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Washing Machine Buying Guide and Top Models/Brands in India in 2017

By on July 10, 2017

These days when we go out in the market to buy any appliance, we are loaded with options. Finding the right one that fits our need and is also efficient may be challenging. Washing machines are no different. We at Bijli Bachao got several messages in the past from readers asking for ideas on buying a washing machine and this was a long pending item we had in our mind to write about. The intent of this article is to be a “buying guide” for washing machines, that can help you understand various technologies available in market, and understand which is more energy efficient. We have also listed some of the top models from various brands available in the market.

In this post we will try to provide you some tips to buy a new Washing Machine. But before that, we will provide you the information that you came here to look for: The Top Brands and Top Models in Washing Machine. For the Buying Guide, click: here.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

  • LG
  • IFB
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung

These are the most popular brands for washing machines in India. Brands like Bosch/Siemens are quite popular for their front loading washing machines. Among the Indian brands, IFB leads the pack by giving tough competition to international brands, while Godrej and Onida have good models in case someone has a tight budget.

Best Washing Machine Models in India

Here are a few handpicked models:

For  more choices, check the lists below.

Based on our data collection of various brands on washing machines we have compiled a list of top models of washing machines available in India. This list is based on our perception of various brands, user reviews and technology.

Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India

  • LG - FH296HDL24
    • 7.000 kgs
  • IFB - Executive Plus VX 8.5Kg
    • 8.500 kgs
  • IFB - Senator Aqua SX 8Kg
    • 8.000 kgs
  • IFB - Elite Plus VX 7.5Kg
    • 7.500 kgs
  • IFB - Elite Aqua SX 7Kg
    • 7.000 kgs
  • IFB - Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 Kg
    • 6.500 kgs
  • Bosch - WAK20160IN
    • 7.000 kgs
  • LG - FH0B8NDL22
    • 6.000 kgs
  • Bosch - WAB16060IN
    • 6.000 kgs
  • Onida - W60FSP1WH
    • 6.000 kgs

Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India

  • IFB - TL- SDG 7.0 KG Aqua
    • 7.000 kgs
  • LG - T72CMG22P
    • 6.200 kgs
  • IFB - TL- RDW 6.5 KG Aqua
    • 6.500 kgs
  • Electrolux - ET70ENERM
    • 7.000 kgs
  • LG - T7208TDDLZ
    • 6.200 kgs
  • Whirlpool - Whitemagic Premier
    • 6.500 kgs
  • Samsung - WA62H4100HD/TL
    • 6.200 kgs
  • Onida - WO62TSPLDD1-ALR
    • 6.200 kgs
  • Godrej - WT 600 C
    • 6.000 kgs
  • Onida - WO60TSPLN1-AGY
    • 5.800 kgs

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India

  • LG - P9032R3SM
    • 8.000 kgs
  • LG - P8239R3SA
    • 7.200 kgs
  • Samsung - WT725QPNDMPXTL
    • 7.200 kgs
  • Whirlpool - Ace 8.0 Supersoak
    • 8.000 kgs
  • LG - P7556R3FA
    • 6.500 kgs
  • Onida - S68SCOGF
    • 6.800 kgs
  • Whirlpool - Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus
    • 7.000 kgs
  • Godrej - GWS 6203 PPD
    • 6.200 kgs
  • Whirlpool - Superb Atom 60i
    • 6.000 kgs
  • Panasonic - NA-W65B3RRB
    • 6.500 kgs

Buying Guide:

Fully Automatic vs Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Whenever a word “Automatic” is associated with a washing machine, it means that the machine not only washes the cloths but also extracts most water out of it after washing. The main difference between a Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic washing machine is that in fully automatic washing machine, all the process from washing to spinning happen on their own through an automated program, whereas in semi automatic, one has to move cloths from one operation to another manually. Having said that, because both the machines have similar operations, from energy point of view neither option offers great benefit over the other.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines

The choice between the two truly depends on how you use a washing machine. Most international sources (such as this: link) would suggest that front loading washing machines are the most efficient in using: water as well as energy. But Indian sources (like this: link) would suggest that top loading washing machines as well as semi automatic machines are more efficient than front loaders. Now there is truth in both because of the way washing is done in different countries.

There is no doubt that front loaders save water. A top loading washing machine needs more water because when cloths are dry they are lighter than water and thus more water is required to soak and drown all the clothes in it. Whereas a front load washing machine work with a tumbling action (just like rolling a tank on the floor), which makes sure that the cloths need lesser water to soak. But front loaders have longer cycles as compared to top loaders.

In most countries people use a hot water cycle to clean cloths, and also use dryers to dry the cloths. As a front loader uses less water, there is significant energy or electricity saving as much less water is heated. Also front loaders dry up the cloths to a significantly higher degree (as less water is used), the dryer cycles are much shorter, thus saving electricity on drying cloths. In case your usage of washing machine is like this, then you would save electricity on using front-loading washing machine.

In India, most people use cold water for washing, even in washing machines. In such case the electricity is not used for heating water. Most people also do not use dryers and thus saving on dryers is also not achieved. And as front loaders have more cycles, the consumption of electricity is more than top loaders as well as semi automatic washing machines.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

Inverter technology has been revolutionary in saving electricity in most appliances that have a motor. The benefit of this technology is that it makes the machine run at a speed which is optimum based on the load on the machine. A conventional washing machine has a motor that is designed for a fixed load and operates most efficiently when run at the optimum load. But a washing machine with inverter technology allows the motor to operate at a speed that is optimum for the load in the washing machine.

A washing machine with inverter technology has sensors that detect the loading of the washing machine. Based on the load, the electronic circuit determines the optimum speed at which the motor should be run to optimize electricity use. To have variable speeds the washing machines have a VFD or Brushless DC motors that allows optimum use of electricity at variable speeds.

So if you use washing machine with different load sizes on a regular basis, a washing machine with inverter technology can help.

Direct Drive Technology in Washing Machines

To understand this technology it is better to first see the video below:

In this technology a lot of moving parts like gears and belts that are used with a conventional motor are removed. This ensures that the energy lost in friction in running a gearbox, etc is reduced. Thereby saving electricity. Although these motors can be a bit bulkier than conventional motors, but their efficiency is higher and they also produce less noise and have better life. So a machine with Direct Drive can certainly save on electricity.

These days some manufacturers have washing machines that have both Inverter as well as Direct Drive technology which can provide dual benefit if your load sizes vary. Having said that, electricity consumption of a washing machine per load is less than 1 unit (or 1 kWH) for a typical residential use. The cost benefit of the latest technologies will depend on your usage of washing machines and the price differential of different models. In our next post on washing machines, we will try to include a market research on various models of washing machines available in India and their electricity consumption.

Note: If you have a washing machine equipped with a heater, please try to keep the water temperature as close to room temperature as possible. Water heating can significantly increase electricity consumption of a washing machine.

Source of Information

Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_drive_mechanism

Energy Saver’s Blog: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/education/roofus/washing_machine.html

Tufts University Link: http://sustainability.tufts.edu/frontloading-washing-machines/

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Hi Abhishek.
good job. Precise informative answers/suggestions.
Now my dilemma : Family of 4 adults, occassionally 5. Washing every day. Occassional bedcovers,curtains. Water pressure no problm. Initially looking for TL for budget but found good TL with pulsator (for delicate sarees,etc) almost as expensive as FL. So shortlisted LG, Samsung, Bosch and newly launched Whirlpool FL (Supreme Care 7014) for 6.5 or 7kg FL. Looking at specs and price tending towards the last named. But no user reviews in india for this as recently launched. Some reviews in Europe and Australia, assuming this model same as FSCR70410 or FSCR70411 there.
Energy consumption, reliability important. Please advice.


