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Bosch And Siemens Washing Machine in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

pBosch is a reputed European brand, providing good quality of washing machines. This, more than a century-old brand initially started with just front load washing machines but have recently launched even the top load washing machines.

Bosch a German brand, forayed into Indian market in 1922 by setting up Sales office in Kolkata. It is one of the only few foreign brands which helped newly-independent India to boost its manufacturing, by setting up R&D and manufacturing units as early as 1951.

In 2015, Bosch acquired home appliance unit of Siemens. So, Siemens now is wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch. Bosch has kept Siemens as an independent sub-brand rather than merging it. In India, Bosch wants to keep Siemens an urban brand, specialized in catering metropolitan customers. While Bosch would also cater small towns and other remotely located areas alongside the metros. Bosch washing machine primarily offers 3 range of washing machine based on budget and feature requirements:

  • Serie 4 is targeted for customers looking for a robust Bosch product at an affordable price
  • Serie 6 is a mid-ranger, offering more features than Serie 4 counterpart but lesser expensive than the premium Serie 8
  • Serie 8 is the top-notch breed of Bosch washers with state-of-art features including couple of extras. But you’ll have to pay premium price for it.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

VarioDrum for Gentle Wash

Bosch models are smartly designed to protect the tender laundry at every turn of the drum. What it does is, as the drum spins in one direction, flat side of the attached paddle cleans the loaded clothes; and then when it spins on the other side, steep side of paddle delivers profound cleaning with the help of its wave-droplet design.

On the similar line as VarioDrum, Siemens washer uses waveDrum to clean the laundry with extreme care. Just like VarioDrum they too have wave pattern design with flat and steep sides to provide a complementing wash. The waveDrum is carefully crafted to ensure optimal distribution of water flow around the laundry to deliver a near-perfect wash.

VarioPerfect for a Perfectly Customized Wash

To cater incongruity of lifestyle across age and profession, Bosch has come up with VarioPerfect. It offers two options, SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect. If you are someone who is constantly in a rush and can’t wait for tedious laundry process to complete, you can opt for SpeedPerfect option. It will complete the wash full of load in just an hour. But if you are someone who can manage to have some time to spare, you can do good to the environment by using EcoPerfect option. This eco-friendly washing option would use 66% lesser energy than the ordinary washing machines. The good thing about this technology is that its available across all models of Bosch, right from premium Serie 8 to all the way down to Serie 4.

Magic Filter for a Lint-free Wash

To keep your laundry lint-free and clean, modern Bosch top loading washing machines come with Magic Filter. This filter is strategically positioned low in the washer unlike conventional washers. Its position and build is such that it traps lint effectively irrespective of the level of water inside the drum. Moreover this filter is easy to clean as it is detachable. You can routinely detach it and dust it to ensure smooth cleaning operation of your washing machine.

ActiveWater+ for Clever Wash using 250+ Sensors

ActiveWater+ is an astute technology featuring in Bosch washers, controlled with 256 sensors for automatic load adjustment. Those sensors can sense the amount of load and type of fabric. Thus, it paves the way for clever wash simply by adjusting water allotment inside the drum. Further complemented by VarioDrum technology, water gets evenly distributed at a faster rate.

Siemens washer utilizes similar technology. It is called waterPerfect. It helps to save water by intelligently managing the load and controlling water flow so that the excess of water does not get filled up inside the drum. It’s able to do so via its incessant communication through high-tech sensors.

iDOS for Optimum Detergent Utilization

ActiveWater+ will save water, EcoPerfect will save electricity, but what about the detergent? Or shall we simply ignore petty pint-sized detergent consumption? Well, the answer is no. Amount of detergent noticeably affects the washing performance.

Too much of detergent will not only deplete your stock of detergent faster, but would also increase the water intake. Because it would need more water to dissolve. And if not dissolve properly, residues of it would remain tucked in the clothes, which would then cause skin allergy and irritation. After reading this you might feel it’s better to use paltry amount of detergent. But wait, too little detergent can cause its own complications. Besides downgrading the washing performance, too little detergent can cause discoloration and unpleasant odours. To counter this predicament of deciding correct detergent intake, Bosch has come up with iDOS technology in its Serie 6 and 8 washers. Based on hardness of water and degree of soiling in the clothes, iDOS cleverly determines the optimum quantity of detergent for the perfect wash.

