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Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India

By on September 5, 2017

Note: As on January 2016, Government has released a priority list for processing subsidy claims. Schools, public institutions, etc are higher up on the priority list and residential projects are lowest in priority list. And thus getting subsidy on residential projects is getting increasingly difficult. NABARD has stopped the subsidy scheme in March 2015: https://www.nabard.org/uploads/Lighting%20circulat%2023%20March%202015.PDF

Supply of electricity is quite unreliable in most parts of India. Due to increased scheduled and un-scheduled power cuts in most of the cities in India, interest in using electricity generated through alternate sources has also increased. However, high capital cost of setting up systems to tap energy through renewable sources is deterrent in taking up large-scale deployments of the same. To promote electricity generation using solar energy Government of India launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in January 2010. The objective is to achieve large-scale deployment of Solar Energy Systems and also to assist domestic production of critical raw materials, components and products to achieve grid parity by 2022.

As part of this mission the Government has initiated a subsidy scheme to help individuals and organizations procure these Solar Energy Systems at reduced capital costs. The scheme is being implemented by IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.) through NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). The scheme that was last modified on 15th March 2012 provides 40% subsidy on capital costs of Solar PV Systems for units located in both urban and rural areas in India.

The steps mentioned below outlines the process of purchasing a Solar PV System and also to obtain subsidy/loan through NABARD. We would like to thank our reader Mr Gopinath Srinivas for providing us details with his first hand experience of obtaining the subsidy.

  1. As a first step, it is important to choose the right manufacturer/supplier from whom you purchase the Solar PV system. The manufacturer/supplier should be a MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) approved manufacturer/supplier. To get a list of approved suppliers in your area, you can check the link: http://www.mnre.gov.in/information/manufacturesindustriesarchitectsconsulting-organisation/
  2. Only the models approved by MNRE are eligible to be covered under the scheme. The list below gives models approved by MNRE:NABARD (Source: NABARD
    The benchmark cost of solar PV system as per a NABARD document (link) is Rs 270 per Wp. But the unit costs are revised from time to time and your manufacturer/supplier should be able to guide you properly on the same.
  3. In case the cost of the unit is less than the benchmark cost then the full 40% subsidy can be claimed. But if unit cost is more than the benchmark cost then the capital subsidy will be limited to the maximum capital subsidy ceiling as indicated in the table above.
  4. Only individuals, group of individuals, Self Help Groups (SHGs), JLGs (Joint Liability Groups), Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and Farmer’s club are eligible for subsidy through NABARD. Private/Public Limited Companies are not eligible for this subsidy.
  5. To avail the subsidy, you need to have an account with a scheduled commercial bank or a regional rural bank. Most public nationalized banks can be approached for this.
  6. 40% of the cost is subsidized and the rest 60% of the cost is eligible for a soft loan. However the margin to be paid by the beneficiary (out of the 60%) is decided as per RBI norms. The repayment period of the loan is 5 years. The interest rates are also as per RBI norms.
  7. To obtain the loan one has to submit the quotation and the documents available from the vendor. Vendor should provide the MNRE approval form, TIN number, project proposal, etc which needs to be submitted to the bank.
  8. After processing the loan and verifying all the documents, the banks provide loan and the documents are sent to NABARD for release of subsidy. The EMIs start as soon as the loan is processed; however release of subsidy through NABARD takes some time. As per MNRE, the interest on the loan should not be for the subsidy part.
  9. The banks have the right to recall the subsidy in case they observe that the subsidy is misused.

To find more details about the schemes, you can have a look at the following documents:

  1. Capital Subsidy Scheme for Solar Lighting and Small Capacity Solar PV systems
  2. Guidelines for off-grid and decentralized solar application.

Source of Information

NABARD website

MNRE website

More informational links on our website

More details on Solar PV Prices in India: Solar Panel Price in India

More details on Solar PV roof top systems are also available on our link: Roof-Top Solar PV system project for home and office

Understand more about basics of Solar PV systems on our link: Solar electric, solar thermal, power generation, inverters, grid, off-grid: clearing the cobweb

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Here is a quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:



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I want to install solar panel in my farm situated in nagaur district for the irrigation purpose, and thereafter want to have subsidy onto that. I am planning for 7.5HP solar plant. So please tell me the proper process and quotations for the same. My mobile no. is 9352023361 [whatsapp available]


Contact no. 9758251612
Please details of 5k.w. system


5k.w price & how many subsidy

anup krishna gupta




I am planing to purchase a solar penal. I have single fridge, two fans, single TV and Single Computer, how much KV penal i have to purchase and what will be the cost of this. Please let me know. My whats up No is - 9999745786

lokesh/ pushpendra /vikramn singh gurjar

we want to stablished a solar power plant on 160KW. we want to know cost of installation power plant. and please tell, about we are used whose panel.