We are a family of 5 adults. My mother generally uses the washing machine and not tech savvy. We have been using videocon top loader machine with limited features for last 12 years. Need to replace the same as it has exceeded its life. Looking for a good semi-automatic, durable, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to use machine for my mother. Budget is <13K. The machine should have least cost of ownership when it comes to servicing and repairs.
Please suggest few models.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at any of these:

BrandModelAmazon LinkFlipkart Link
WhirlpoolAce 8.0 Supersoakhttp://amzn.to/2umNfG2http://fkrt.it/JwHjSTuuuN

Hi Abhishek,
I had short listed WHirlpool 360 7 / IFB TL RDW 6.5 / LG FHOBNDL22. which one would be better from wash quality and durability, ease of after sales service, availability/cost of spare parts. also is there any machine to convert hard water to soft. our area (North Kolkata) has high iron content in water for which appliances get damaged fast.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Rahul,

IFB TL RDW 6.5 would be the best for your requirements. It is a big brand and has a large service network in India. It is an Indian brand so spare parts availability would be easy and cost would not be high. Wash quality wise IFB is quite good. And it has Aqua Energie technology from IFB to soften water.


Please review IFB executive plus 8.5 kg . Is this model better than equivalent of LG's latest 8kg 2017 model with turbo wash ? I am confused between these two models of two different companies. LG uses DD Drive technology where as IFB uses traditional belt and pulley technology. Which model uses less electricity , water consumption and maintenance cost ? I have selected these two models in the 8 kg category but can not decide which one is the best. Please also tell me whether IFB Executive Plus 8.5 kg 2017 model converts hard water into soft water or not?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Dahal,

In terms of energy efficiency (electricity consumption) and maintenance, LG's DD would be a better option. With much lesser moving parts, the points of failure reduce significantly for a LG direct drive machine and also because of the same reason the electricity consumption is much less. Water consumption is less in most front load washing machines. The IFB Executive Plus model does have Aqua Energie feature to convert hard water to soft water.

Both IFB and LG are quite popular as brands in India. As a model, IFB Executive Plus VX 8.5Kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2vmg5oK , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/hr~3WTuuuN ) has more and better user reviews and feedback. But I personally think that LG has better technology. You can look at LG FH496TDL24 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2vm8E0u , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/RHt8Z!NNNN ).


Hi Abhishek,
I wantto buy fully automatic washing machine with budget of 15k to 20k, which should be having best washing and cleaning technology which should not harsh to clothes. Please suggest me best options.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at these:

IFB TL- RDW 6.5 KG Aqua (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tY8iNm ,Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/aCM9pTuuuN )
LG T72CMG22P (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2undOfp , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/OG~q4!NNNN )
Samsung WA62H4100HD/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tWI3c2 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/a1~djTuuuN )


Thanks Abhishek,
Can u plz suggest in front load machine with budget upto 25k and with best washing and cleaning technology and not harsh to clothes.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at these in budget of 25K:

Bosch WAB16060IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tvVPyw , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/SjoQuTuuuN )
LG FH0B8NDL22 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2utP8S7 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/mn49O!NNNN )


Thanks Abhishek
The said Bosch model is not at my dealer so should I go with WAB16161IN???

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Sure, you can go for WAB16161IN as well.


I want to purchase Haier - HWM58-020 washing machine. I can see Annual Energy Consumption 438 Kilowatt Hours.
Is it a energy efficent washing machine. How haier calculate annual energy consumtion on washing machine.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Amal,

I am not able to find specs of this machine as I guess Haier is not marketing this model now. So it looks like an old model. Also there are no defined standards for washing machine in India and most manufacturers use european standards to show the consumption. In europe it is assumed that there will be 220 cycles of wash per year and at a temperature of 60 degrees (water temperature). But with those standards the number 438 looks high. Usually top loaders consume less than 0.6 units per wash cycle (without hot water).


Hi, am looking to buy 6 to 7 kg fully automatic top load machine pls suggest...
also pls confirm weather inbuilt heater, rinse only / spin only, 3d wash / 360 wash etc feature really worth to pay for or only for name sake?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Gaurav,

All these features do provide some value, but you will derive worth only if you use them. It's like if you buy an iPhone but then use it only to make calls and send SMS then the iPhone is useless and you can do the same thing with just 10K phone.

Hot water gives better cleaning but then hot water uses more electricity. So in built heater has value only if you use hot water cleaning. But in that case you should be ready to pay extra for electricity bills as well.

Usually Top load washing machines have 2 dimensional circular motion for cleaning. But tumbling action is better for cleaning. Tumbling action is similar to how your Dhobi would take your cloth and hit it on a stone to clean it (just like they show it in movies :) ). Although it is not that harsh in washing machines. Front Load washing machines use tumbling action because cloth go up and fall due to gravity and thus cleaning is better in front load machines. 3D Wash or 360 Wash try to mimic tumbling action in top load washing machines. The cleaning is certainly better.

Rinse Only/Spin Only are just programs where if you want to just rinse or spin the cloths, you can do that.

What is your budget for this washing machine?


Hi Abhishek,

I am looking for a fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with Capacity between 6-7 Kg. My Budget is around 35K and preffered Brands are IFB, Bosch or LG. Could you please help me select One. (Budget can be extended if i am getting better products in few more thousands).

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Jithin,

You can look at these:

Bosch WAK20160IN (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/WMiHc!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tkxX2G )
IFB Elite Aqua SX - 7 kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/WnIo!!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sH7gDq )
IFB Elite Aqua VX - 7 kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/lHPQiTuuuN )


Hi Abhishek,

Which will be the best brand to choose between IFB, Bosch and LG.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

All 3 brands are good. But in this case you can go with the Bosch 7 kg model that I gave you.


Sir I want to buy washing machine which save money on electricity, use less water, low easy to use . For family of 5 to 6 people. my budget is 15000 to 30000 which one is better front load or Top load. plzzz suggest..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

In general for better wash, a front load is better. But for 6 people family I think you need a bigger washing machine of about 8 kgs. The best (and big) front load that you can get in your budget would be:

Bosch WAK20160IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tLdjsi , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/!5xvx!NNNN )
or IFB Elite Aqua VX - 7 kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/!Visy!NNNN )

But if you want top load then you can look at these machines:

Whirlpool 360º BLOOMWASH WORLD SERIES 8 Kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sRU8gc , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/T09guTuuuN )
IFB TL- SDG 8.0 Kg Aqua (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sHrNuM , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/!BmS0!NNNN )


Dea hir Abhishek

What are the points of differentiators between program panels in the front in lg vs back in Samsung TL washing machines. Further what between the wooble pulsators and steel pulsators in Samsung TL ws machines.


Hi Abhishek
Waiting for your reply.
What are the points of differentiators between program panels in the front in lg vs back in Samsung TL washing machines. Further what between the wooble pulsators and steel pulsators in Samsung TL ws machines.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Pulsator is a disc at the bottom of the washing machine that rotates to generate strong water currents that can clean the cloths. A steel pulsator as the name says is made of steel and is durable and rust free. Wobble pulsator is a samsung technology which helps in generating 3D flow of water (not just a circular one from regular pulsator). It has a structure that not just pushes water left and right but also up and down (you can read more here: http://www.samsung.com/sg/consumer/flagship/WA10WPBIC/ )

As for your first part of the question, I could not understand what you are looking for and that was the reason I could not answer it earlier. Which model are you looking at in LG and Samsung?


Thanks. I am planning for 7kg TL from lg/Samsung. For hand washing of stains, will not as machines with control panel in the back will be better in comparison to machines with front control panel ie lg (error ease of washing and safety of control panel from moisture).
My second concern is regarding Samsung m series machines like wa70m4020hd or hl which is available in the stores but the technical details are not published on the web or product leaflets. This machine has a steel pulsators in place of regular wobble tech.
Will there be price increase after GST in these machines.
Many thanks.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Mishra,

If you prefer hand washing of stains then the Samsung Top Load machine with ActiveWash feature would be the best for you. And yes it has panel on the back for safety of the panel. Samsung WA70K4000HP/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sHeytW , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/Tt3pRTuuuN ) would be a good choice.

I also do not have information on wa70m4020hd .... I do have information on WA70H4020HP and WA70H4020HL. So cannot say much on that. All the latest models have wobble tech.

I am not sure of prices after GST.


Hi Abhishek,

Want to buy Washing Machine for two person. budget 15000 rs. Please advise some good options. Thank you.