EcoSilence BLDC drive with AntiVibration Side Wall Design for Silent Operation

Premium Bosch washing machines comes with EcoSilence drive with BLDC motor to reduce friction noise which results is quieter operation. Use of BLDC motors results in lower power consumption, better cleaning efficiency and longer life of the appliance. Also there is AntiVibration side wall design to increase the stability and dampen the vibrations which makes Bosch washing machines one of the most silent appliance.

Siemens washing machine too employs similar AntiVibration technology using some additional sensors in its new line-up for a quieter operation.

Allergy+: Certified Protection from Allergies.

Bosch is the first ever brand to be certified by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation). This certification assures protection from allergies. Allergies is typically caused by residues left inside the clothes due to inefficient wash by the washers. Bosch washing machines complemented with smart iDOS technology, gives hygienic wash just at the press of the button.

iQDrive an Advanced Efficient Motor

New breed of Siemens washing machine are armed with intelligent iQDrive motor. This is a friction-less magnetic motor much more quieter, quicker and efficient than the previous generation of motors. Siemens believes iQDrive would save more than 33% energy than ordinary motors used in other washing machines.

Complete Protection with VoltCheck, Power Off Memory, and Child Lock

Modern Bosch washing machines are well equipped with protective technologies to safeguard you from the vagaries of voltage, perils of power cuts, and impishness of toddlers.

Power outages is nothing new in India–we all have or even worse–do regularly face that. And whenever power goes the washing machine settings are generally reset to default, overriding the settings which were in action just before the powercut. But thankfully, modern Bosch washing machines come with a power off memory which saves the wash cycle and related settings so that your washer resumes from where it was, when the power comes back. Also voltage fluctuations are a side effect of power cuts. Because when power comes back there is surge in the supplied power which can be detrimental to the life of large electrical appliances like washing machine. New Bosch washing machines are protected with VoltCheck technology wherein an inbuilt controller pauses the washing machine when the supplied voltage is beyond the safe operating limit and resumes the operation when the voltage level stabilizes.

Another good thing about new Bosch washers is that they come with a Child Lock option so that you can lock all the settings so that they don’t change when your kid meddles with the touch panel of the washing machine. Also, this touch panel is waterproof meaning you don’t need to worry while operating with wet hands.


Bosch Pros and Cons

Bosch is one of the reliable German brand known for its quality and longevity. Though it might not make it to ultra-premium brand list for few, it’s still a pretty decent brand. Quality of Bosch is its biggest plus. German brands are generally famous across the globe for their quality, and Bosch is no exception. Good quality of Bosch appliances can be attributed to their stringent quality control measures. Another good thing about Bosch washers is that they have something for everyone. That’s the very reason they have bifurcated their offerings into Serie 4, 6 and 8 to suit washing needs and budget of varied customers.

The drawback of Bosch washers is slow wash time compared to other premium brands like LG or Whirlpool. Also, Bosch do not have any variant of washing machine to tackle pathbreaking Flexwash machines from Samsung or innovative TwinWash from LG. So, Bosch washers do not have that exclusive feature unique just to that model. If flaunting your washer in front of your guest is your need, its advisable to consider other brands. It’s also slightly expensive when you compare it with brands like IFB or Electrolux.


Bosch is a robust washing brand providing gamut of front loaders. It provides immaculate and customizable wash using VarioDrum and VarioPerfect technologies. It is also money-saving and environment-friendly option, helping in conserving detergent, water and electricity. Bosch is striving hard to compete against East Asian giants like Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc to make a stronghold in consumer electronics department. Also, India is one of their important markets. That’s the very reason Bosch has promised 750 crore rupees investment in India for next 5 years. Bosch is shifting its focus to home appliances segment, and with cash inflow here, it’s a win-win situation for customers. So, in future you can expect more innovation, more models and more service centres from Bosch as its rapidly stretching its legs across India.

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