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LG Washing Machine in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

LG is one of the biggest and trustworthy brand in the washing machine market. LG is also one of the most prolific brand in terms of washing machine offering, giving wide range of automatic machines to choose from, ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top-loader to front-loader from fixed speed motor to variable frequency drive motor. LG is one of the pioneers of innovations in the washing machine segment, which keeps on bringing the regular technological upgrades through innovations to improve lifestyle of its consumers.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

LG Twin Wash Technology to Double up your Washing Load

LG has come up with Twin Wash technology which provides two separate drums for washing. There is one main wash drum which is then complimented by a mini version of it placed below the main drum. Models like F0K4CHK2T2 has the main drum with mammoth capacity of 20 Kgs which is generally used to clean the big and large heavily soiled clothes. Whereas the mini section below it, is designed for the delicate cloth wash like inner garments, scarf, handkerchiefs etc. Thus, the TwinWash technology helps in providing incredible washing performance & efficiency by segregating the washing space.

lg twin wash

All Round Cleaning with 6 Motion DD Technology

6 Motion DD technology is another new and powerful technology adopted by LG in a bid to provide optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. Against the background that most washing machines are only able to carry out just one wash motion, LG’s premium range models possess 6-Motion technology which has a capacity to replicate 6 different wash motions:

  1. Tumble
  2. Stepping
  3. Scrubbing
  4. Swing
  5. Rolling
  6. Filtration

lg 6 motion washing machine

Being fabric-sensitive it helps in selecting appropriate motion for better washing performance with minimal fabric damage by selecting stepping or scrubbing for stains and swing or rolling for delicate clothes.

Turbo Wash 2.0 with Steam Cleaning to Abolish Allergens

Turbo Wash 2.0 is an upgrade over TurboWash technology which LG has developed earlier which helped to reduce the laundry time. Turbo Wash 2.0 uses twin JetSpray mechanism to sprinkle water over the clothes to wash off dirt and excess of detergent. It has high-pressured atomizing rinse spray which speeds up the rinsing during spin cycle. This technology helps centrifugal motion in dissolving the detergent better with enhanced movement to impart a clean hands-free wash.

Turbo Drum for Careful Cleaning

Premium LG washing machines come with Turbo Drum technology that not only results in immaculate wash but are also tender to your clothes. In Turbo Drum there are two rotating drum that minimizes entangling of clothes during the wash. This way the fabric of clothes remains intact for longer. Movement of the drum in TurboDrum is opposite to that of pulsator which makes washing much more efficient.

LG TrueSteam to Remove Allergens

High-end LG models also has TruSteam technology to get rid of common household allergens like dust, mites, dander etc. LG also holds the honor of being the first washer certified as asthma-free & allergy-free by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It has 3 stages of allergen removal:

  1. Allergen Sanitization: In this first stage atomized steam is penetrated through the fibers for sanitization.
  2. Allergen Dissolution: In this second stage washer decides and utilizes optimal temperature to dissolve loosened allergens from the garments.
  3. Allergen Removal: Finally, in this stage all the allergens are being filtered and discarded during rinse and spin cycle.

Inverter + Direct Drive for Immaculate Wash with Minimal Noise

LG again marches as vanguard for innovative technology by using the combined might of Inverter and Direct Drive technology. Inverter technology makes the machine run at an optimum speed based on the load (amount of clothes) on the machine. A ordinary washing machine generally have a motor designed for a fixed load operating efficiently only when run at an ideal fixed load. On the contrary, inverter technology allows the motor to operate at a speed in accordance with the load in the washing machine.

In premium LG washing machines equipped with this dual technology, the motor is directly attached to the drum without the use of mechanical moving parts like pulley and belt. This results in truncated series of mechanical parts dissipating lesser energy, thus cutting down the electricity consumption. Although this combination makes motor bit bulkier, but their efficiency is substantially improved. Also, they also produce less noise and have better life. So, you can be rest assured that this powerful dual combination would surely save some handsome bucks by trimming down your electricity bill.

Rat Away Technology

Semi automatic LG washing machines come with protection of Rat Away technology.  A 3mm thick plastic cover coated with strong rodent-repellent chemical helps to repel away nasty rats which can nibble outer body of the washing machine and damage it.

Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags

Even for troubleshooting premium LG washing machines are equipped with most of the latest technologies. Smart Diagnosis technology using NFC tags is the testimony of that. Basic concept of this technology is when user presses the button on the washer, smartphone having Smart Diagnosis app installed would listed to the tone transmission, and warns if there is some issue with the washing machine. It can diagnose up to 28 different technical issues. It will also try to detect the actual issue by analyzing and recording those special tones. Once detection is complete it will instantly provide trouble-shooting steps to get the problem fixed, minimizing the need to call customer service representative. This way Smart Diagnosis quickly notifies/troubleshoots almost any minor/major issue before it becomes a much bigger problem.

lg washing machine smart diagnosis

Durable Design with Aesthetic Appeal

Premium top-loaders like T1232HFDS5 are stylishly built with premium looking design. It has a soft closing door at the top to safely close the lid without the generation irksome noise while operation. The door is built of scratchproof wide diamond glass for steadfast protection from accidental fall/ramming of heavy object.

Modern LG washing machine comes with waterproof touch panel so that even with operating the washer with wet hands do not lead to any trouble. Another good thing is that you can set up a Child Lock so that the toddlers at your home do not mess around with the setting of your washing machine. Finally to protect from the scourges of power shutdown which are frequent in India. New LG washing machines like FH0FANDNL02 come with Auto Restart function which saves the setting of your machine in a memory. So even if there is a power cut it would retrieve this data from memory and start the machine cycle from the stage it was in just before the power outage.

LG – Life’s Good (and Bad!)

LG is the premium brand which locks horns with other bigwigs of this segment like IFB, Bosch, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Talking about the plus side, LG is one most successful brand in washing machine segment. So, if the quality and reliability is your main criteria for washing machine purchase, consider LG as your safest bet. With that said, Samsung and Whirlpool too are reliable brands offering top notch quality, but then you’ll need to carefully examine the specifications to suit your requirements. LG has been an innovative brand, and with 6D motion technology thanks to its DD inverter motor combination, washing performance is pretty impressive.

Area where LG could be better is bringing some good budget and low-range models to suit the needs of customers with thrifty budget. LG washing machines are little inordinately priced for certain premium models. Another area of improvement would be its Smart app segment bundled with this washing machine. App isn’t very intuitive and couple of its features works only with WiFi-enabled washers. Due to cluttered nature of the app, it takes a while to locate Smart Diagnosis to enable acoustic-based diagnosis and troubleshooting.


LG has been one of the manufacturers which has been sapient in understanding the needs of Indian consumers. It keeps offering the features which they desire for, like dual load for segregating heavy and light load, allergen removal for protection from dust-borne diseases and a durable design to cope up with accidental damage. If it further optimizes the price and improves the diagnosis app it would turn into an undisputed king in the kingdom of washing machines.

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