Hi sir,

My father in law wants a fully automatic washing machine. He is living as single and thus requires a small machine. Budget aprox Rs.15000/-. Please suggest a good machine.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at these washing machines:

LG T7070TDDL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tQYXpk , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/Ai8vWTuuuN )
LG T7071TDDL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2st08xB , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/AipIfTuuuN )
Samsung WA60H4100HY/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sDGZHM , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/yDV7U!NNNN )


Im planning to buy a Washhing machine and here is the details:
1. Budget 20K
2. Top Loading
3. Size 6.5KG
Which are the main Area I should look into: Warranty/Drum/Filter/Brand
Please suggest.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at these:

IFB TL- SDR 6.5 Kg Aqua (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/AnxUWTuuuN )
IFB TL- RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2tRa3Lk , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/AMwU8TuuuN )
LG T7508TEDLL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sDJbyE , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/yJ~NB!NNNN )


Thanks a lot


Hi Abhishek,

I am planning 2 buy fully automatic top loading washing machine but i have few questions in regards to water supply.
we usually get around 15 - 20 mins of water supply in our society sometimes 10 - 15 mins as well.
so does fully automatic top loading option will work for me or not?
or i have to switch it to semi-automatic one?

please advice?

Thank you in advance

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Raj,

If water supply is an issue then you should not go for a fully automatic top loading machine. It will not work properly. You may go for a semi automatic one.


Dear Abhisek,
thank you for your reply to my earlier query. We just bought LG Front Load 7 kg Model FH2G6HDNL22 . I can't give my review for 1-2 days' operation. But i feel, by choosing 7 kg model over 6 kg model in last 1-2 days, i made a mistake. as such, we are 6 persons' family, so thought that 7 kg would be better over 6kg by paying Rs 10000/- more. But after going through user's manual, i didn't find any thing enhancing its capacity by 1 kg over 6 kg model: it has same power 1700 W , same dimensions:600*440*850 ( so i presume same drum dimensions, as nowhere they are mentioned in the manual.) Will you please guide how the capacity increases ? I also noted that except in 3 programs out of total 12/13 programs they mentioned the same maximum load in both machines.Do you think the capacity really more in our 7 kg machine ? or just fooling? -bharat shah

-bharat shah

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you look at the user manual on this page: http://www.lg.com/in/support/support-product/lg-FH2G6HDNL22 .... you will see that the spin speed available in the models are different. The model with 6 kg has lower RPM options whereas the model with 7 kg has higher RPMs available. This is to handle more load. Also power of 1700 W is maximum power. It includes the wattage of heater (if you use it). Typically washing machines do not consume more than 1/2 HP (375 watts) for motor. And this is a direct drive machine, so it should consume less. The 1700 W includes wattage of heater.


thank you for your prompt reply. i get the point that the max. motor wattage would depend the load at time of spin rather than low speed wash and rinse. but frankly not completely convinced the price difference @ 50% only for one step speed increase for spin. yes, higher rpm needs more wattage, but you suggest the motor wattage the same for both. Even 6.5 kg machine also has max. spin rpm 1000 , same as that of 6 kg. my point is how one can load more cloths for wash in same dimensional drum. -bharat shah

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

The motor wattage is not specified in the manual. So I cannot confirm if it is the same for both the models. I just mentioned that usually just the motor does not take a lot and 1700 W include wattage of the heater. Also it is difficult to comment on your observation. One seriously need to get lot of technical details from the brand to make a right conclusion.


thank you sir. yes , i referred to the brand for my concerns , but i doubt any clear reply from them. -bharat shah


Hello Abhishek,
We have zeroed in on front loading machine as we believe in water conservation (we do not have shortage of water). There is no budget.
We have two requirements and need your inputs for the same.
1. Capacity - We are three adults. We are flexible with our washing schedule. It could be daily or on alternate days. The washing machine should allow us to wash single blankets occasionally. So what capacity machine should be buy -6 kg, 6.5 or 7?
2. Another important requirement is preservation of clothes. We are not bothered how dry the clothes come out but want most of our washes to be gentle to clothes. We understand that less rpm means more clothes protection. Which machine/(s) satisfy our requirements best?
What are our options?
Appreciate the work you all are doing!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Rashmi,

A single jeans itself weighs about 1/2 kg or more (up to 1 kg). So you can imagine that a 6 kg machine can take only 6 jeans at a time. And 7 kg one can take 7. I think 6-6.5 kg should be fine. But then you know the best.

Lesser RPMs are better for cloths but then the speed has to be varied depending on cloth type. Delicates can be run at lesser RPM and cloths that are tough and needs deep cleaning have to be run at a faster RPM. So you need a machine that has variable speed. Basically you should be looking at a machine that provides more wash programs (like Delicate, wool, etc).

Here are some options that you can look at:

6 Kg:
LG FH0B8NDL22 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rMhlBy , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/46nebTuuuN )
IFB Elena Aqua VX - 6 kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sOfgn8 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/Qofyq!NNNN )
Bosch WAB16161IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rMB0Bt , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/46aEmTuuuN )

6.5 kg:
IFB Senorita Aqua SX - 6.5 kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/QG4CU!NNNN )
LG FH096WDL24 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rXqXYA , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/46pHWTuuuN )
Bosch WAK20165IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rMrcYi , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/QGlIZ!NNNN )

7 Kg:
Bosch WAK20160IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rMlu8y , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/QGwhy!NNNN )
IFB Elite Aqua SX - 7 kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rMswKL , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/QG!TZ!NNNN )
LG FH296HDL24 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sO1jWh , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/QGx5X!NNNN )


Thanks for your inputs Abhishek. I tried looking at the information about the machines you mentioned and I still have some doubts. Would be grateful if you could clarify them.
In my current top loading Whirlpool fully automatic machine I have options for water temperature, mode (delicate, normal, speedy etc) and load ( small, medium etc).
Now in the front loading machines, it seems to me that everything is pre-defined by the program - Water temperature, RPM and Load.
Except for LG, I don't even see the buttons for temperature and RPM on any of the machines.
Is there any front loading machine where I can control all or some of these features?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Rashmi,

You can always change the settings of the pre-defined programs. You can check the user manual to do the same. For e.g check page 17-21 on this link: https://media3.bsh-group.com/Documents/8001035722_F.pdf ... this one is for Bosch 7 kg machine. You can change the temperature and you can also change the RPM. Changing of Temperature and RPM are standard features that most machines have these days. You can also change the wash duration. Top brands also have sensors to detect the load and adjust the water and detergent level as per the requirement. Which machines were you looking at?


Oh Thanks. I was looking at IFB and it seemed that the temperature is pre-determined with each cycle. Perhaps there are other ways that are not obvious to select and control the temperature at which to run a cycle.
Also realised that not all sales persons at showrooms are knowledgeable about products and can mis-guide a customer quite easily.
Another question - what's your opinion about IFB Senator Smart 7 kg?
And once again thanks for the good work you and others in the team are doing!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Rashmi,

IFB is a market leader in washing machines. Most of their models have similar features with minor changes here and there. This model that you have selected is a good model. You can certainly go for it.


Can you please guide me to buy washer dryer combo where clothes dry to the extent that need not be hang outside for drying. i.e 95% drying . which is best brand for washer /dryer . Capacity required is 7-8 kg washing and 5-6 kg dryer . budget is up to 60-70K.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Bosch or Siemens would be the best. You can check these:

Bosch WVG30460IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sD42lC )
Siemens WD15G460IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r1rHPd )


Dear Abhishek
Thanks for prompt response , i am from Vadodara , Gujarat. will service will be ok from Bosch and siemens . Also please give opinion about LG FH4G6TDMP4N http://www.lg.com/in/washing-machines/lg-FH4G6TDMP4N#

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Jatin,

Baroda is a big city and my guess would be that Bosch/Siemens should have good service in your city. But then I would still suggest you to confirm the same by talking to some dealers over there. LG would be a good choice as well and I am quite confident that they will have service in your area.


