taken is also hyperlinked on the respective tariff table.

The Terms and Conditions are also detailed in the Tariff order of MSEDCL and the respective websites of the licensee for the Mumbai area. The Gadgette notification of Maharashtra Govt along with the MERC Supply Order 2005 providing the customer all the terms and conditions pertaining to Application for supply, processing, disconnection, reconnection, etc.,/agreement/security deposit/Meter-supply, cost, lost, burnt, defective reading, testing/billing/schedule of charges, etc., is given in the supply code.

The tariff order is revised from the date 1st April 2020 and the tariff link is given to provide tariff up to 2025.




BEST Maharashtra


  1. Refer page no 167 of this link
  2. Single Phase up to 8 kW and three-phase above 8 kW
  3. Delayed payment beyond the due date, a surcharge @ 2% at simple interest on the outstanding principal amount
  4. For the unmetered Kutirjyoti/BPL, the bill is worked out as given in clause 5.1

The tariff for the FY 21-22 is as follows

Category/Fixed Charge Energy Charge
Kutirjyoti/BPL Fixed: Rs. 25/con/M Rs.2.10
Domestic: Fixed: Rs.65/kW/M 0-100: Rs. 5.10
101-200: Rs. 5.95
>200: Rs. 6.75


  1. Refer page no. 148 of this link for the year 21-22
  2. Single Phase up to 8 kW and three-phase above 8 kW
  3. Delayed payment beyond the due date,  surcharge @ 2% at simple interest on the outstanding principal amount
  4. For the unmetered Kutirjyoti/BPL, the bill is worked out as given in clause 5.1
Category/Fixed Charge Energy Charge
Kutirjyoti/BPL Fixed : Rs. 25/con/M 0-20: Rs.2.50
>20: Rs.3.15
Domestic: Fixed: Rs.50/kW/M 0-100: Rs. 4.80
101-200: Rs. 5.50
>200: Rs. 5.90


  1. Refer page no. 220 of this link for tariff for the year 2021-22
  2. Unmetered Kutir Jyoti @ RS. 170/connection
  3. For metered Kuti Jyoti @ Rs. 3.65 up to 30 units and if it exceeds, then domestic tariff shall apply
Fixed Charges Slab Unit Rate
Rs. 60/kW/month 0-100 Rs. 4
101-200 Rs. 4.4
above 200 Rs. 6


  1. Refer page no. 67 of the link
  2. Single Point metering Rural @ Rs. 3.60, Urban: Rs. 4.65
  3. Charges for the public lighting to be recovered from the consumers Domestic: Rs. 10/connection/month


  1. Retail Tariff notification 26th March 2021 effective from 4th April 2021
  2. Domestic Kutir Jyoti up to 30 units/month monthly fixed charge of Rs. 80.
  3. Rates for reconnection, meter rent (collected for a period of sixty months and once the entire amount is collected, it should stop.
  4. Terms and conditions are detailed in subsequent pages of the tariff and for further details, one can see the supply code.
  5. For making online payment of your electricity bill click this link
Slab Energy Charges Fixed Charges
0-50 Rs. 3.0 Rs. 20/kW for the first and additional kW per month
51-200 Rs. 4.8
201-400 Rs. 5.8
Above 400 Rs. 6.2


  1. Refer to the link for tariff for the FY 21-22
  2. Refer Supply Code for all related terms and conditions of power supply to consumers.
  3. Where a portion of the residential premises is used regularly for the conduct of business, the supply in that portion shall be separately metered under separate connections and billed under Schedule NRS.
  4. Domestic Tariff is SVI.3 and classified from SVI 3.1 to SVI 3.5


