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CESC Kolkata Electricity Bill Payment Online

By on March 22, 2015


Paying electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and utilities in Calcutta are not behind. CESC portal is the best way of making payments online in Kolkata.

CESC Portal (https://www.cesc.co.in/ptronline/online_payment_options.php)CESC’s online portal is the most commonly used portal by most of their customers. It provides the most convenient way of making online payment of electricity bills. It accepts all forms of payments and in fact the portal also provides billing/consumption history, soft copies of electricity bills etc.

Modes of Payments accepted: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, ITZ Cash

About Bijli Bachao: Bijli Bachao is an initiative to provide electricity saving tips to people & motivate them for saving electricity at their home and offices. Bijli Bachao has been started with the vision of empowering consumers with useful information and tools to help them understand their electricity consumption and learn ways to reduce the same. The idea essentially is to make energy efficiency ‘a cool product’!

Tools on our website that you can use:

Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India

Top Ten Appliances (ACs, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Fans, Etc)

Appliance Comparators


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There Are 66 Comments

  1. Prabir Gupta says:

    for consumer no.08135108005 rs. 9260 was paid by ch.eque no. 000139 dt 27.02.15 of bank of baroda. This was dropped at you cash office in rani kuthi As per my pass book it has not been cleared. I would like to know the status of the same. Regent Grove Apartment Owners’ Association.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello mr Gupta,

      Bijli Bachao website does not belong to CESC and we have no connecting with CESC as well. This page was created to help consumers. Would suggest you to lodge a complaint with CESC customer grievance cell.

  2. Gargee Ganguli says:

    I want to know the balance amount of my advance payment.

  3. arupchakraborty says:

    i want to purchase a.c please tell me the criteria

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Arup,
      There are several factors that one need to consider while buying AC:

      1) Tonnage of AC: Depends on several factors, but primarily on size of room, city where you live in, window sizes, people in the room. Oversized AC consumes more electricity, and undersized does not cool properly.

      2) Star Rating: Choice of BEE 5 star/inverter tech or a lower rating depends on your usage of AC. If your usage is more than 1000 hrs per year (with traiff more than Rs 5), it is better to go for higher efficiency models. Benefit of inverter tech is that it is a variable tonnage AC and as the tonnage requirement is different every month and every day, this AC auto adjusts to the needs and thus saves electricity.

      3) Brand: Some brands offer better reliability/technology and some have better service network. One has to factor in both. Once you have decided on star rating, the most efficient models from good brands can be selected.

      If you provide us with more details as in which city you are in, what is the size of your room, which floor they are on, is there any floor above it, are the walls exposed to sun, usage in hours per day and months per year, and approximate budget, then we can recommend you something.

    • Jyotiprasad Bhattacharya says:

      I want to purchase an A.C. please let me know the procedure regarding your part

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        Hello Mr Bhattacharya,

        Are you looking for a recommendation for AC or you want to buy AC from us? We do not sell ACs … we just provide recommendation based on a person’s setting, location, etc.

  4. Tridibeswar Das says:

    hello,I am Tridibeswar Das,having consumer no 63078089019,I am thankful to cesc for providing constant support 24×7.I have received bill for the month of February,2015 on 17.3.2015.The bill amount to be paid was Rs880 for consumption of 130.units.whereas, I do not mind to pay. I humbly submit that in the month of January and february’2015, I was on tour for about 10 days, thus consumption of 130 units, appears to be on the higher side, thus I will urge upon you to kindly re check the reading once.
    Thanking You, Yours faithfully,
    Tridibeswar Das.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Das,

      Bijli Bachao is an independent entity having no connecting with CESC. This page has been created just to help consumers find online bill payment link to CESC. I would suggest that you contact the customer grievance cell at CESC. I am sorry but we at Bijli Bachao will not be able to help you much with this.

  5. [email protected] says:

    I want to change my e mail ID registered with you to another e mail ID. How do I change it?

  6. SUSANTA GHOSH says:

    Every time i am could not pay on line because every time messege comes during on line payment ” sorry, on line payment not available now.”
    please tell what is the solution ? how can i pay online? please give any contact no. so that i can solve my problem.