Thanks abhishek , Few more questions
1. It seems none of the washing machine manufacturer giving information about power consumption per cycle. How to compare energy efficiency of washing machine /washer dryer ? For Direct drive /inverter model what is BEE star rating ?
2. which one will energy efficient between LG (FH4U2TDHP4N ) http://www.lg.com/in/washing-machines/lg-FH4U2TDHP4N , , BOSCH Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2sD42lC ) and Siemens Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r1rHPd .
3. In washer dryer what is % drying achieved ?
4. Is it advisable to buy washer dryer or separate washing machine and separate dryer ?
5. Is steam wash feature is useful ?
Thanks in advance

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Jatin,

Brands do give consumption values. Here are the links:

Bosch WVG30460IN (check page 36 of https://media3.bsh-group.com/Documents/9001086037_E.pdf ) usually washing takes about 0.6-0.7 units per cycle but drying takes 2.5-3 units per cycle.

Siemens WD15G460IN (check page 36 of http://media3.bsh-group.com/Documents/9001086033_F.pdf ) ... again similar numbers.

Data for LG is certainly not available but then Direct Drive should bring down the number for washing for sure. But drying takes about the same in most brands. Drying is a super expensive activity in terms of energy consumption.

2) I am not sure which would be more efficient. But I think Bosch numbers are good.

3) I am again not sure of the %. But based on my experience with dryers in US, they used to come out such that you can wear them immediately. These dryers do "heat drying" and almost all the water is removed.

4) The cleaning quality will be similar and you save on costs and space in a single washer dryer. So I think it is better to go for a washer dryer.

5) Hot wash always cleans better. So Steam wash will be useful. But heating will consume lot of electricity.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can go for this as well. LG is also a very good brand and the specs are good. It is just that there is not enough user feedback on the same.


Hi Abhishek,
I wanted to buy front load washing machine, I enquirer in some show room. Some of thy telling LG is best and some of they telling LG have direct drive technology, after some years of usage if drum come for service it will cost more, if you go to IFB or Samsung belt technology will cost less. So I am confused. plz guide me which is best LG direct drive belt technology?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Girish,

As per my understanding, LG Direct Drive technology is a better technology. People may have their opinion on longevity of it. But I personally think that it is quite good.


Hi Abhishek,

Very well written article. I went through many of your given comments and it still doesnt quite answer my query, which is:

Which machine should I buy for better washing of clothes. I have been using a a whirlpool top loading machine for past 8 years and it never really delivered the 'as-good-as new' look. I cant tell if it was the Henko powder that we use or the Mumbai water.

The machine has finally died on us & we need to invest in a new one for a family of 4 where a 6.5 kg should suffice. Please advice on a machine that is takes good care of clothes & is simple to operate (our help will be operating it). Also, we only have a cold water line for the machine. I dont want to cap a budget to the buy, but please advice a company known to last, with reasonable AMC and parts. I have realised with the last machine that the AMC & parts outweigh the cost of the machine by a mile over a 6-8 period run.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Varun,

Usually Front Loaders wash better as compared to Top Loaders. Bosch, LG and IFB are the most popular brands for Front Loaders. Service from any of these brands should not be difficult in Mumbai. People would have issues with almost energy brand and you will not find a single brand with absolutely no negative reviews. But then Bosch I think has solid engineering. You can go for Bosch Front load model. You can look at these:

Bosch WAK20165IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r1FX61 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/Clk4m!NNNN )
LG FH096WDL24 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2szk3sI , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/dE~OUTuuuN )


kindly advise:
1. which is mechanically more stable : front load or top load?
2. is direct drive and inverter technology adopted only by LG, and not by Bosch or IFB?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Stability should be different in the two, however, front loaders may vibrate more as they spin faster. But then they are also quite stable. LG is the only company that makes inverter tech direct drive machines. Samsung also has inverter tech but they are not direct drive as direct drive is LG technology.


hi abhishek ,

I think you are the right person who can guide me better.
We are five adult in a family..I am looking for energy efficient, good quality and branded washing machine with long life. My budget is upto 20K. I want to do one time investment in good machine. Its been more than 10 years we are using whirlpool refrigerator (single door) and samsung tv still they are working good..these brand satisfied us and it was really value investment. Same i am hoping for washing machine..which will be good for me top loaded or front loaded..?? Please help me in selecting right one.
Thank you...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Pooja,

It will be difficult to get a good brand Front Load in 20K budget. But you can get 6.5 kg or 7 Kg top load in a budget of 20K. You can look at these:

IFB TL- SDR 6.5 Kg Aqua (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/Td9M1TuuuN )
IFB TL- RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r8fSn9 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/!CuVe!NNNN )
Electrolux ET70ENERM (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2raN67H , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/TdQJFTuuuN )
LG T7508TEDLL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rte1fR , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/!Cgbs!NNNN )


Thank you for your quick response.


Hellp Abhishek, Amazing anyalysis and data .... The several questions and your painstaking answers are miles longer than your article itself :) ... Says a lot on how invaluable your guidance is ... Cannot thank you enough.

I also need to replace my 7 kg LG DD washing machine now. It has served us well for almost 6 years and began running into problems since the past year. We are in North Bangalore and service has been good. But the repair and replacement parts are getting costlier. While we paid some 30k+ for the machine itself, costs of repairs over the past year (PCB, plumbing spares etc) have crossed 15k. We are a family of 5 and have high washing volumes.

Cost is not a constraint and we can go for the best at whatever price. We have always used front loading but given the fact that househelps are the one operating the machine, they have this tendency of mishandling the machine (door banging, overloading the soap, etc). Our water quality is semi-hard (part borewell part metrowater). Power situation is stable though we have the very rare volatge or phase drop. No surges.

I value the service quality and availability of LG though (like many) I am a fan of German engineering. So, to paraphrase one of your missives, if we wanted German engineering with Korean efficiency and Indian service levels, what is our best bet? ... We would like to do an 8 kg machine that is a good balance in delivery all of the above.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Ah! a difficult query I must say :). It is difficult to get all 3 in one: German Engineering, Korean efficiency and Indian service levels. In general for customer service, you will hear horror stores for almost every brand. Because ultimately service is provided by a human and not every human would be perfect. But in general IFB is quite popular in India. They have really good quality (not truly german), good efficiency (not really korean) and good Indian Service levels. You can look at these washing machines:

IFB Senator Aqua SX - 8 kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rCbpbo , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/K3a!ZTuuuN ) ... This is the most popular 8 kg washing machine

LG FH496TDL24 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2rC9xiW , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/nLj6W!NNNN ) ... In case you want to go with Korean Efficiency

Bosch WAT24468IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r2fmtM , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/KY1O0TuuuN ) ... In case you want to go with german engineering.


One more query Abhishek .... What is the real implication between a 1000 rpm machine and a 1200 rpm machine. If there is a great deal on a 1000 rpm machine, should we really worry about losing 200 rpm? Bangalore has a temperate climate and does not suffer from excessive rain or shine.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Faster rotations can get you drier cloths. However, usually for delicate cloths less RPM is better. But for normal cloths a faster RPM can get you drier cloths.


Many thanks Abhishek ... I was at our locality electronics superstore right now. There seem to be good deals on the 7/7.5 kg machines. In fact the '7.5' kg machines carry a 8kg capable drum (Bosch). If I were to look for the 7+ kg range, what would your recommendations be? Thanks for your guidance.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you are looking at Bosch 7.5 kg then you can check Bosch WAT24167IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2r3YQJI , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/3H7r4!NNNN ).


Hi Abhishek !
The Guide is very useful for people like me who are first time users. But with a budget of 25k which Front- Loading machine (6 kg cap) would you prefer between LG, SAMSUNG & BOSCH in terms of overall good service, durability, ease of use and energy efficiency? Thanks in advance!!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Atanu,

In all the aspects you are looking at, I think LG Front load washing machine would be a better option. In general user feedback on LG is also better. You can check LG FH0B8NDL22 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pNFTei , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/TBe3pTuuuN ).


Hi Abhishek bhai,

I came to know lot of thinks from this articles and comments. But still I m wondering about my requirement. Following are my requirements:
1. Budget 20k
2. Washing quality like front loading machine. Means best in class.
3. which technology is best for high quality wash and also not having harsh effect on cloths.
4. Power efficient, fully automatic.
5. Capacity 6.0 to 6.5 kg

kindly suggest. Anticipating positive response.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Mani,

Front Loaders are certainly better in wash quality because they have a tumbling action. They are not harsh on cloths. Here are some good ones that you can get in your budget:

Bosch WAB16060IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pzLMqo , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/paiJATuuuN ) .... available on Deal today on Amazon. Is a fantastic buy.