सर नमस्कार, मे जिला श्योपुर से निवेदन कर रहा हूॅ । मे अपने घर के सोलर पेनल लगाना चाहता है जिसके लिये 2 फेन, 1 फ्रिज, 1 कूलर, ओर 3 एलईडी, एवं 1 पानी मोटर के लिये सोलर पेनल खरीदना चाहता हूॅ कितने किलोवाट का लेना होगा। जिसके लिये कितनी कोस्ट आएगी ओर कितनी सब्सिडि मिलेगी। कृपया बताने का कष्ट करें। मेरा व्हाटअप नं 8103237964 है। धन्यवाद


Hi I have 10 Acres of land. Wanted to install Solar for 10 Acres. Can i sell this energy to Govt. If not who will be the Purchaser of solar Energy. How much profit i can expect if i Install it in 1 Acre. Please suggest me the procedures of how exactly i have to approach?


Distributorship solar energy distributors with subsidy in block level pls iske liye kya process h 8873845010


Whether the amount of Government subsidy is inaudible in Value of Goods for the Purpose of payment of GST ?
Contact No. 9978955639 Shri R R Dave


What will be the cost for setting up complete solar pannel (3 phase line or 440v) for running a submersible pump of 6kw in my agricultural farm house.....!!!
Moreover what will the best option to get the solar energy for my home with the load of 1kw, & if I wish to use 4 aircondition set then the load may be 10kw approx, how much it may cost & is there any subsidy for this.....???
Please reply...... Thanks.....!!!

~ Ajay.....

Jagdish Singh Parmar

Please Sir my krasi bhumi par 1MW ka solar power plant lagakar bijli M P govt ko sale karna chahata hnu. Please subsidy plan ho to please inform karya,


Distributorship lena h. Rohtas block rajpur ka pls sahi jankari aur kaise h is ka process


We are solar power consultants as well as EPC company based at Ludhiana(Punjab) in India.We are specialist in designing, installation, and maintenance of rooftop solar and open access(ground mounted) solar power systems for businesses and institutions. We provide end to end solutions right from site inspection to installation and commissioning since 1984
So basically Prudential Solar Power Consultants has two verticals:
Under this vertical,we provide turnkey solutions for various renewable energy projects. We support our customer right from selecting our site for the project upto installation and maintenance of the same. With our technical expert team we provide turnkey solutions for solar rooftop projects from 10 KW to 48 MW capacity.
In this model we will install the solar power plant at your site(rooftop or ground based) from 50KW to 2.5 MW at our cost. You need to have power consumption of minimum 15000 units per month to qualify. We will maintain and operate the plant for you for 5-20 years. You will pay the electric bills to us at a minimum discount of 20% from your present power bills thus resulting in huge saving for you every year. This model is being greatly appreciated by schools,colleges,hotels,hospitals, factories etc. where there is huge power consumption.
Please let us know of your interest in this model. We would be pleased to submit our quotation to you for the same.
We also have investors and financiers who can invest in large scale commercial projects if you put in 20% equity from your end. We also specialize in arranging PPA’s for our clients all over India from the government as well as reputed private players
Anticipating your positive reply,



Dear All , for all type of solar inquiries(1 KW - 200 MW) contact me @ +918744807873
E : [email protected] ; [email protected]


We arrange solar power purchase agreements(PPA's) for our solar power plant clients all over India. We also arrange investors for our clients who are interested in setting up solar power projects all over India. We also do the lowest priced EPC in India with high quality MNRE approved equipments. Please contact with us at [email protected] / [email protected]


biswanath sen
Aura Energy is looking for a diverse & robust network of channel partners who will help us deliver our solar solutions and products
Solar Power Solutions
Providing 24x7 electricity using Aura Energy’s Solar Hybrid Inverters Available from 800VA to 5000VA...
Aura Energy’s Solar Power Solutions empowers customers to choose affordable, reliable and customized solutions to power their homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals etc. We enable customers to choose from a wide array of options according to your needs, such as: Off Grid Systems, Grid Tied Systems, Hybrid Systems. Our team of solar experts will help you reduce electricity bills, lower diesel costs, reduce your carbon footprint all based on your energy needs, space available and fiscal goals.
Aura Energy is looking for a diverse & robust network of channel partners / franchise who will help us deliver our solar solutions and products More details call or mail us B Sen [email protected] / [email protected]


Please help me for solar

rahul sasidharan

i want model iv (4) solar rooftop fom my ho
me how do i get the subsidy for it please help me


Kindly send your query at 8744807873 / [email protected]

Govinda chandra dash

Dear sir how can i start business in solar roof top system for odisha district of kendrapara. Please assist me how can it possible


I want to know how to provide me loan instalition 30 kv solar power system in public school delhi


Plz contact me on 7017577955


kindly send your query at 8744807873


I want to know thai how to builed a solar power buisness in uttrakhand nd up my no is 9927067797

Raviraj Upadhyay

I want to produce the solar light in e.g. house, school, offices, etc how can i start can u help me, please mail related procedure.


I need solar panel for my home, please share he procedure to get the same.
[email protected]


Hi Guys,
I wish to start a1mw Solar Power Plant in ANDHRA PRADESH. Please share the procedure and subsidy etc,. to my email [email protected]


7017577955,,,, kindly call me for help


kindly contact me at 8744807873 / [email protected]


i need solar panel for my home pls contact 8608312895


Hi I have two acres of land which is empty, i want to give this land for solar panel installation. Please contact me any one interested . My no 9880553731. I am from Bellary, Karnataka .