  7. vishal saraswat says:

    can i pay through an international card.
    the card belongs to uk.

  8. Arun Kumar Banerjee says:

    I want to know how to pay my electricity bills.

  9. sobhan Kr Roy Chowdhury , con no - 47000111839 says:

    please make online payment more easier as erstwhile your software exists for payment with debit card.

  10. madhuchhanda ghosh says:

    consumer no:08170036071 madhuchhanda ghosh.. i have made payment for oct 2014 amt 1132/- but didnt get the receipt how can i get that,, plz send the receipt

    • N MUKHERJEE says:

      consumer no.05025244005 .i,Nilima Mukherjee have made payment for Nov2014 amt 723/- but didn’t get the receipt .Pl send the recpt.

  11. amit samadder says:

    how to input mobile no?

  12. Shamim says:

    https://www.cesc.co.in/ptronline/online_payment_options.php site got down . When it will resume again ??

  13. chintu shaw says:

    states up date
    pay our electrick bill plz see our state

  14. Robi says:

    The site https://www.cesc.co.in is not accessible. Could you please take necessary action(s) to make it available.

    • chintu shaw says:

      our consumer no 13054064029 and 13054064000 pay my bill with debit card bank debited money our a/c but your side no repli plz verifi and give me the mass

  15. Soumyarup Dasgupta says:

    Hi.. Can you please let me know how I can check the payment status of Oct 2014 for the below consumer no 04136217007..
    I have made the payment but did not receive the receipt as my computer got shut down while the receipt was getting generated.. The amt was credited from my account

    • chintu shaw says:

      Hi.. Can you please let me know how I can check the payment status of Oct 2014 for the below consumer no 13054064029 and 13054064000.
      I have made the payment but did not receive the receipt as my computer got shut down while the receipt was getting generated.. The amt was credited from my account

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        Hello Mr Shaw,

        Bijli Bachao is a private entity and has no relation with state electricity distribution company or CESC.

  16. aloke kumar gupta says:

    pl let me know the monthly electricity bill for september,2014 of aloke kumar gupta has been paid or not though payment made through debit card(already debited the bank a/c

  17. Sri Gopal Chandra Palit. says:

    Trying to make on-line payment of Sept’14 Electricity Bill. It is asking for checking info in the “Check Box” , however no Check Box is visible . What to do .

  18. BIPLAB KUMAR ROY says:

    I want to pay my electricity bill on line. What should I do please inform me.


    I wish to pay CESC electricity bill by State Bank of India’s ATM card. How can I do so?


    I have made payments of my August 14 bill at CESC Cash counter myself within due date. But when I am searching my bill details on this site , it is showing bills to be paid even now. May I know the reason ? Why proper status of payment will not be shown by CESC website or portals ? We , the customers, are really confused by this. Please do something for it and also send receipt of payment by sms and e mail like other utility bills. Thanks. DR R N Bhattacharya, Kolkata 82. Mb 9830171358.

  21. Surajit Mitra says:

    why the electricity bill growing higher ane higher. its reaching beyond our capacitwy.

  22. Prasanta Sengupta says:

    Please inform me how can I get information regarding my electric bills (consumer no.11470104013) through my Mob. No.(9434157280).
    If any registration required kindly treat this as my request for the same and do the needful.
    I’m eagerly awaiting your co operation.

  23. Vineet Bajpai, Allahabad Bank says:

    My Customer Id is 05000848517 & consumer no is 05338007169. My last two months bills are exorbitant. Kindly check my average reading for the last one year. AC was installed in April this year but the use is 5-6 hrs, 20 days a month. Meter readings are not proper. My mobile no is 08420516418. Need urgent call.


    My consumer No. 11449087001. I want to pay online by credit card to day i.e. 4/8/14. Pl. provide my Ten digit RR No.

  25. arundhati banerjee w/o sujit banerjee says:


  26. Uttam Kr. Roy says:

    Please inform me the monthly bill amount on consumer no.45073041005 for making payment on line.

