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CESC Kolkata Electricity Bill Payment Online

By on April 19, 2015

Paying electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and utilities in Calcutta are not behind. CESC portal is the best way of making payments online in Kolkata.

CESC Portal (https://www.cesc.co.in/ptronline/online_payment_options.php)CESC’s online portal is the most commonly used portal by most of their customers. It provides the most convenient way of making online payment of electricity bills. It accepts all forms of payments and in fact the portal also provides billing/consumption history, soft copies of electricity bills etc.

Modes of Payments accepted: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, ITZ Cash

About Bijli Bachao: Bijli Bachao is an initiative to provide electricity saving tips to people & motivate them for saving electricity at their home and offices. Bijli Bachao has been started with the vision of empowering consumers with useful information and tools to help them understand their electricity consumption and learn ways to reduce the same. The idea essentially is to make energy efficiency ‘a cool product’!

Tools on our website that you can use:

Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India

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Appliance Comparators


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There Are 69 Comments

  1. Malabika Datta says:

    I paid my bill online on 12.04.2015 by my credit card, got transaction message from SBI Credit Card but till date I have not received mail from your end. Consumer no.07117076001, Bill for February, 2015.

  2. sanjib sinha. says:

    cover of my meter box has broken. please inform how it will be recovered.

  3. sujoti bose says:

    i want to change my e-mail id

  4. Prabir Gupta says:

    for consumer no.08135108005 rs. 9260 was paid by ch.eque no. 000139 dt 27.02.15 of bank of baroda. This was dropped at you cash office in rani kuthi As per my pass book it has not been cleared. I would like to know the status of the same. Regent Grove Apartment Owners’ Association.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello mr Gupta,

      Bijli Bachao website does not belong to CESC and we have no connecting with CESC as well. This page was created to help consumers. Would suggest you to lodge a complaint with CESC customer grievance cell.

  5. Gargee Ganguli says:

    I want to know the balance amount of my advance payment.

  6. arupchakraborty says:

    i want to purchase a.c please tell me the criteria

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Arup,
      There are several factors that one need to consider while buying AC:

      1) Tonnage of AC: Depends on several factors, but primarily on size of room, city where you live in, window sizes, people in the room. Oversized AC consumes more electricity, and undersized does not cool properly.

      2) Star Rating: Choice of BEE 5 star/inverter tech or a lower rating depends on your usage of AC. If your usage is more than 1000 hrs per year (with traiff more than Rs 5), it is better to go for higher efficiency models. Benefit of inverter tech is that it is a variable tonnage AC and as the tonnage requirement is different every month and every day, this AC auto adjusts to the needs and thus saves electricity.

      3) Brand: Some brands offer better reliability/technology and some have better service network. One has to factor in both. Once you have decided on star rating, the most efficient models from good brands can be selected.

      If you provide us with more details as in which city you are in, what is the size of your room, which floor they are on, is there any floor above it, are the walls exposed to sun, usage in hours per day and months per year, and approximate budget, then we can recommend you something.

    • Jyotiprasad Bhattacharya says:

      I want to purchase an A.C. please let me know the procedure regarding your part

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        Hello Mr Bhattacharya,

        Are you looking for a recommendation for AC or you want to buy AC from us? We do not sell ACs … we just provide recommendation based on a person’s setting, location, etc.

  7. Tridibeswar Das says:

    hello,I am Tridibeswar Das,having consumer no 63078089019,I am thankful to cesc for providing constant support 24×7.I have received bill for the month of February,2015 on 17.3.2015.The bill amount to be paid was Rs880 for consumption of 130.units.whereas, I do not mind to pay. I humbly submit that in the month of January and february’2015, I was on tour for about 10 days, thus consumption of 130 units, appears to be on the higher side, thus I will urge upon you to kindly re check the reading once.
    Thanking You, Yours faithfully,
    Tridibeswar Das.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Das,

      Bijli Bachao is an independent entity having no connecting with CESC. This page has been created just to help consumers find online bill payment link to CESC. I would suggest that you contact the customer grievance cell at CESC. I am sorry but we at Bijli Bachao will not be able to help you much with this.

  8. [email protected] says:

    I want to change my e mail ID registered with you to another e mail ID. How do I change it?

  9. SUSANTA GHOSH says:

    Every time i am could not pay on line because every time messege comes during on line payment ” sorry, on line payment not available now.”
    please tell what is the solution ? how can i pay online? please give any contact no. so that i can solve my problem.