Refer to page no 6 of the link for tariff

    1. Single-phase up to 5 kW (or three phases if the consumer so desires) and three-phase above it up to 100 kVA
    2. Check the tariff if part of the house or society is used for commercial the purpose for the applicability of tariff.
    3. Fixed Charges charges are levied per connection per month and shall be levied on the basis of the average monthly consumption of the previous financial year. In the case of the new consumer, for the first six months, Fixed Charges shall be levied at a lower slab of General Domestic and thereafter on the basis of six months average monthly consumption
    4. A rebate of 25 paise per unit subject to a maximum of Rs. 300 per month for a maximum period of 5 years in the “Energy Charges” shall be allowed if the consumer installs and uses “Solar Water Heating System”, after approval by Jaipur Discom.
    5. A rebate of 15 paise per unit shall be allowed if the consumer opts for the prepaid metering system
    6. Delayed Payment Surcharge (DPS) shall be levied @ 2% (Two Percent) on unpaid dues of Jaipur Discom in case of monthly billed consumers. For consumers, billed bi-monthly, DPS shall be levied @ 4% (Four Percent). Cases in which any consumer billed on a bi-monthly basis make the payment within 15 (Fifteen) days of the due date for payment in cash, will be allowed adjustment of DPS @ 2% (Two Percent) in his next bill. The unpaid amount shall be added to the next bill and shall be subject to DPS. However, no DPS shall be levied on DPS.
      Consumer Slab Unit Fixed Charges

      BPL Astha

      Up to 50 Rs. 3.5

      Rs. 100

      Small Dom

      Up to 50 Rs. 3.85

      Rs. 125

      Gen. Dom.1 to 4

      Up to 50

      Rs. 4.75

      Rs. 230

      51 to 150

      Rs. 6.50


      Rs. 7.35

      Rs. 275


      Rs. 7.65

      Rs. 345

      >500 Rs. 7.95

      Rs. 400


  1. Refer page no. 134 of the link for tariff
Slab Monthly minimum charges Unit Charge
0-50 Single-phase Rs. 50 and three-phase Rs. 200 Rs. 1.0
51-100 Rs. 2.0
101-200 Rs. 3.0
201-400 Rs. 3.5
401 above Rs. 4

Tamil Nadu

  1. Refer to link for tariff
  2. Tamil Naidu has given a subsidy of Nil tariff up to 100 units of consumption
  3. For power supply code which describes the conditions so that consumer is not harassed without any reason
Slab-bimonthly Fixed Charge Unit Charge
up to 100 units Nil Nil
101-200 Rs. 20/service 0-100 – Nil

101-200 – Rs. 1.50

201-500 Rs. 30/service 0-100 –Nil

101-200 – Rs. 2.0

201-500 – Rs. 3.0

501 above Rs. 50/service 0-100 –Nil

101-200 – Rs. 3.5

201-500 – Rs. 4.6

>501 –Rs. 6.60


  1. Refer page no. 3 of the link tariff is for FY 2018-19 but continue for FY 21-22 as per the Regulatory commission order dated 27.03.2021.
  2. No fixed tariff for the domestic consumer, but minimum charges prescribed if no unit is consumed
  3. Customer Charges is also given below which is applicable for various slabs
Up to 100 units 101-200 units Above 200 units
0-50 Rs. 1.45 0-100 Rs. 3.3 0-200 Rs. 5
51-100 Rs. 2.6 101-200 Rs. 4.3 201-300 Rs. 7.2
301-400 Rs. 8.5
401-800 Rs. 9
>800 Rs. 9.5

Minimum Charges

1 kW single phase More than 1 kW 1-phase More than 1 kW 3-phase

Rs. 25

Rs. 50

Rs. 150

Customer Charge in Rs for various slabs

0-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-800 Above 800


30 50 60 80 80



  1. Page no. 192 for the tariff and last issued in 2020
  2. A rebate of 2% on the total billing amount will be allowed to the consumer for prompt payment made on or before the due date
  3. Surcharge @ 2% per month or part thereof at simple interest shall be levied, if payment is made after the due date

Union Territories

Union Territories namely Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshadweep, Ladakh and Puducherry. In exercise of powers conferred by the Electricity Act 2003, the Central Government constituted a Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for all the Union Territories except Delhi to be known as the “Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the Union Territories” vide notification no. 23/52/2003-R&R dated May 2, 2005. Later with the joining of the State of Goa, the Commission came to be known as “Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the State of Goa and Union Territories”. The tariff order of various Union Territories is not detailed in this post. In case anyone interested, he can google search the JERC tariff order of that UT and visit Chapter 10.1 for tariff and other related terms and condition.