Onida W60FSP1WH (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/paJuaTuuuN ) ... in general quite positive reviews on this model in your budget range.


Thanks for quick reply.
But front loaders are not energy efficient . Bosch WM consumes 2300 W power .which is too high, as washing cost increases this. Plz suggest top loaders having best washing quality like front loaders.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

2300 W is including the heater. If you do not use hot water option, then it would not consume that much electricity. Just the motor does not consume that much. Typically without hot water, a front loader would consume about 1 unit of electricity per wash cycle and top loader would consume 0.5-0.6. So yes Top Loaders are certainly energy efficient. But then if you go for a LG front load model with inverter tech Direct Drive, then that would be as efficient as top loaders in energy consumption. BUt then those models are expensive. If you are looking at top loaders, you can look at these:

BrandModelAmazon LinkFlipkart Link
PanasonicNA-F62B5 http://fkrt.it/bxWHU!NNNN
IFBTL- RDW 6.5 Kg Aquahttp://amzn.to/2jOQ5erhttp://fkrt.it/s9ISdTuuuN

Thanks lot Abhishek. Now I have a clear picture. I will go with LG as per ur suggestions. 5k extra bug is not a issue for one time investment.
Thanks again.


Thanks abhishek,
Just last query...
I am confuse in two models:
1. Whirlpool 7.2 kg 360 degree bloom wash 72H (360 watt) it says, "better than top front loaders in removing strains." Is it right??
2. LG FH0B8NDL22 (1700Watt)

Which one have better wash quality and per cloth washing cost will be less.??

I m thinking to purchase it in flipkart upcoming sell.
Thanks for ur continuous and valuable support.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Whirlpool 360 Bloomwash (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qYxykJ , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/EiiRK!NNNN ) is a great washing machine and uses tumbling action for cleaning. So it is certainly very good. But you mentioned that your budget is 20K. This one will be for 25K (Check Amazon and Flipkart Links I have provided). I would not say that it would be better than front loaders, but then it would be quite good (better than top loaders). Also 360Watts would just be for the motor. I guess it has heater as well. But again heater is optional to use in any washing machine. And almost every washing machine (if it is not inverter tech) will have motor of about 360 watts. The electricity consumption will vary depending on the wash programs length, etc.

LG FH0B8NDL22 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qW9l1x" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://amzn.to/2qW9l1x , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/sQTRMTuuuN" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://fkrt.it/sQTRMTuuuN ) will again go beyond your budget. It is also for 25K. It is a inverter tech direct drive machine so certainly very energy efficient. Again it has a heater and that is why you see 1700 Watts. And electricity consumption for heating water does not depend on wattage of the heater. It depends on the volume of water being heated. The inverter tech direct drive motor in this machine would consume very less electricity. I think this one would be better for wash quality as well as cost of washing would be comparable to the Whirlpool model (also because this is a 6 kg machine and whirlpool model is 7.2 kg machine).

So between the two I would suggest LG FH0B8NDL22 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qW9l1x" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://amzn.to/2qW9l1x , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/sQTRMTuuuN" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://fkrt.it/sQTRMTuuuN ) .... but yes this will be beyond your budget.


Hello Abhishek,

Appreciate all your work !

Need suggestion in picking one from the selected models.Please help.

Family of 3 - 2 adult and 1 toddler
Toddler clothes will go through mostly every day or.alternate day for 30 min cycle .3-4 days for adult clothes.

I got quote for Bosch 6.5 20167IN (new model)29900 INR/Bosch 20160IN 7kgs 30000 INR
LGFHOB8NDL22 6kg 26000 INR

What's your suggestions.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vidhya,

I will just copy a similar reply that I gave to another lady who came to this forum asking comparison between a Bosch and a LG model:

Bosch is a german brand and their technology in general is quite robust. In terms of cleaning as well they are better. This model is also efficient in using water. But then it is not very energy efficient as compared to the LG model you have chosen. The LG model has inverter technology direct drive motor, which is not only energy efficient, but also quite durable because it has very less moving parts. LG is also more popular brand in India and thus they have a wide service network. Their 6 motion DD is also quite innovate and should wash well.

Now in your case, Bosch WAK20160IN is an old model and has a lot of strong positive feedback as well both on Amazon and Flipkart. You can check Amazon: http://amzn.to/2pmzV3N , Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/pcAKATuuuN for this model.

LG models in general have lot of feedback because the brand is more popular (reason being, its service is available all over the country). You can check the feedback on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2pmpY6v , Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/p6lVkTuuuN

The new Bosch model does not have a lot of feedback: Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pmAhYb .... but then it has got special programs built in for Indian washing like Monsoon and Sari programs. So looks interesting.

My take: 7 kgs would be big for your needs and I think 6.5 should be good enough. If you are in a metro city (big city) then Bosch most likely will have good service. And in general build and wash quality would be just a bit better in Bosch (I would not say a whole lot better because LG is also a great brand). Bosch models are efficient in water usage and less noisy as well (although LG with DD will also be quite less noisy). But then I would say go for Bosch if they have good service in your city. Else LG model is also quite good.


Bunch of thanks Abishek. I live in metro city and got better price in local store.So chosen Bosch 6.5kg based on your inputs.

Thanks Buddy !


hi,I am looking for a 6kg full auto front load washing machine, is BOSCH WAB20267IN a better option than LG FH0B8NDL2? I can see that both come almost in same price,but I would like to know pros and cons for both.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Runa,

Both are top models from these premium brands and quite comparable as well. Bosch is a german brand and their technology in general is quite robust. In terms of cleaning as well they are better. This model is also efficient in using water. But then it is not very energy efficient as compared to the LG model you have chosen. The LG model has inverter technology direct drive motor, which is not only energy efficient, but also quite durable because it has very less moving parts. LG is also more popular brand in India and thus they have a wide service network. Their 6 motion DD is also quite innovate and should wash well. You will find lot more reviews on LG model as well, because LG is a more popular brand. You can check the user reviews on Amazon/Flipkart using the links mentioned below:

LG FH0B8NDL25 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qqneF7 , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/MaSfP!NNNN )
Bosch WAB20267IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qRgdgF ) ... This is not available on Flipkart.


Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for directing people for buying the best among the options available.
With lot of research , I have zeroed to LG 8077TEELX, LG 8077TEELY,LG 8077TEELK ,T8067TEDLR, Whirlpool 360 series Bloomwash.
As you said, each brand have its own features.
Please let me know which I should buy....Your immediate reply will be appreciated.Thanks

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Tushar,

There is not much difference in the LG models you have selected. They are almost the same with slight variation in color. The LG models are good, but I think Whirlpool 360 Bloomwash (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qYxykJ , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/EiiRK!NNNN ) is a better washing machine because it uses tumbling action for washing, which is in general better for washing. It also uses less water and in general has better features. The user feedback on this model is also much more and better.


I need a washing machine with inverter technology. Its capacity should be 7 Kg and my budget is under 25K.
What would you recommend, front or top loaded ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

HI Micky,

Getting an inverter technology washing machine of 7 Kg under 25K would not be possible. But you can certainly get good machines in 25K. Usually Front Loader is better in cleaning. However, electricity consumption is a bit higher as compared to top loader. In Flont Load, this machine would be very good: Bosch WAK20060IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pbRrnb , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/LZUHvTuuuN ) ... however, you will have to stretch your budget by 2K.

In Top Loaders you can look at these:

IFB TL- SDG 7.0 Kg Aqua (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jOIjBn , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/s9CYTTuuuN )
LG T8067TEDLR (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qvxrQp , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/2inva!NNNN )
Samsung WA70K4000HP/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2qvy5NP , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/LDgNoTuuuN )

None of these are inverter technology machines. But then these are good models.


Hello! Abhishek , I like to ask you that which waching machine will suits me better as I am doing a transfareble job and so I have to change loaction in every 2-3 years.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Anirban,

Washing Machine can be easily transferred from one place to another. That should not be a problem. The only thing that you have to look at is that you should go for a brand that has wider service network. And for that I would say IFB or LG would be a better choice.


