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Samsung Washing Machine in India - Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

Quality, versatility and excellent brand value is what makes Samsung one of the most reliable washing machine brand in India. With its latest washing machine line up, Samsung has brought incremental changes in its laundry machines by going with the market needs.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

FlexWash = Front Load + Top Load – All in One Machine

Flexwash is arguably the most revolutionary washing machine design presently around. It’s a hybrid design giving the flexibility of using both types load in the same machine. It has a main front loader machine with mammoth 21 Kg capacity further complimented by a miniature top loader with compact capacity of 3.5 Kg. Thus, front loader of this machine can be used to wash heavy laundry items like blankets, curtains or other bulky clothes. While top loader can be utilized for lite loads like socks, lingerie, handkerchiefs etc. It does not require two separate water lines for using top and front loaders but rather has an internal separator to bifurcate given water supply. Design of this hybrid washer is pretty ergonomic requiring less back-bending. Boon for those who have recurring backaches due to frequent bending to do day-to-day tasks.

Samsung Flexwash Washing Machine

Samsung EcoBubble and BubbleSoak for Powerful Bubble Wash

EcoBubble is the technology developed by Samsung to harness the power of bubbles to give powerful cleaning even at lower temperatures. Generally, we Indians use the original supplied cold water for washing machines. So, Samsung front-loaders using this technology would help them to achieve powerful cleaning of their laundry. Main principle of this technology is that it converts the detergent particles into bubbles which gets inflated around the clothes, penetrating inside the fabric to remove adamant dirt easily. Eco Bubble is complemented by Bubble Soak technology which helps in removing stubborn stains by thoroughly soaking clothes in bubbles with just a press of a button. This technique doesn’t get too hard on the fabric as bubble are soft by nature which won’t damage the fabric.


Airwash & Eco Drum Clean to Sanitize the Laundry and the Drum

One of the problem that you might face while cleaning clothes is that it smells when there too much of dirt or sweating. Airwash technology helps to tackle this foul odour by deodorizing and sanitizing clothes and bedding. It uses super-hot air to kill odour-causing bacteria and allergens. After enabling Airwash, Samsung believes clothes will smell pleasantly fresh. Premium front loaders using this technology are certified by reputed UK-based quality assurance group Inertek.

Allergens residing in clothes would be killed with Air wash but what about those dwelling in the drum of the washer? As an answer to this Samsung uses Eco Drum Cleaning technology. What it does is, just at the click of the button, it automatically obliterates the residue in the diaphragm through drum sanitization. Drum sanitization is done using hot water and powerful jet streams. It smartly notifies the user when there is need to run this Eco Drum Clean course.

Diamond Drum Design for Gentle Fabric Care

Samsung offers softly curled diamond-shaped ridged design in its top loaders. In such washers, holes are roughly 25% smaller. Not only this, holes are also located deep within each diamond shaped depression to avert the clothes under the drum from sticking out and consequently being damaged. It also comes with embossed washboard to minimize the textile area exposed to harmful effects of washing by conventional washing machine. Its small water exit holes prevent clothes from becoming trapped thus protects the fabric’s longevity.

Magic Filter for Lint-free Wash

To keep your laundry lint free and clean premium Samsung top loading washing machines come with Magic Filter. Magic Filter is strategically positioned low in the washer unlike conventional washers. Its position and build is such that it traps lint effectively irrespective of the level of water inside the drum. Moreover this filter is easy to clean as it is detachable. You can routinely detach it and dust it to ensure smooth cleaning operation of your washing machine.

ActivWash+ with Dedicated Sink

Many top loaders from Samsung comes with ActivWash+ system, which includes a dedicated sink to provide unique space to conveniently hand-wash delicate items or pre-wash the heavily soiled clothes. It also includes built-in water jet on the side which can controlled easily with the press of the button.

Last Memory to Minimize Wash Time

Samsung front load washing machines come with Last Memory feature that saves the last used setting. So if you wash your clothes, load after load without changing the settings, you would not need to reprogram cycle every time you insert the new load. Simply press the starts button and wash another load. This was washing completes in quicker time.

Silver Nano technology to Keep Clothes Fresh

Samsung provides Silver Nano technology in its budget range of semi-automatic washing machines. Silver Nano technology is primarily used to reduce mold and bacteria in clothes. To achieve this there are 3 stages:

  1. Stage 1: Emission of silver ions during the wash cycle. This occurs by melting silver ceramic crystals present on the pulsator.
  2. Stage 2: Permeation of silver ions (generated in stage 1) into the fabric during wash and rinse cycles.
  3. Stage 3: Prevention and protection from bacteria in fabric.