If you have huge power bills every month(2 lacs+) and you are interested in installing solar power plant without any investment from your end and get around 20% discount in your power bill every month. We will maintain and operate the plan for you. Good balance sheet and credit rating a must. Please call us at 9915500493 for full details.


We arrange solar power purchase agreements(PPA's) for our solar power plant clients all over India. We also arrange investors for our clients who are interested in setting up solar power projects all over India. We also do the lowest priced EPC in India with high quality MNRE approved equipments. We do both CAPEX and BOOT models plants. Please call us at 9915500493.


how to apply for 5mw project in uttrakhand plese anyone haveing information contact me 9756261634

Akhilendra Agnihotri

I m intrested in solar power supply scheme . But i have some questions..like what is the maximum kw i can get through this stuff .. I would like to put this in lucknow and shahjahanpur up .. I already have agricultral solar pump installed in mine village .. So contact me soon as possible mine no 9450509339


contact upneda


I want small solar System for milk dairy what is its process.


my electric bill is about 7000 per month,please tell me about costing about 500 watt for my home


contact me at 8744807873 / [email protected]


37 rupee per watt
250*250=500 watt
and a charge controller about 1000 rupee
wire and installation


I want installation of solar power unit. Let me know the cost and subsidy for the system. I need 500watt for home appliances.


37 rupee per watt
250*250=500 watt
and a charge controller about 1000 rupee
wire and installation


I want to produce the solar light in e.g. house, school, offices, etc how can i start can u help me .


contact me @ 8744807873 / [email protected]


there are two projects
more than 10 kw you have to pay 30% and 70%is subcity


Please send me details of project


Please tell me about dealership and subsidy rule


contact any solar company near by you and the company should be MNRE listed

Kshounish Ch choudhury

How much is to be spent for 2kw plant for domestic use and how much roof space is required.


kindly contact me @ 8744807


kindly contact me @ 8744807873


250 sf space is reqired and i will cost around 1,40 thousand approx


I want to stall solar panel in our school for fan in day and how to get subsidy pl guide me mob 9953865443


you can have off grid project which have around 70 % subcity


Sir Solar Lagane se Kya Fayada hai ?


you will have smart green home


want to set a solar power plant in a small part of rajasthan. I have land of near about 2,00,000 Sq.ft. want guidance for it.


contact rays expert search on internet this company works in rajasthan


Sir ye puchhna chahta hoo ki 2kw me liye kitna paisa lagega


around 1lak 30 thousand.


We are ngo working in rural area. Where people are staying in dark. So,we want that if we can get any subsidy to supply them light atlist these poor people can have light in there life. How to get connect with and apply for the same?


or FCRA will provide you fund from World bank


if you are having CSR, ATG12A certification than you can contact industrial area and make a project and and contact with HR department


Hello Sir,
I wanna install solar panel on my house tress... My no. 9411144453

Jagdish Singh Parmar

My phone number is 0931899191 , 09424002232 ,

Jagdish Singh Parmar

Dear sir I installed 1 mw solar power plant in my agricultural land, please Sir give me subside details and ather information


form which state are you


Hlo sir, plz contact on 9596658888

Adv. Utkarsh Verenkar

Required detail for solar Home lightning


offgrid or on grid


I wish to start 1 mw solar power plant project. Pl contact me through my given e-mail id - [email protected]


sir plz contact me i want to instal solar plant. 7503770303


GNN Digital Technologies & Solar systems ( Rajasthan )
सोलर लगाओ, बिजली बचाओ..
सब्सिडी पाओ..........(सबसे सस्ता सोलर पैनल) कृषि क्षेत्र और ग्रीड और पेट्रोल पंप पर Subsidy
बिजली के बिल से छुटकारा पाये.. हमारा लक्ष्य 2022 तक हर घर में रोशनी हो...... India Top company... (TATA solar,)
सोलर पैनल ,4°c से ऊर्जा शुरू . सबसे सस्ता सोलर पैनल
गारंटी 25 year , cell life 38years..
SMU system outometic main sply ON OFF . &MPPT
(polycrystalline solar)Lifetime Life solar.) Lifetime no electronic bill
पूरे भारत में कहीं पर भी मंगवाऐ(All India splly) DC to AC covert available..... ,
Contact number-8441001044


Sir I want to know the total expenses for 10kw solar system with grid and for tube well pump for 600feet head.
What is the procedure to get the policy please send me the details of the system with total expenses and subsidy available &loan availability & connection with grid.


from which state?


We want to stall solar panels in our school for day electricity (for 50 to 70 fan) and pl guide us how to get subsidy 9953865443


there are 2 govt project
1 10 or 10> above project there are subsidy of 70%
2 govt will put the and take a charge of a certain units /cost


i would like to instal solar plant. please guide me. CELL-9829025839


i would like to instal solar plant will u please guide me my number is 9668337252 9583089072

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