Hello Abhishek,
I am not able to decide, should I go for Top of front load. My requirements are -
1) Family of 3
2) Budget <25k
3) Preferably water and energy efficient.
4) Most importantly, Does paying extra ~10k for a Front load w.m., really help in saving Water or Power bill over the year?

Thank you...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


For 3 people, 6-6.2 kg should be good enough. Front Loaders can save water but will consume more electricity than Top Loader. And so if electricity saving is your priority, then you should stick with TL.
You can look at these machines:

LG-T72CMG22P (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jLt4On ,Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bcQcX!NNNN )
Panasonic-NA-F62B5 (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bxWHU!NNNN )
LG-T7270TDDL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2l4ASv5 ,Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bWkV0!NNNN )
LG-T7070TDDL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2kd5d9f ,Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/s9ifdTuuuN )


Hello Abhishek,
What if I go for Front load? Please suggest similar models in Front load, budget <27k

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at any of these:

BrandModelFlipkart LinkAmazon Link
IFBEva Aqua VX - 6 Kghttp://fkrt.it/bEDtO!NNNN 
IFBElena Aqua SX - 6 kghttp://fkrt.it/s98AuTuuuN 

Pls let me know if you are aware whats the difference between two LG FL models suggested above.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

The difference is only in the color of display window. Otherwise the models are the same.


which is the best washing machine where running water supply is a problem?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Do you have low water pressure problems? If yes then Haier has NZP (Net Zero Pressure) technology and Whirlpool has ZPF technology (which is the same), both of which can handle low water pressure. What is the size of washing machine you are looking at and what is your budget? Let me know and then I can recommend you some models from these brands.

dr ashutosh dewangan

TL OR FL 7 kg confused beteween whirlpool bloom wash ,whirlpool stainwash and lg front loading ddrive.which is better in terms of ease of use like bending on knees and all.and which is having more running cost like maintenance ,amount of detergent used.initial budget and water supply is no issue at present.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If bending is a concern, go for Top Load. Whirlpool Bloom wash should be a good choice. We do not have AMC costs data, so I cannot tell which one has more maintenance cost.


Hi Abhishek,

I have a small family with 4 family members. so can you suggest me a washing machine which have on below parameters.

1) capacity
2) mechanical drying or thermal drying whichever consume less electricity.
3)have inverter tech. Or direct duo.(energy efficient)
4) from top of brand as you noted above.

Ankit dalal

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ankit,

Here is my response:

1) 6.5 kg washing machine should be good enough for your use.
2) Mechanical Drying always uses least electricity.
3) Only LG and Samsung have models with inverter tech. And Direct Drive is LG technology.
4) You can look at these:

LG FH096WDL24 (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/O8VJQ!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2p3OkNK )
LG FH096WDL23 (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/ODMlv!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2nN267c )


I follow all links that you provide but it is costly and I can't afford it.So is that any option in top loading washing machine with energy efficient.(fully automatic/semi automatic)my range is from 15000-25000.

Thanking you give me prompt reply.
Ankit Dalal

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ankit,

Had you told your budget earlier, I would have told you accordingly :). Well here are a few models that you can look at.

IFB TL- SDG 7.0 Kg Aqua Top Load Washing Machine (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jOIjBn , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/s9CYTTuuuN )

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra - 6.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (Amazon Link: c , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bWg2U!NNNN )

Electrolux ET70ENERM Top Load Washing Machine (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jOC7cH , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/slbmTTuuuN )

IFB TL- RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua Top Load Washing Machine (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jOQ5er , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/s9ISdTuuuN )

They do not have inverter tech or direct drive because those are expensive machines. They all have mechanical drying.


Hi Abhishek,
I'm planning to go in for a fully automatic top loading washing machine. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. We have only bore well water so very hard water. Budget should not be a problem if it is satisfying our needs. What brand and model would you recommend to us. We would be happy if it is also economical on the water usage. Thanks a lot.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A 6.5 kg machine should be good for you. You should look at these models that can work well with hard water:

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra - 6.5 Kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bWg2U!NNNN" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://fkrt.it/bWg2U!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://fkrt.it/bWg2U!NNNN" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://fkrt.it/bWg2U!NNNN )


IFB TL- RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/s9ISdTuuuN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jOQ5er )

Whirlpool model is more feature rich.


Namaskaar....q#1) whats ur opinion on BPL BFAFL65WX1 sir?...is it worth buying that machine or shall i go for another ?although reviews on it seems positive i need ur valuable suggestion. Q#2) since its too good unmatchably low priced for an fully automatic machine r they rebranded Chinese stuff?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Abhishek,

The unfortunate reality of most Indian brands is that the products are imported from China and rebranded in India. Very few are genuinely doing design and engineering. However, having said that, even iPhones are made in China. But the design and specs are given to the manufacturers and quality is ensured. So not all chinese products are bad if quality is tested properly.

The reviews on this model are mostly positive. I do not expect this model to be highly energy efficient and water efficient. But for most people that is not the selection criterion. It is the cheapest front load model in market I would say. I would not be highly positive about this model, but looking at the user feedback, I will not be negative too. So I would say you may go for it if you find it comfortable.


Dear Abhishek,
Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing by educating people about energy efficiency and saving. Need your advise on LG VS BOSCH 7KG FL washers. LG is direct drive inverter and Bosch is proven german engineering. I am very much concerned about my energy bill and wash quality. The washer will be used daily with water from borewell so little on harder side. Daily washing load is close to 5KG. Please suggest a suitable option.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Satyajeet,

Difference on wash quality would not be huge in both. If you are concerned about electricity bills then go for LG Direct Drive. Also I assume that if you are using borewell water, then you are from tier 2 or 3 city. In that case you should also check the service level of the brands and LG being a more widespread brand in India, it should be able to provide you a better service. So LG sounds like a better option.


Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for your valuable suggestion. The Lg service is quite good here in Pune and should not be a problem. Will check with dealer as well as online options.


Dear abhishek .. first of all thanks for the brilliant write up as usual ..
I had purchased ceiling fans and refrigerator based on your analysis and its all doing very good all are saving money for me by working really efficiently

Now i am on hunt for a washing machine ..

Family of 5 adult + 1 super mischievous toddler
condition : we do have a personal overhead water tank but erratic main water supply for replishment
electricity supply are erratic, with high and low voltage fluctuations and sometimes a day of power cut
currently we have being using under-capacity semi automatic washing machine (Godrej make of 4kgs capactity )
Budget : maximum 30 Thousand

Your valuable inputs are awaited
thanks and regards


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Spiro,

I think a 7-7.5 kgs machine should be fine for you. From what you have described, I think you have challenge with water pressure. In that case you should go with something that can work at almost zero water pressure as well. There are two brands that have such a thing: Haier has NZP (Net Zero Pressure) technology and Whirlpool has ZPF technology (which is the same). You can look at these two models from Whirlpool:

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra - 7.2 Kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/FgYxfTuuuN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2nvcIqS )
Whirlpool Stainwash Deep Clean - 7.2 kg (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/FA3QuTuuuN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2mRwJui )

These both have ZPF technology to handle low water pressure issues. Also if you have voltage fluctuations, then you should go with a voltage stabilizer for the washing machine. You can check list of voltage stabilizers on our page over here: https://www.bijlibachao.com/appliances/voltage-stabilizers-buying-guide-best-tv-ac-fridge-home-guide-india.html


Dear Abhishek.thanks for the reply

let me clarify.. we have good water pressure but supply is erratic I mean we get 45-50minutes water supply daily...

secondly. The power cuts are frequent.. so say if we are in middle of cycle 1 and power goes.. does the suggesed machines restart at the same cycle or skips on power restoration...

also its fully automatic machine that you have suggested.. any particular reason for the same? semi automatic machines any suggestions?


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Spiro,

From cleaning perspective Front Load Automatic is better than Top Load Automatic which in turn is better than Semi Automatic.

Semi Automatic also has a lot of manual work to do. Which is not there in automatic machines.

From a water consumption perspective Front Load is better than Top Load which in turn is better than Semi Automatic.