Another advantage of this technology is that since it prevents growth of harmful germs on clothes, sweat won’t decompose emitting a foul odour. Thus, this anti-bacterial effect helps in keeping fabric fine and fresh even if stored for a longer period of time.

Ceramic Heaters to Prevent Calcium Build-up

Premium front loaders from Samsung come equipped with ceramic heaters that prevents built-up of stubborn calcium compound. Now you might be wondering what if calcium build-up isn’t checked? Now, if calcium build-up continues, it increases the electricity consumption and would need a special detergent to dissolve. Ceramic heaters are effective against calcium built up, thanks to its quick-heating capability. This not only resists calcium build-up but also brings down the energy consumption.

Stainless Steel Pulsator for Powerful & Hygienic Wash

The Stainless Steel pulsator in premium top-loaders allows water and detergent to go through the laundry efficiently while providing the both, powerful water action to clean larger clothes and gentle water action to clean all delicate items. This ensures lower water consumption and lesser wear & tear on clothes. Its 6 blades create intensely wide shower of water which facilitates in effective dirt removal. It helps in delivering highly hygienic wash owing to its scratch-resistant built inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Air Turbo for Quick Drying of Laundry

Modern top loading Samsung washing machines comes with Air Turbo technology which facilitates quick drying of clothes. Air Turbo allows air to be drawn through dual vents creating a whirlwind of drying power. It makes the drum spin fast and hard so that excessive moisture from the laundry is removed quickly by the circulating air. With Air Turbo doing the job of drying the laundry, you can save more time for other productive work.

Digital Inverter Technology for Energy Efficiency & Durability

An ordinary washing machine generally have a fixed-speed motor designed for a fixed load and operating efficiently only when run at an optimum load. But high-end front loaders from Samsung come with Digital Inverter technology which allows the motor to operate at a speed that is optimum for the load in the washing machine. To put it simply, speed of the motor is adjusted in accordance with the load. Also, they have a brushless digital inverter motor which runs much cooler. All these helps in saving quite a few units of electricity. Samsung provides 10 years of warranty on these motors.

VRT+ Technology for Lesser Noise and Vibration

Whirring and vibration is another problem which most of us have faced while using a washing machine. Samsung is making incessant efforts in this area, and new premium front loaders comes with VRT+ technology. VRT+ stands for Vibration Reduction Technology Plus, an improved version of VRT technology which Samsung bundled with older models. So, models which comes with VRT+ technology is a great feature for noise-sensitive light sleepers. VRT+ technology tries to keep noise level at the lowest levels and washer balance stable, so vibration is minimal; all these at high spin speeds with full loads.

Volt Control to Safeguard from Fluctuations

Power outages is nothing new in India and we all have or even worse, do regularly face that. This power outages can be detrimental to the life of large electrical appliances like washing machine. So premium front loaders are protected with Volt Control technology. This helps in safeguarding the machine from power surges and voltage drops. Volt Control technology helps in stabilizing voltage fluctuations in the range of ±25%. It automatically restarts the machine just after the power outage.

Smart Control App for Controlling Washing Machine Using a Smartphone

If you can afford ultra-premium WiFi-enabled washing machines from Samsung, you can control your washer simply using your smartphone. Models come with Smart Control app capability. This smart app allows users to control their Samsung washer remotely using the smartphone. It also notifies the user with the status of the washer, whether it has a problem and the actions required to solve it from the smart phone. This means user can discover the solution for errors without the need to scour through the user manual or even contacting the customer care.

Samsung Washing Machines Pros and Cons

Given that Samsung is one of the premium brands, there are lot of pros and few cons with regards in its washer performance. Talking about prominent good stuff that Samsung washing machines typically offers—good washing performance. Samsung offers a very good washing performance and with EcoBubble and BubbleSoak technology-equipped washers also makes sure washer isn’t hard on the fabric either. VRT+ technology makes Samsung as one of the quietest brand of washing machines.

Biggest hindrance when you decide to buy a Samsung appliance is you’ll need to pay hefty price for it. Though Samsung offers a good variety of washing machines from semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top loaders to front loaders, its value-for-money proposition isn’t that good as compared to models offered by other brands like IFB or Bosch. Also, their washing cycle is little longer when compared to LG washers of the same range.


Samsung with its FlexWash design, would make a way for an industry for a third class of hybrid loaders apart from the conventional front and top loaders. Samsung washing machines offers a noteworthy cleaning, albeit at a premium price. Though it does come up against a few design oversights as a result of its otherwise thoughtful and unique features. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy host of interesting washer features which are future-proof with a neat-clean washing performance, and ready to pay any price for it, then go for Samsung.

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