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Guest Article: Using time switches as power saver for air conditioner and deep freezer

By on April 22, 2016 with 13 Comments  

At Bijli Bachao our aim is to help people save electricity, and to do this, we not only provide tips to use appliances, but we also try to find new products/ideas/technologies that can help. In this process we keep meeting individuals/companies that are doing interesting work in this area. During one such meet recently, we met Mr Sudhir Shah from Mumbai, who till few years back was working as Electrical contractor for big companies, but then left that work to start making energy saving products. Few days back we published a post where we talked about Time Switches and how they can help save electricity (link). Mr Shah has taken this concept and has built some interesting time switches that can be useful for residential and commercial consumers:

Marvel WattSaver: power saver for air conditioners


This interesting device can control the switching on and off of air conditioners as well as ceiling fans. The design of the wattsaver is very simple. It has one input for the electricity, a programmable switch on the panel and 2 outputs for air conditioner and ceiling fan.


With Marvel Wattsaver, one can fully program 8 working cycles / night of Air- Conditioner & ceiling fan. One has to simply feed in on-time cycle for A.C. & in the off-time cycle it will automatically switch on ceiling fan. Air Conditioners consumes about 2000 watts against 75 watt of ceiling fan, thus switching to ceiling fan will reduce electricity consumption. Right programming can make sure that the room remains cold all the time and electricity consumption is reduced. If you want to use your ceiling fan along with air conditioner, you may just connect the air conditioner with this device. Using ceiling fan with air conditioner can help you increase the temperature on your air conditioner, which can give significant savings (more on this: link)

To install the wattsaver, one need not open the air conditioner and it has to be installed externally.

E-Saver for Deep Freezer

Deep freezers typically have a setting to cool down to extremely low temperatures (much below freezing point). Many a times the food stored in deep freezers can still remain good at slightly higher temperature. But the deep freezers keep working all the time. This problem typically happens in commercial setups where food is stored in deep freezers. Electricity can be saved if freezers are switched of for some time during the day/night when the deep freezers are not opened much.

The E-saver for deep freezer can be programmed to switch off the freezer for such durations that the food does not perish, i.e. the temperature in the freezer remains optimal for the food, and still because the freezer is switched off, electricity is saved. This can result in huge savings for commercial setups using deep freezers because electricity is a big component of their operating costs.

Again the setup of the device is quite easy, as it has to be installed externally.


The products above are manufactured/marketed by Mr Sudhir Shah from Mumbai. He can be contacted at: +919322222968.

Here is a short video for tips to buy the best air conditioner in India

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