Just that if you do not use hot water for cleaning (which happens to clean better than cold water), then energy consumption wise Semi Automatic is least electricity consuming followed by Top Load and Front Load is most electricity consuming.

But if you use hot water for better washing, then Front Load consuming the least water consumes the least amount of electricity (just because heating water is a lot of electricity consuming activity).

Also I thought that you have water pressure problems and that is why I suggested models that can work on almost zero water pressure.

Now first you need to decide if you want to go for semi automatic, top load or front load and then I can recommend models accordingly.


Dear Abhishek

thanks for the reply , Yes we are indeed doing more of manual work getting cloths from wash tub to the spinner tub more tiresome at a long stretch

All in the family are voting for the top loading automatic but are bit worried due to following reasons

If there is a power failure or if the water supply stops what happens if cycle stops mid day and when the power restores does it starts from point 01

Also in the top loading automatic machine how long shall be complete wash-rinse-dry cycle say for eg, 7-7.5kg full load.

kindly suggest based on the above

thanks and regards


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Spiro,

As for power failure, many washing machines these days have memory backup to restore the state in case of power failures. LG Top Loaders have that, Godrej Top Loaders also have that, Samsung Front Loaders have that. Even with low water pressure, the machine will stop and wait for water pressure to restore.

Typical wash cycle in a front loader is about 45 mins.


Thanks a Lot Abhishek

Please suggest the good options from LG and Godrej top Loader
thanks and regards


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Spiro,

In LG you can look at T8067TEDLR (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/F0LhxTuuuN ). It has a memory backup function.

In Godrej you can look at WT Eon 700 PFD (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2mPlf8C ) .... this has memory backup but then it does not have too many reviews.

You can also look at IFB TL- SDG 7.0 Kg Aqua (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/XhLQm!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2nyjbC4 ) .... this one is a highly rated/reviewed machine that does have memory backup.


Dear Abhishek

since 25 days we have being chasing the said models in LG , Godrej and IFB ..we did find the IFB superior in built quality but sure LG was performer in the efficiency department , we found godrej too in good lime light.

Please advice options in the Front Loading for us.

As more we understand the technology the more we want to buy it

thanks in advance


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Spiro,

Apologies for delayed reply. IFB being an Indian brand does take care of such Indian challenges. Their front load machines also have Memory Backup. You can look at this model from IFB which is highly rated: IFB Elite Aqua SX - 7 kg (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jLtt3l , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/bxycj!NNNN ).


Hello Abhi,
Does Bosch have top load fully automated washing machine?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I have not seen any top load model from bosch.


Hi Abhishek,
We want to buy a 7/7.5 kg washing machine primary concerns being wash quality which includes as less wrinkles as possible, water consumption and ease of use with lower noise. budget though important but not an issue for an otherwise perfect machine. FL not preferable due to bending issues.. LG has a TL model with a Direct Drive with double inlets. It comes with a deeper drum which is claimed to be stable compared to other models. Deeper drum also means that within the dimensions of a 7/7.5 kg machine it packs a capacity of 10 kg. Though it is priced almost at par with FL options. Would love to hear your comments on this particular model and whether you would suggest any other models. Thanks.. N.K. Mishra

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Mishra,

In general TL models consume more water as compared to FL models. And in case you use hot water for washing, then TL will also consume more electricity (because a lot of electricity goes for heating water).

LG's Direct Drive technology is a very energy efficient technology as it reduces a lot of moving parts (and thus energy loss in moving those parts). It also reduces noise as those moving parts are reduced. In general the direct drive technology is quite good. However, I am not sure if it can pack 10 kg or not (in general overloading is not good). It is priced at par with FL options because of it's direct drive technology. However, I am not sure which model you are looking at, as I am not able to find a 7 kg direct drive machine on this link: http://www.lg.com/in/washing-machines/all-washing-machines

But direct drive is certainly a good technology. If you want to compare some options then you may look at Whirlpool 360 Bloom wash machine. They claim to consume less water and use tumble action, which is good for washing. However, in general LG uses pulsator which is good on cloths, while whirlpool uses agitator which is a bit harsh on cloths. LG model should be better, but you can also check this one.


Thanks abhishek for quick reply. What i meant was that lg has a 10/9 kg TL model which has similar dimensions as that of a 7/7.5 kg machine. Model no. is T1064HFES5/T1064HFES5C. The link is http://www.lg.com/in/washing-machines/lg-T1064HFES5
Though my requirement is for 7/7.5 kg, yet in that capacity such model is not available. Was thinking about this higher capacity model especially since it is the same size..please offer your comments.. thanks.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can certainly go for 10/9 kg model if you have a need for it. When it is mentioned 10/9 then it can certainly take 10 kgs. This model is a good one and you can certainly go for it. However, just one point: over sizing always results in a bit of extra electricity consumption. Because most motors are most efficient when they are running at appropriate capacity (not under capacity nor over capacity).


I am looking for a good fully automatic machine 6-7 kg, with low water and electricity consumption, but at the same time it should clean and rinse the clothes well. Also, i am a bit confused for dront and top load, what should i choose and why.
Kindly reply fast.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You should go for a front load washing machine. Ones from LG with Direct Drive are quite energy efficient as well as low on water consumption.


Plz suggest me the best latest market model, value for money fully automatic front loading Washing Machine..6/7kg.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

What is your budget?


Budget around 30k, I need the best one even if it's little higher or lower in price.....secondly I am confused between these 2 brands Bosch and IFB.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would say go for Bosch. Their German technology is quite good and advanced. You can look at Bosch WAK24168IN (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2lR7YOR , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/skVw6TuuuN )


1) Is this model better than its rivals models from LG & IFB sir? 2) Also plz suggest me if there r any recent latest models from Bosch 2017..that better than WAK24168IN

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Bosch has quite advanced technology. So yes I would say that it is better than LG & IFB. This model is part of the current series that Bosch is selling. You may also look at this model:

Bosch WAK24268IN (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/7kR82!NNNN , Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2lER9G7 )


I want to buy 6-7kg fully automatic front loading washing machine but confused with smart converter, digital converter and direct drive. Please advise thanks

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Shekhar,

I guess you mean Smart Inverter and Digital Inverter. Actually, both are one and the same thing. It has a Inverter technology motor which is latest technology in energy efficient (electricity saving) motor. Some brands call it Smart Inverter while some call it Digital Inverter.

On top of inverter technology, LG has added another technology called Direct Drive. A typical motor has a gear and belt system that is used to transfer the motion form a motor to the rest of the machine. A direct drive gets rid of gear and belt system and reduces some extra moving parts. It in turn makes it more energy efficient (or electricity saving). So Direct Drive Inverter Technology would be most electricity saving technology.

You can check the list of models on this page and filter out models based on your brand preference and budget.

Sonika Srivastava

Hello Sir,

I have to buy a fully automatic top loading washing machine with capacity around 6-7kg (for 4 person) within the range of 15K-18K. I have checked different models in stores and now I am totally confused which one to buy.

I have seen Whirlpool white magic, Samsung ACTIVWash+ WA65H4000HD and LG T72CMG22P.

Kindly suggest me which one is the best option to go with, keeping in mind the electricity consumption and wash quality.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sonika,

Brand wise Whirlpool, Samsung, LG are all top brands and have their own pluses and minuses. Whirlpool uses agitator (agipellar as mentioned on their website) which provides stability, but it a bit harsh on cloths. Samsung and LG use pulsator which is not harsh on cloths and in general is believed to provide better life to cloths. LG models use waterfall circulation which improves rinsing effect. Whirlpool models are good for hard water wash and they also work at low water pressure. So every model has its own pros and cons. And it really depends on what you need.

If you look at user reviews on Ecommerce portals, you will find that LG models in general rate quite high. LG T72CMG22P is 4.5 star rated on Amazon (Link: http://amzn.to/2kUVdCQ )

Samsung WA65H4000HD has lesser reviews decent ratings on Flipkart (but less datapoint to consider it): http://fkrt.it/zNuxfTuuuN

Whirlpool White magic has better ratings than Samsung model on Flipkart (Link: http://fkrt.it/Hwqz6TuuuN ) but quite less on Amazon (Link: http://amzn.to/2jzJ5aj )

In general I have seen user ratings of appliances are less on Amazon and still the LG model has almost 250 user reviews on Amazon makes me feel that people are having better feedback on LG T72CMG22P.