  1. Refer page no 260 for the domestic tariff. The tariff for the snow area is also given here.
  2. General Condition of Supply is given in Annexure 9 at page no. 320 onwards
Domestic Fixed Charge Energy Charge
BPL/Lifeline Rs.18/conn/M Rs. 1.61
Other Domestic
0-100 Rs.60/month Rs. 2.80
101-200 Rs.120/month Rs. 4.0
201-400 Rs.200/month Rs. 5.5
Above 400 Rs.300/month Rs. 6.25
Single point bulk Rs. 95/kW/month Rs. 5.15 (Flat)

Uttar Pradesh

  1. The tariff order linked is Madhyanchal and applicable for all distribution companies of UP.
  2. Surcharge and Penalty for delayed payment: 1.25%/month up to three months; 2%/month thereafter
  3. Refer cost data book for all charges applicable for while seeking a new connection
  4. Refer Supply Code for all issues related to connection/disconnection, billing, meter defects, wrong billing etc.
  5. Refer Amendment No. 13 for the conversion of single-point supply to multi-point supply

Download Standard Forms for Consumer use in UP

Any requirement towards your domestic, commercial or industrial connection with any of the DISCOM is by using standard forms for the consumer. You can download forms such as

Agreement for Supply of Electric Energy

Application for Change of Category

Application for Disconnection

Application for Enhancement/Reduction of Contract Demand

Application for Advance Payment

Intimation to Consumer after the Termination of Agreement

Application form for Meter Related Complaint or Meter Testing

Application form for transfer of connection or mutation of name

Indemnity Bond

Inspection Form

New Connection

Owner Consent Letter

Proforma for Complaint

Application form for Requisition of Temporary Connection

What about professionals using the domestic connection for commercial activity?

The professionals such as architects, charted accounts, consulting engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers, etc practicing from their home are not required to take commercial electricity connection in addition to their domestic electricity connection and may utilize max. 50 sq meter of residential space in their professional practice works with the domestic connection.

West Bengal

  1. The tariff schedule is given on the link also describes the terms and conditions applicable for various consumers.
  2. Slabs are for quarterly consumption
  3. The fixed Charge for the Lifeline is Rs.5/kVA/month and other domestic consumers for both WBSEDC and CESC shall be Rs. 15/kVA/month
  4. The consumer shall note that the fixed charge is on kVA, and therefore, the low power factor will increase the demand charge.



Slab (Qtrly.) Domestic (Rural) Domestic(urban) Slab (Monthly) Unit Rate
0-102 5.26 5.37 First 25 4.89
103-180 5.86 5.97 Next 35 5.40
181-300 6.73 6.97 Next 40 6.41
301-600 7.23 7.31 Next 50 7.16
601-900 7.32 7.58 Next 50 7.33
Above 900 8.99 8.99 Next 100 7.33
Next 300 8.92
For prepaid energy meter flat rate of Rs. 6.64 will be applicable For prepaid energy meter flat rate of Rs. 7.22/unit will be applicable

Online Payment of Electricity Bill

If you are looking to pay your electricity bills online, then you can use the services of Amazon which is available on this link: https://amzn.to/2OtTHVS

About the Author:
Mr Mahesh Kumar Jain is an Alumnus of the University of Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) with a degree in Electrical Engineering who has spent 36 years serving the Indian Railways. He retired from Indian Railways as a Director of IREEN (Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering) and has also served as Principal Chief Electrical Engineer at many Railways. He has performed the responsibility of working as Electrical Inspector to Govt. of India. Mr Mahesh Kumar Jain is having a passion for electrical safety, fire, reliability, electrical energy consumption/conservation/management, electrical appliances.  He currently serves as a consultant at Nippon Koi Consortium in the field of power distribution and electric locomotive. .

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