  27. Indranil Banerjee says:

    i want 2 know my monthly bill amt thru my mobile no +918599917262. My consumer no is 43039043009 & cust id is 43000183670.

  28. Man Bahadur Singh says:

    register for e-bill for consumer No.04177061003

  29. Debasis roy Chowdhury says:

    Cust. I.D : 59000332692. Bill amount for June’14 is Rs. 1,800/- . I have queries regarding the exorbitant bill as we don’t use A.C. Highest bill till date was Rs. 1200/-. I need to know the heads under which the total units have gone up. Coz it is a huge question mark.

  30. samir kumar bhattacharya says:

    “The requested URL /treasury_backoffice/creditcard//online_payment_options.php was not found on this server.” I wanted to pay my cesc electricity bill by my debit card but got the above reply. what i sud do ? my consumer no. is 50110084001.

  31. uday sankar mukhopadhyay says:

    I want to know my bill against consumer no 05191067072 every month

  32. Md Gulam rabbani says:

    I want to know monthly bil amount throuththrouth my mobile no 8296441478 my consumer .no 60030188001

  33. Samaresh says:

    My consumer Id is 50465215167 &my mobile no.is 9051074019. I want know my bill amt. every month through my mobile. Kindly comply.

  34. Amit ghosal says:

    My consumer Id is 46000206260. My mobile no is 9830112114. I wish to pay a lump sum amount in advance towards my future electricity bills. Pls advice.

  35. sekhar bhusan gupta says:

    i want 2 know my monthly bill amt thru my mobile no +919051162681. My consumer no is 11382145007&cust id is 11001242214

  36. sekhar bhusan gupta says:

    i want 2 my bill amt thru my mob no +919051162681 every month. kindly comply.

  37. manju rani halder says:

    i want to know bill amount throuth mobile 9804949456 , my Consumer No. 11538022010

  38. ARUP KASYAPI. says:

    I want to know the monthly bill amount throuth my mob – 9477850771 . MY CONSUMER NO – 11192024001.

  39. Dilipkumar Mitra says:

    I want to change my current Mail ID which is recorded with you. How do I do it?

  40. Samir Pandey says:

    Awesome… Lovely

  41. padre9rrMajor General Parthasarathi Paul (Retd) says:

    Dear Sirs, I am resident of Flat No B203 Oxford View, 32/36 DH rd, Kolkata -8. Consumer No is 11361101000. I am not staying in my flat since Aug 2013 as i am presently in Bangalore with my son. However, I am amazed to find that my electricity bill for 2/14 shows a consumption of 36 units! Please kindly check the functianlity of the meter and ensure that it is not beinf tapped by unauthorised personnel. My absence from the flat can be checked from the Society Secretary and confirmed. – Maj Gen PS Paul

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Maj Gen Paul,

      Bijli Bachao is a private entity and is more of a information website to provide some help to consumers. We are not related to any electricity distribution company or CESE for that matter. Unfortunately we will not be able to help you in your case. Would recommend you to contact CESC helpline.


  42. anima das says:

    how 2 register my email 4 receving bill of every month through mail

  43. anima das says:

    how can i register email 2 received my bill through mail?

  44. tushar sinha says:

    One pop up already open. After this not moving for internet banking bill payment. Pls hel

  45. kazim says:

    how i can register my email id for getting bill via mail

    • Ranjaneswar pal says:

      Register my email id with cesc

      • RANJANESWAR PAL says:

        my consumer number is 76226240069 . I want to register my mobile number 9674123919 & my email Id to CESC. I wish to avail myself of on line facilities in bill-payment etc

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Sir,

          You need to contact CESC customer support desk for the same. Bijli Bachao is an independent entity with no relation with CESC. We just created this page to provide information to people.

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        Hello Mr Pal,

        You will have to contact CESC customer support for the same.

  46. rajkumardixit says:

    Online became a precious source now because it’s reliable and easiest way to do our work and save our time. Online makes our life more quicker and easier. So, it’s also for bill payment too.