Sonika Srivastava

Thanks for the reply if you have some other option available within the range please mention that

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You may also look at IFB TL-RDW (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2knY7wX Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/n6UAp!NNNN ), this is another good model.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Gaurav,

You can look at these two models:

LG T7270TDDL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2jaBGhb & Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/cxLYz!NNNN )
Whirlpool WM Premier 652SD (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2k8mpNt & Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/fGS7jTuuuN )

These are good machines that fit your size requirement and budget.


Hi abhishek

Plz given an urgent reply bro.

I want to buy a fully automatic washing machine for my mom n dad.
They live in karnal
I live in pune

I have gone to various stores in karnal.
But i m confused which one to buy as every company say that they are the best.

I want to buy 6.5 or 7 kg top loading washing machine as front loading is not liked by mom as she has problem to bend.

I have seen IFB top loading ,LG jet spray, Panasonic, Whirlpool ultrastain and whirlpool 360,

Everyone says theirs is best.

I am confused which one to buy.

Some says IFB is best but have problem with service. And you have to use their washing liquid which is an costly affair.

Some says panasonic spares are costly bt have service center in karnal.

LG service is good in this city.

Whirlpool also have center in this city.

Can u plz tell me as soon as possible which one i should buy?

Budget no problem.

Thnx n regards

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ajay,

If budget is not a problem then I think Whirlpool 360 is a great buy. It is water efficient, energy efficient and the best thing is that it has a cleaning action which is quite similar to tumbling action which is there in front load machines. Tumbling action is quite good for cleaning. LG also has some good models but if you can go for Whirlpool 360 then it would be great.


Thnx bro
For urgent reply

I was looking on amazon for machines when i saw the
LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Model T72CMG22P for 16,500/-
Having very good reviews.

I dont knw abut this model
Is it new one or old one ?

I was discussing with my mom abut this she said OK for this also. But still i will ask ur advise abut this LG model
Mom want that we shud spend till 18-20k
As they both have simple clothes to wash.

Ur expert advise plz bro... abut this model or any other till 18-20k

Earlier i have selected IFB 6.5kg for 19000/- but due to its service problems i am not buying it.
Thnx in advance bro


Thnx bro
For urgent reply

I was looking on amazon for machines when i saw the
LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Model T72CMG22P for 16,500/-
Having very good reviews.

I dont knw abut this model
Is it new one or old one ?

I was discussing with my mom abut this she said OK for this also. But still i will ask ur advise abut this LG model

Mom want that we shud spend till 18-20k
As they both have simple clothes to wash.

Ur expert advise plz bro... abut this model or any other till 18-20k

Earlier i have selected IFB 6.5kg for 19000/- but due to its service problems i am not buying it.

Thnx in advance bro

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ajay,

LG T72CMG22P is a new model and a very good model. It has really good ratings on Flipkart as well: http://fkrt.it/f9M!OTuuuN .... It has steel drum which is durable, pulsator will prevent tangling of cloths and waterfall circulation which will be good for cleaning.

I think it will be a good buy. Another model you can look at is: Samsung WA62H4200HB/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2hYtQpI & Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/REHjV!NNNN ) ..... but I think the LG model you have selected is good and as per your budget.


Hi, I want to buy a 6-7kg top loader semi automatic washing machine and my price is 10-12 thousands rupees. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nabin,

You may look at these:

Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supersoak (Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/RrQqH!NNNN )
Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Turbodry (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2hWqnp3 )
Samsung WT9001EG/TL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2h5aXg7 )
Godrej WS Edge 700 CTL (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2ievJiz )


Hi Abhishek,

I am looking for FL washing machine, which should be future proof and there is no cap for budget.
Kindly suggest only Bosch or Siemens [ if good models are not available in those 2 Brands, please tell me which brand would be good ]
4 Family + 2 Guests( Occasionally )

Strictly no "IFB".

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at Bosch WAK20167IN (6.5 kg) or WAK24268IN (7 kg) .... or Siemens WM12K268IN


Hello Abhishek,
I am asking basic question before buying washing machine. Whenever read diff blogs on washing machines and their use, really do not understand the which one is really suitable for me?
Semi automatic or fully automatic? Which one should go for?
Front load or top loading?
However I have sorted 2 LG models, can you please guide me on this. Thanks


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Wash quality wise front load washing machine is the best. Rest all depends on your budget and the ease that you want. Semi-Automatic machine involves manual effort in scrubbing and moving from one section to another for spin drying. This manual effort is completely removed in an automatic washing machine.

Front Load washing machines have a tumbling action for washing clothes, which in general gives a better output. On top of it there is less tangling in front load (especially if you compare it with a top load with agitator), which is better for life of cloths (Top Load with pulsators are also good to prevent tangling).

Energy consumption wise Semi Automatic is least energy consuming (as there is manual effort involved), top loader is next and Front loaders consume most electricity. A typical semi automatic would consume just 0.2-0.3 units per wash cycle. Top loader would consume about 0.4 units. Front loaders start with 0.6 (Most efficient ones like LG Direct Drive ones) and go up to 1-1.2 units per wash cycle.

Front Loaders are most expensive while Semi Automatic are cheapest. So it truly depends on what you want.


Can you please suggest a top load washing machine with agitator. I have a Samsung without agitator and it can't handle heavy loads as the drum wsould start striking against the body.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Whirlpool has good models with Agitator. In fact very few brands use agitator these days and Whirlpool is one. What is your budget for this machine? And what size are you looking for?


I just don't understand how the drum can balance properly without agitator. Without it, the drum simply hangs and if the clothes are heavy, it won't rotate correctly. I started having this problem with Samsung from day 1. I think agitator supports from bottom. I used a semi for several years and never had any problem with washing heavy clothes.
Anyway, I spent 17k already on it, so my budget is around 15k or so. Size would be between 6 to 7 litres. Thank you for taking time to reply.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg washing machine. It will fit in your budget and has agitator. It is within your budget on both Flipkart and Amazon:

Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/HiuXYTuuuN

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2khrr7O


Thanks Abhishek for your valuable suggestion. I will search models based on this.


I had asked a query regarding dual input washing machine. Forget about getting an answer to my query, even I don't see my query at all in this section. Can I know the reason sir?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Bhat,

Any comment with links in them go in the pending section of our website, and do not appear till they are approved. We have done this because people put a lot of spam links on the website, if we allow them to do so. Which does not give a good user experience. We get a lot of spam messages and it does take some effort to filter out proper messages and so messages with links do go on the back burner.

Now to answer your question: certainly hot water wash is a better wash and lot of washing machine models these days come with inbuilt water heater. But Panasonic is the only brand that has specifically mentioned double inlet (Hot & Cold) on it's top load washing machines. I am not sure if there is any other brand that has this feature. Panasonic models also have Econavi sensors that make them quite energy efficient. In general Panasonic is a good brand. You may search for user reviews of Panasonic top load models on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart to see how users have felt about them.



I bought my first WM - 'TVS Whirlpool top loading' - in 1993. It gave me good performance for around 10 years. Later on I changed to a new 'Whirlpool top loading WM' and am using it till date (since almost 13 years).

Now I want to buy a new WM. I prefer a top loading WM as I find the advantages of front WM are not much applicable to me. Also I am more used to a top loading.

I live in Bengaluru, and have recently moved to a pent house. I have installed a 480 lts solar hot water heater and the temperature of the water is excellent. I have plenty of hot water available to me without any heating cost. I have done the plumbing work for 'cold' and 'hot' water inlet to the WM.

I saw few models of LG Direct Drive Inverter Technology top loading WMs with 2 water inlets i.e Hot & Cold water inlets. We all know that washing cotton clothes etc in hot water is always better than washing in cold water. I tried to see the reviews for hot & cold water inlet WMs. But alas, I could not find review of the same. (there were a couple of sites like http://www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk, http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/ - but the reviews are very old and don't belong to India.

Can you give me some ideas, suggestions etc on it's usage?. Also is there any other brand top loading WMs, in which I can use hot & cold water?


I still have TVS top load semi and it still works other than the drum which broke. I think it must be around 20 years old.

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